Cybex Aton on the Baby Rouès LeTour

How cool is that? No need for a “snap and go”- the LeTour is SO lightweight, and has actual storage!!

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  1. Anonymous   •  

    How u liking the cybex

  2. Rollherstroller   •  

    Loving it, it’s so lightweight I have no problem carrying it. Looks so cool on every stroller too! :)

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      It’s great! Check back Sunday night- I might be giving one away!! :)

  3. Corrie Lambert   •  

    I am considering this stroller or the Baby Jogger City Versa. Which one would recommend? We live in the suburbs, but are a fairly active family. I also like the Cruz but haven’t heard great things about the quality.


    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The quality of the Cruz is superb! Amazing basket and such a smooth ride! I adore it.
      The versa is great because you have the ability to fold the seat in either direction easily.
      And the baby roues comes with the bassinet and has lots of color / fabric options.
      Do you need a bassinet? All three are great strollers and do the same things. By active, you mean trails/dirt road type of active?

  4. Anonymous   •  

    I don’t have one but am having a baby in 2 months and I don’t have a stroller so would love to win it!!!!!

  5. Anonymous   •  

    People don’t know that most strollers do this and buy snap and goes also. Drives me crazy

  6. Long Lee   •  

    Pretty cool, baby will love to sit in that.

  7. Lydia   •  

    some amazing stroller for regular mom and liitle babies. these are so amazing to hold small baby and you can also run along
    with it.

  8. Lerrey Lerrey   •  

    After seen your writing I’ve bought one for my baby and I am really happy with the quality and service. Thanks for such kind of information updating.

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