Baby Roues LeTour Luxe Review


I can’t tell you how excited I am! I’ve been trying to find a good review on this stroller for months, but there’s nothing out there. What a shame. This stroller has all the makings of a luxury stroller, with a pretty good price, $550!  It comes with both the Bassinet and Stroller seat, and the seat is also reversible (so simple to do) And no need to swap fabrics!(I hate doing that!)
When I put it together (really quickly, 10 minutes, no tools) I made my son get in. He literally let me push him around the house in it for an hour. He seemed very comfortable, and not once begged me to get out.
My son is 20 months old, and weighs 30lbs, really big, and really tall. But he fit wonderfully. He has a ton of room to grow length wise, and some room in the width as well.
He also LOVES how straight up the seat sits. We used the stroller today for 3 hours doing errands and he didn’t make a peep (I had to check on him a few times to see if he was asleep- nope just chilling.)
The LeTour glides through a standard doorway with no problem. I was able to open the door myself and slide the stroller one handed through the doorway. The maneuverability is amazing. I have marble floors at home so of course it was super smooth so I was curious to see how it would do on uneven pavement- it did not disappoint. No bumps, no shakes, no need to ever use two hands.
The storage basket is also very roomy. I have an extra extra large diaper bag and it slid right under there. I also like to hang it off the handle, and I never kicked it once.
There’s also an awesome pouch on the back of the stroller that you can put keys, water bottle, phone, wallet, etc.
It is soooo convenient. I adore this pouch. Might possibly be my favorite part of the stroller.
And how beautiful is the leatherette canopy? So different and chic looking. The leather canopy option makes the stroller $599 where as the canvas is $550. It comes in amazing bright colors like turquoise, hot pink and red. And then basic colors like grey, beige and black. The leatherette comes in camel, beige, black, pink and blue. They’re all really beautiful, and you can check them out at their website.
The brake is very easy to use, and also flip flop friendly. I’m 5″5 (but have a super long stride) and have no problem kicking it at all. I even tried to go out of my way and try to kick it, but you really don’t, because the brake lifts up causing there to be nothing to kick.
My sons legs didn’t dangle at all and he placed his feet nicely upon the footrest. He really seems so comfortable, I can’t stress that part enough. He just doesn’t usually sit in a stroller for 3 hours straight.
Another amazing part of the LeTour is that is folds with the seat attached. And it only weighs 20lbs! That means you can gate check it at most airlines with no fee! Awesome!! It fits amazingly in the trunk of my Toyota Camry SE.
Look how much room I have to spare back there!
I did have a hard time getting used to unfolding the stroller, with the automatic lock, it took me a while to figure it out, but now I got it down.
I was able to fit both my jacket and my sons jacket, a huge diaper bag, and a few toys down there easily. And the stroller still maneuvered wonderfully!
The bumper bar is removable, (non swivel) making the seat ever roomier. Sometimes I have trouble putting the bar back onto the seat, it just won’t click all the way in. Not the biggest deal, but it’s kind of annoying.
I personally don’t like when stroller canopies bunch up by the child’s head, so I tucked it behind the stroller seat and it leaves more room and looks much neater! Very easy to do.
And he fits so comfortably with his puffy winter jacket on!!
Handle in the lowest position
Great for older siblings to push
Handle in the highest position
Great for tall parents
Overall, I’m really impressed with this stroller, and I’m sure it will be a huge hit. It’s a great lightweight everyday stroller, and has all the features of a high end luxury stroller.
Let me note that there is no peek-a-boo window. But the seat faces both ways (a breeze to take the seat off) if you want baby to face you.
The bassinet is from birth-6 months, and the seat if from 6 months- 40lbs.
It also comes with a rain cover for the seat and bassinet.
It truly is an amazing value. It has a modern/cool look to it, with an easy accessible large basket, and separate fabrics for both seats!
It’s currently compatible with maxi cosi and cybex carseats, turning it into an amazing travel system.
You will love this stroller!
If you have any questions please email me!
**UPDATED** More Pictures!
Unzip- and you have an extended canopy, with full coverage AND a mosquito net!
Love this innovative mosquito net/peekaboo window!
Such a beautiful color blue- makes the stroller POP!
Pop-out sun visor
The grey color is great- very gender neutral. I love it because you can use any color blanket, without clashing. It’s a great color option for modern mothers. I really love it. It isn’t dull at all, it’s very nice and clean looking.
So sleek looking
Amazing fold, with the seat on
Take off the bumper bar for a more compact fold
I wanted to get some photos of the grey color in daylight- shows how beautiful it really is
Parent facing mode 
Full recline with pop out visor
Full recline with extendable netting and pop out visor. Full coverage for baby
Disclaimer: I was given a Baby Roues LeTour for review- I was not payed for this review, and everything written above is unbiased and my own personal opinion on this stroller.


  1. Monica K   •  

    Wow stroller looks awesome! Thanks for the pictures can’t find anything else online, great review!!
    What’s the best way to order? Amazon?

