I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway for you guys!
I love the Baby Roues LeTour, and I’m sure you will too!
In order to enter, you have to leave a blog post comment below, and tell us why you love the Baby Roues LeTour.
You can also get extra entries as well! Check out the rafflecopter widget down below to enter!

The mandatory entry is to leave a comment down below
The second “leave a comment on blog post” entry is for my review on the Baby Roues You can do that here 

*For the daily comment, if your posting anonymously- PLEASE write your name that you signed in with in the comment as well.*

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to like Baby Roues on facebook!
Click here to see my complete review of the Baby Roues LeTour, and click here to see pictures of the bassinet option as well. 

p.s- Go to the Baby Roues facebook page and share the link about this Giveaway- once it’s shared 1000x they will give away ANOTHER stroller! 


  1. Anonymous   •  

    Baby Roues is an awesome stroller and you are an even more awesome reviewer! So real and truthful. You’ve helped me with by stroller decission. Thank you

  2. Anonymous   •  

    Really cool looking stroller!

  3. BlimieI   •  

    Looks fantastik, would love to win one.

  4. Maya Joyandeh   •  

    I would love a stroller that’s so lightweight and folds easily–this looks like the perfect one!

  5. Anonymous   •  

    Great stroller!

  6. Anonymous   •  

    Classy stroller that folds so easy! Would love to win…

  7. Anonymous   •  

    I love the bassinet feature. (Janice Bartles)

  8. Anonymous   •  

    it looks like a really nice and functional stroller

  9. Beth   •  

    I love that it is lightweight!

  10. Miranda M   •  

    I like the looks of it and how it can switch from the bassinet to the seat…and the leather look- SOO nice.

  11. Jen   •  

    I love the bassinet!

  12. me   •  

    Looks like a super cool stroller, would love to have the chance to try it out

  13. Tiffany Holtzinger   •  

    I love that you can fold the stroller with bassinet attached and that it offers a 5-point harness!! It’s a wonderful looking stroller!!

  14. Anonymous   •  

    This stoller is awesome. So many great features, I would love to own one! – Kim D

  15. Anonymous   •  

    would love to win one!

  16. Miriam   •  

    saw this in a store and was pleasantly surprised by the streamlined look, the smooth wheeling, the lightweightness (i know that’s not a word), and the price. would love to win one

    • Felicia K   •  

      love the mesh on the canopy to let air in. Also I left one of my daily comments on another post on your blog so if that’s not ok I guess this could also count as a post.

  17. Rochel S   •  

    I love how compact and lightweight it is!

  18. deana lamm   •  

    that it can be used as a bassinet and seat and all the styles it comes in

  19. Leia T.   •  

    Love that it has a bassinet

  20. Olivia R   •  

    Adjustable handlebar and seat recline. Thank you for the chance to win.

  21. Leora   •  

    I love the big basket and that it doesn’t look so big and cumbersome.

  22. Nicole   •  

    I love that it has a bassinet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. MinFis   •  

    So many amazing bright and gorgeous colors to choose from!

  24. sonya   •  

    love the handlebar and that it folds with the seat!

  25. miriam193   •  

    I would love this amazing stroller for my baby! Such great colors and easy to fold….among many great qualities!

  26. paulette cohen   •  

    my second entry! thanks so much for the opportunity

  27. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – I hope to win this for my sister. I am gong to be an Aunt in October!

  28. Jackie   •  

    This looks like a wonderful stroller and I would love to win it!

  29. Lindsey D.   •  

    I love that it is so light weigh and comes with accessories that you usually have to buy separately for other strollers

  30. Anonymous   •  

    I love how lightweight it is and the storage rocks! -david

  31. Anonymous   •  

    Thanks so much for the review and giveaway!

  32. david t   •  

    would love this for my wife for mothers day

  33. Anonymous   •  

    love the bassinet! adinatm(at)

  34. Anonymous   •  

    daily comment- hope to win!

