Baby Roues LeTour- Bassinet/Canvas

When I first saw the Baby Roues

LeTour I was fascinated by the leather canopy. I loved it, and I didn’t even pay
so much attention to the canvas canopies….

And then I put it on the bassinet- and wow.

It is so beautiful. The material

is so nice, and durable.

Unlike the leather, the canvas
canopy has a pop out sun visor, which protects baby from the sun even more.
That, my friend, is a full coverage canopy.

And just when you thought it
couldn’t get any better- the canopy has a zipper, and when you open it, a
mosquito net mesh window comes out, allowing the canopy to extend even more!
Nothing and NO ONE can get to your baby! I ADORE THIS CANOPY!!!!!!!!!!

(Breathable mesh window that
allows air to circulate throughout the bassinet)


The bassinet is extremely long and
roomy. It’s supposed to last from birth to 6 months, and for once, I think it
actually can! I’m very impressed with the size of this bassinet!

The included mattress is very soft and comfortable. It’s a great place for short or long walks with baby.


The underneath basket is still
accessible, which is a major plus. It’s difficult to find a stroller that has
such an accessible basket.

The Baby Roues LeTour with a canvas canopy costs $550, where as the leather canopy makes the stroller $599.
In my opinion, the leather canopy is beautiful- and great for fall/winter. If you have a summer baby, you will NEED this canvas canopy. The mesh window/mosquito net is amazing, and the pop out sun visor is a necessity to keep your baby safe from the sun.
To see the stroller seat and/or the leather canopy- see my previous review on the Baby Roues LeTour!
If you have any questions- leave a comment below!
What do you think of the Baby Roues LeTour?

A few more photos:

My son loves pushing it around the house!

Disclaimer: I was given a Baby Roues LeTour for review- I was not payed for this review, and everything written above is unbiased and my own personal opinion on this stroller.


  1. Diana Stern   •  

    Red is COOL! wish the leather popped out like that! but i still love the leather! great stroller.

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      I love them both. The leather is more for a fall/winter baby and the canvas is amazing for the summer.

  2. Anonymous   •  

    great bassinet, too bad my daughter is too old for one. maybe ill try for another! LOL!! very nice review

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Is that contest still going on

  4. Anonymous   •  

    Pretty cool mosquito net it’s enough coverage? I’m a little bug crazy

  5. Rollherstroller   •  

    When you pull the canopy completley down there is more than enough coverage. It’s really great.

  6. Anonymous   •  

    Adorable my daughter does that all day long with my bugaboo it’s practically her walker

  7. Anonymous   •  

    Do u recommend getting an additional mosquito net or it’s good

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      I think it’s fine but if you rather have more of a peek at your baby as you stroll you can purchase their new mosquito net. Check out their website.

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