  2. Rollherstroller   •  

    Sure you can get it off of Amazon
    Another great place to order is fr
    Or go onto the baby Roues website and see if there’s a retailer near you :)
    Glad I could help!!
    It really is a great stroller.

  3. Monica K   •  

    Thank you so much I ordered it in the pink canvas for my little girl 😀 which carseat do you recommend? Are you going to do carseat reviews?? Also do you think I need an umbrella stroller or this is good enough? I’m due in march

  4. Rollherstroller   •  

    The Baby Roues only weighs 20lbs making it very lightweight, and it folds with the seat on making it great for easy in and outs of the trunk.
    So I don’t think an umbrella stroller is a necessity.
    I’m a huge fan of the Cybex Aton and Baby Roues makes an adapter, which is great because you can use te stroller as a travel system!
    The cybex is very safe and it’s one of the lightest on the market (and easiest to install!)
    Comes in cute colors also :)

  5. Paulina   •  

    Soooooo happy I found this review! I was dying to see pictures of a child inside the stroller snd a review from a real life mom lolll!
    Looks awesome the leathers really cool and love how upright the seat is. Huge selling point for me is how it folds with the seat on, vista is SOO big and cameleon just so annoying to fold. Looks perfect I think I even want the black leather also just so cool looking.
    Is the canopy long enough? I love how long the canopy is on the vista but hate the look of that metallic silver thing that pops out- makes it look cheap. Do you like this more than the visa? Bugaboo I ruled out because of the fold and small storage.

  6. Paulina   •  

    Also, is it really very smooth to steer one handed? I really like smooth strollers and the vista really is (even though I haven’t tested it with a baby in it) how’s the steering with the baby in it, up and down curbs etc

  7. Rollherstroller   •  

    Hi Paulina!
    The canopy is certainly long enough to cover the baby. I will post pictures of the bassinet as well & it comes with an apron so infants are totally covered.
    The canopy is perfect.
    The vista is great, and has the option to add a sibling seat and rider board which the letour does not (not yet!) but in my opinion, the Baby Roues is more eye catching. They both have amazing storage.
    I like the material on the Baby Roues much more as well.
    The stroller is an absolute pleasure to steer. I never used two hands. It went over curbs with a push of one hand, honest! Really great.
    I didn’t think I’d love the tires, but they really handle anything and everything I throw at them!!

  8. jessica kaye   •  

    i wish there was a grey leather that could be soooooooooo coool!
    great review btw, thank you so much =)

  9. Diana Stern   •  

    Hi!! saw the link from their website and so happy I did! Great review! answered all my questions, keep them coming! I have the Vista and think i’m going to send it back, not so happy with my color choice. BuyBuy baby doesn’t sell it though.. HOPE I WIN THE CONTEST!!! will you be posting more colors?

  10. jessica kaye   •  

    thanks for uploading these pics, i wanted a bugaboo so badly but way out of my price range, and this seems do-able. it looks so nice, and im surprised how big the seat is, it looked smaller than the bugaboo on their website. now i feel like its bigger! i saw on their website that they’re coming out with new leather colors, the pink and blue are really cool. im due in 3 weeks and i think i would go with either of those but i just cant find anywhere to see it in person, and if i order online and put it together, no one accepts returns. anyway you can take pictures of the new leather sunshades =)=)=)
    i want to see non proffesional pictures of them you know.
    the leather doesnt haVe that peekaboo window right? do you think its a big deal? or i could just throw a blanket over the bassinet and it’ll be good enough? im a first time mom, dont really know- but i really love the idea of a leather canopy..

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      Hi Jessica! I agree, the leather is REALLY cool. You can totally throw a blanket over it. It’s still a great size canopy without the mesh netting. If you love the leather, go for it, you won’t regret it. It’s beautiful. I haven’t seen the pink and blue leather in person yet, it comes out this week. But it looks amazing. Grey leather is a great idea- I love grey also!

  11. Rollherstroller   •  

    Hi Diana! Good luck with the contest!
    You can get the stroller from if you’d like.
    I don’t know if ill be getting more colors, but it’s possible, so keep checking!

  12. Anonymous   •  

    love the review thank u so sooo much! love all the pictures, what a great job thank u!!
    i just found a retailer near me who has it in im so excited to go and see it!!!

  13. Anonymous   •  

    so happy i found out about this and the giveaway just in time !!!

  14. Cell Phone Batteries   •  

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As a single dad with an infant, I can not even start to tell you how helpful all your information has been to me. It is nearly impossible to find this info anywhere. When you do find something, it is never an unbiased review. I have shared your blogs with a couple of moms at the office and they’ve brought me lunch for a week.

  15. Anonymous   •  

    Let’s say price wasn’t an issue, which is more of a “heavy duty” stroller, this or the bugaboo. I don’t really need compact I live in the city and keep it unfolded and just use it a lot as a car for miles and miles of walking, in all weather.

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      Depends on which bugaboo your asking about, I take it the cameleon? With the cameleon you can get the rough terrain wheels to make sure it can conquer anything and everything. They also have footmuffs made especially for their strollers, which is great for everyday use, no matter what the weather. The baby roues is more lightweight, amazing for in and out of the car, and compact as well. But as far as “heavy duty” goes, probably the bugaboo cameleon.