  35. Anonymous   •  

    Love this stroller!

  36. Ahuva Meystel   •  

    Love this stroller

  37. Anonymous   •  

    Looks very safe and sturdy, as well as clean and modern! love it

  38. Anonymous   •  

    Love the leather canopy! This is such a moden looking stroller! I hope I win!

  39. Brittany Chelette   •  

    I also saw Baby Roues on another blog and fell in love. What a fun stroller system!

    Brittany S

  40. Anonymous   •  

    My friend has this stroller. It looks great and easy to handle. I would love one!

  41. Randi Wall   •  

    It looks amazing and I love that it’s lightweight and easy to handle! (:

  42. Rachel M   •  

    would love to push this gorgeous stroller!

  43. Anonymous   •  

    Would love to try this stroller!

  44. Tamar Epstein   •  

    love ure carriages heard only good things!would love to win

  45. Tamar Epstein   •  

    love tnat it is easy to open and close and fits neatly into the car

  46. Angela Yeremenko   •  

    I love that it is lightweight and has a bassinet.

  47. Angela Yeremenko   •  

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  48. Maria G   •  

    Very nice stroller. Looks easy to use daily.

  49. LEDesign   •  

    I like the different color options for the hood.

  50. Chavie   •  

    Would love a stroller with a bassinet, that is sleek looking!

  51. Hafsa   •  

    Ah would love to win this for my expectant mom!

  52. tweetyscute   •  

    I love the size of the stroller

    ninajanke at gmail dot com

  53. Anonymous   •  

    Would love to win this for my sil who is expecting first baby(@38!) it looks amazing!

  54. Anonymous   •  

    I love the color options and the canvas canopy with mesh.

  55. Anonymous   •  

    Good morning! Hope I win! -Paulette

  56. Randi   •  

    I love that its very versatile with the bassinet option…

  57. Nicole   •  

    I love the leather option.
    Nicole U

  58. Anonymous   •  

    Looks very easy to manage. Very pretty and not bulky at all!!!

  59. Anonymous   •  

    love it! and so affordable!

  60. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – find out gender tomorrow…hoping all is healthy

  61. Anonymous   •  

    daily comment from adina

  62. Anonymous   •  

    love waking up to an awesome contest in the morning!! =D

  63. Ashley   •  

    I love the classy look of it!


  64. Chavie   •  

    Just had a baby yesterday. Would love it!

  65. Nicole   •  

    I like that it is lightweight. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Sarah   •  

    I love that it is light weight

  67. Anonymous   •  

    Love the leatherette option wish more strollers had that. And one piece fold. The cameleon neeeeds it. Vista is great but so heavy I can’t lift it into my van

  68. Junk Loving Girl   •  

    I love how it convert from a bassinet to a regular stroller but also that its so light!

  69. Rachel Travis   •  

    I love that it’s lightweight!!!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  70. Jo Ro   •  

    Would love to surprise a co-worker who’s expecting with this!

  71. Nicole   •  

    I love the storage basket.
    Nicole U

  72. Anonymous   •  

    daily comment- would love to win!

  73. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment- can’t wait to suprise my mom with gender on Mothers Day.

  74. Shay29   •  

    I love the extra late canopy!!! Huge canopies are always a plus. Love the colors and the bassinet features and positions. Love how LIGHTWEIGHT it is and can food with seat attached. Beautiful stroller!

  75. Anonymous   •  

    great looking stroller! would love to win!

  76. Olivia R   •  

    Daily Comment – can’t wait to be a. Aunt to LittleMiss

  77. Queenie   •  

    Love the stroller!

  78. Anonymous   •  

    I love the variety of colors it comes in. Although it does make it hard to choose which your favorite it. That pink leather looks cool but wish I could see it in person somewhere. I’d probably go with red canvas to be safe. Looks really nice in the review

  79. Nicole   •  

    I like that it is from birth to 40 lbs. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Nicole U

  80. Lindsey D.   •  

    Daily comment. I would love this
    LindseyMiller D.

  81. Tamar   •  

    My sister won a stroller today. I hope this means I will win this one.

  82. Felicia K   •  

    daily comment-its really amazing how light it is

  83. Anonymous   •  

    Heard about this stroller a while back but I was skeptical but your review made me a huge fan! I need this! Lol

  84. Lindsey D.   •  

    Daily Comment- This stroller looks amazing!
    LindseyMiller D.

  85. Nicole   •  

    I like the seats. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Nicole U

  86. Garnet F   •  

    A strong, sturdy, great looking stroller that parents can depend upon and little ones can enjoy being in when out and about in the world. :o)

  87. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – hoping my winning luck continues and I receive this fabulous stroller!

  88. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – next week at this time I may receive an email that I won! Well 9 more days.

  89. Felicia K   •  

    Daily comment- This would really help my stroller decision 😉
    Felicia K

  90. Anonymous   •  

    Love this stroller -ed

  91. Anonymous   •  

    Love the colorssssss. I don’t think I’m waiting the full 9 days, I want one now! Pg

  92. Anonymous   •  

    would love to win! -adina

  93. Nicole   •  

    I love that the seat can face both directions! Thanks for the chance to win :)
    Nicole U

  94. Olivia R   •  

    Daily Comment

    Told parents today it is a girl! Mom cried hysterically.xoxox

  95. Chavie   •  

    Daily Comment-

  96. Felicia K   •  

    Daily comment- Hope you enjoyed your mother’s day! Thanks for the reviews and giveaway!
    Felicia K

  97. Anonymous   •  

    Happy Mother’s Day, hope I can give this to my wife as a late Mother’s Day gift! Thank you for the opportunity -Eddie

  98. Anonymous   •  

    Can’t believe more people don’t know about this stroller!

  99. Maya Joyandeh   •  

    What a beautiful and durable stroller–I would love to win it!

  100. Felicia K   •  

    Daily Comment- I really want to see how it looks in the trunk of my car
    Felicia K

  101. Nicole   •  

    I love the fold! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Nicole U

  102. Lindsey D.   •  

    I would love this stroller for my daughter
    LindseyMiller D.

  103. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – did I thank you today for this giveaway? Thanks

  104. Anonymous   •  

    Im loving this stroller! It would be a luxury to have. My baby would be really comfy :)

  105. Max V   •  

    I like how light the stroller is!

  106. Max V   •  

    Also, the color options are great

  107. Anonymous   •  

    daily entry- would love to win.

  108. Chavie   •  

    Daily comment- My daughter would be so happy in here!

  109. Anonymous   •  

    Imagine they made a double stroller? That would be awesome -pg

  110. Chavie   •  

    Daily comment- The drawing is getting closer!

  111. Nicole   •  

    This is a great stroller! Thanks for the chance to win :)
    Nicole U

  112. Anonymous   •  

    So happy found your blog! This giveaway is awesome but so are all your reviews! Can’t wait for more.

  113. Jacqi   •  

    I love how chic the stroller looks.

  114. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment- this can’t end soon enough. I really want to win!

  115. Kenyha   •  

    It a wonderful, luxurious stroller for my little baby boy…I could use this sooo much!

  116. Nicole   •  

    I like the color options. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Nicole U

  117. Olivia R   •  

    Watching Ellen from my DVR , hoping to win this stroller

  118. Olivia R   •  

    Me Again..daily entry. Last to post yesterday, first for today…I hope this is a sign that I may win!

  119. Lindsey D.   •  

    I really want this awesome stroller!
    LindseyMiller D.

  120. Nicole   •  

    I love that the seats face both directions! Thanks for the chance to win :)
    Nicole U

  121. Anonymous   •  

    Hope I win! 3 days left! Pg

  122. Anonymous   •  

    I’m gonna miss waking up to this excitement lol

  123. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment – seems like 4-5 of us come back daily. Hope it is one of us that win.