  16. Jocelyn   •  

    love that blue, think the canvas is better for an infant and maybe leather later on with a toddler.. i think i like it more than bugaboo :O i need a fold with the seat attached very badly. who has time to remove a seat!?!!? love it. wish buybuybaby had it and i could use 20% off coupon though

  17. Anonymous   •  

    Just stumbled upon this stroller and of course missed the contest! Looks cool but way out of my price range

  18. Anonymous   •  

    If you have the leather, what do you use for a mosquito net? I’m confused about that

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The leather doesn’t have the extendable canopy/mosquito net- the company said the leather is more for winter while the canvas was made for a spring/summer solution!

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      They just announced a new mosquito net and cup holder for the baby roues!!

  19. Anonymous   •  

    Just saw this stroller in Brooklyn,ny today and fell in love! Thanks for the review :)

  20. Fleetphoto   •  

    Thank you for posting this informative review and on this well built stroller. It looks like a it will last for my growing family and I also have a Camry and it’s nice to see the photo on how easily it fit. The baby looks very happy and very comfortable in every picture. Once again, thank you for posting this information and I hope you can post more in the future.


  21. Baby strollers   •  

    The most important thing is making the right purchase when it comes to baby strollers. Remember your stroller needs to be within a reasonable weight and it has to be durable.

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      That’s the beauty of the baby roues LeTour- only 20lbs, and very durable.

  22. Baby strollers   •  

    Infant strollers are babies’ residence when out of the house; it is their sanctuary while on a trip. You ought to be watchful when buying an infant stroller for your little angel to enhance its safety and well being.

  23. Anonymous   •  

    Can u do this type of review on the uppA?

  24. Baila Israel   •  

    Looks super cool! I need to replace my 8 year old broken Bugaboo. This would be perfect!

  25. Ruth V.   •  

    Looks really great, love that you can change out the leather/canvas options.

  26. Maya Joyandeh   •  

    I am looking for something that can fold up easily and is lightweight–this looks like the perfect stroller!

  27. Lilly   •  

    This looks soooo good! Great review!

  28. sara   •  

    looks like a really functional stroller

  29. Jen   •  

    I love how it folds up!

  30. Brittany Chelette   •  

    I love strollers where you can change the canopy colors!

    Brittany S. on Rafflecopter

  31. Felicia   •  

    Love the color options and how lightweight it is.

  32. deana lamm   •  

    love love llove this stroller. the bassinet is awesome

  33. Olivia R   •  

    It is a wonderful stroller with so many options for both parent and child…seat incline/position and handlebar height. I also love that its only 20lbs.

  34. sonya   •  

    just discovered this stroller and it looks amazing!

  35. MInFis   •  

    It’s light, has a full coverage awning, has a bassinet, folds with the seat on, looks amazing…what does this stroller not have?!

  36. Lindsey D.   •  

    I love all the different seat and sun shade positions

  37. A. Truckenmiller   •  

    what a great looking stroller! love that I can use a bassinet with it!

  38. Anonymous   •  

    i love the great canopy!!!

  39. Angela Yeremenko   •  

    The stroller looks amazing! I love the canopy!

  40. Chavie   •  

    Had a baby this week. Would love this stroller!

  41. Queenie   •  

    I love the canopy!

  42. Garnet F   •  

    What a great looking stroller – great quality, strong design, and truly functional. Stylish and fun for both the parents and the little one – can’t get any better than that! :o)

  43. Max V   •  

    i love the canopy’s sun coverage and netting

  44. Jacqi   •  

    The reversible handle bar is my favorite feature.

  45. Paulina   •  

    Love this stroller, I’m obsessed with it and I’ve only ever seen it on your blog!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! My friends were all talking about it- can’t believe I missed the first 2 weeks!

  46. Anonymous   •  

    This stroller looks rreally amazing! I’d love to try it out!
    Jamie M

  47. Lianne   •  

    It’s so beautiful and chic! I want one!

  48. I’ve read your blog post and found lots of information that was helpful for make me update on this field. I’ll visit your blog again to learn and know more new things. Thanks again for your valuable post.

  49. Anonymous   •  

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  50. Anonymous   •  

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  51. Anonymous   •  

    Oh wow what a great alternative to all the vistas and cameleons our there

  52. Anonymous   •  

    Thank you for such an informative review. Awesome :) Im sold

  53. Anonymous   •  

    I love the look of this one!
    Maybe a silly question, but I didn’t find anything online: does the bassinet double as a car bed for the first 6 months? Or is a car seat necessary as well?

    Thank you!

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The bassinet doesn’t go into the car, and you will need to purchase a seperate carseat, but with an adapter the carseat can fit onto the stroller as well! Making it great for travel!

  54. Mushka   •  

    I was wondering about the grey stroller you posted.
    Is this the leather material? I have been looking everywhere to try find that exact style but all I seem to find is an rough looking canvas style or a thick leather.
    Do you know where I can find the one that you have pictures?

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