  124. Nicole   •  

    I love the storage basket! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Nicole U

    I agree with Olivia, that would be great if it was one of us who comment daily.

  125. Rollherstroller   •  

    Haha- I agree! I want it to be one of you guys, you deserve it the most!!

  126. Anonymous   •  

    I love that this stroller is lightweight, has an adjustable recline and free spare parts for lifetime of stroller.

    Rafflecopter – Abby Caraway

    Porklola at aim dot com

  127. Anonymous   •  

    Daily Comment – Considering creating an instagram account so I can earn optional point! I entered too late to have a chance of really winning. Congratulations to the lucky parent that does.

    Abby Caraway
    Porklola at aim dot com

  128. Nicole   •  

    I love all of the features! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Nicole U

  129. Lindsey D.   •  

    I would get a ton of use out of this

  130. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment

    Yeah! 28 more hours and a winner will be chosen..woohoo

  131. Anonymous   •  

    What a nice stroller
    – ed

  132. Anonymous   •  

    Gettttting closeeee =D PG

  133. Felicia K   •  

    Daily comment- i think i figured it out 😉
    Felicia K

  134. Anonymous   •  

    daily comment- hope I win!

  135. Olivia R   •  

    Daily comment –

    Ok I did all I could. Now it’s up to the rafflecopter to spit out my name.

  136. Anonymous   •  

    I’m getting nervous! -pg

  137. Paulina   •  

    Oh man I just heard about this giveaway!!! I hope I stand a chance! I love this stroller!

  138. Paulina   •  

    Daily comment as well!! You’re review is great! Especially since Its impossible to find this stroller in the flesh. I’ve tried.

  139. malkifisher   •  

    love the leather option and light weight of the stroller

  140. Anonymous   •  

    Luv this stroller …. nechama riesel

  141. Anonymous   •  

    Luv this stroller … nechama riesel

  142. Lindsey D.   •  

    I love this! I need a new stroller
    LindseyMiller D.

  143. Felicia K   •  

    last day! i’m looking forward to ur future reviews! If I don’t win this I’ll be going stroller shopping this week. I’ll keep you posted.

  144. Anonymous   •  

    I love all the gorgeous canopies!
    Jamie M

  145. Nicole   •  

    Love the stroller. Crossing my fingers 😀 Thanks for the chance to win!
    Nicole U

  146. bindrid   •  

    Looks great, I’d love to win this!

  147. Tawil R   •  

    This stroller looks amazing! hoping to see it in person soon!!

  148. Anonymous   •  

    It looks great! I’d love to have it and go for walks with my baby


  149. shella kabani   •  

    I hear its a great stroller would love to win and see how it is and ur reviews r great u helped me a lot with my decisions

  150. Anonymous   •  

    A great sleek looking stroller that I would LOVE to own – Susan

  151. Anonymous   •  

    I love this stroller because of its useful bassinet and toddler seat yet it so sharp and sleep with leatherette hood.would love to win it!

  152. Lianne   •  

    I love that it faces in either direction!

  153. Lianne   •  

    So glad I found this giveaway! This is my favorite stroller and I’d love to win!

  154. Anonymous   •  

    I didnt win the Powerball this weekend, but maybe I will win this to make up for it ! Thank you for hosting a great giveaway

    Abby Caraway
    Porklola at aim dot com

  155. Chavie   •  

    Daily Comment –
    Last one before the drawing!! Good Luck to all! Chavie

  156. Anonymous   •  

    Last chance to win this stroller, wow this went by quick -ed

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  160. Johnb129   •  

    Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a dbeebeeedack

  161. rose   •  

    i saw this new brand on a picture in a advertisement from a big israeli pramshop i liked it on first look:-)
    where i live i did not see yet with this kind. so i searched for reviews online and here i found great review
    i love this pram , the choice of colors its amazing style!!

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