BOB Revolution SE Review!

The next time you go to your nearest boardwalk, do me a favor. Keep an eye out for how many BOB’s you see. The numbers don’t lie. There’s a reason every mom or dad choose the BOB- it’s simply the BEST. No, I’m not kidding.

If you’re a mom who goes for frequent walks, or a family who love to go on adventures- I’m sure you’ve looked into the BOB.

The BOB Revolution SE sports 16 INCH rear wheels. These wheels can handle ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING. I honestly love to go up and down huge curbs for fun with the BOB. Grass, SAND, dirt, gravel, mulch, smooth surfaces- the BOB can do it all.



The canopy is AWESOME! It has a 5 position toggle system, which gives you protection from any angle. When you pull out the canopy all the way- your child has full protection.



The BOB has a great foot brake, extremely easy to use.



There is a great peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Great to check in on your child to see how they’re doing, especially if your jogging with headphones, and can’t hear him telling you that he dropped his cookies. 

You can also roll up the back panel, and allow some air to flow into the seat on a really hot day. My son loves this. With the BOB there’s no excuses to skip out on your daily run. Hot day? Well your child’s riding in a convertible. They’ll be fine!

The storage on the BOB is great. The underneath basket can hold plenty. I can fit my huge diaper bag, blankets and even more. There’s also a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat, where you can store you iPod, phone and water bottles.

There are also two mesh pockets on the side of the seats, so your child can store his cups and snacks. 
My son fits great in the seat. He is 23 months old and weighs 35lbs, and he has a ton of room to grow. The BOB can hold up to 70lbs- so we have a WHILE.


I have no problem getting inside the house, just a quick bump up the steps and stroll right inside. 



The BOB has this overwhelming look to it. It looks huge and impossible. But it IS NOT. It slides into any doorway with ease.

I always get asked if the BOB is a practical everyday stroller as well. People think that the BOB is simply for jogging and sitting in the garage. It’s a very common misconception. I have no problem taking the BOB shopping. It navigates easily through clothing aisles, and doorways. I actually love taking it out with me, I can put tons of bags in the underneath basket, and if the weather is rainy, the canopy covers my son amazingly, and the material is extremely water resistant.

Folding the BOB is a Breeze. You just push down on the two levers by the handle bars and it folds down like this.

Then you pull on the orange lever, and it folds down flat and compact. 

See? Isn’t that great? And what about fitting it into the trunk you ask?

Does that look huge and impossible to you? The BOB only weighs 25 pounds, and I can lift it with ease and put it into the trunk with no problem at all. AND LOOK AT HOW MUCH ROOM I HAVE IN MY TRUNK!!!!! You can also easily remove the back tired for an even more compact fold.

The BOB has an adjustable seatback recline which reclines to a 70 degree angle. Not fully flat, but pretty good. While jogging they recommend you keep the seat fully upright for safety reasons.
In order to recline and pull up the seat, you need to pull on the strings on the side. It can sometimes get a bit frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, its fine. It’s my only drawback, and it’s not a big one. I just wish it was a bit easier. 

As you can tell from this picture- somehow, my son finds it super easy to wiggle his way out of the 5 point harness. You need to make sure it’s tight enough on your child before hitting the trails. Seems obvious enough right? You’d be surprised. Just make sure it fits your child snuggly and securely.
Like I said. The BOB is the best. Nothing rides smoother, nothing is easier to go jogging with, and it’s great as an everyday stroller as well. I don’t think I’ve ever known someone who regretted buying the BOB Revolution SE. Some may suggest purchasing a seperarate umbrella stroller for quick errands, and sure, you can do that. But the BOB meets the needs of pretty much every mother I know. Especially for the active families out there.
  • The BOB can hold a total of 70lbs (including storage and your childs weight)


  • There is a manual lock you can clip in once the stroller is folded.



  • There is a wrist strap for use while jogging, to keep your stroller from strolling away!


Here’s a few more pictures!















Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review, everything written above is unbiased, and my own personal opinion on this stroller.


  1. sallie   •  

    i had my bob for a few years and i love it. its still great never had a problem. im pregnant with twins now and debating on the duallie or a lighter double. i dont run much anymore (ok..never) but i just loved my bob

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The BOB strollers are all great, but if your not running anymore, with twins the Duallie is bigger than you need. There are great lightweight doubles out there now! Like the valco double strollers, and city minis. You can email me for more info!

    • Cayden   •  

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  2. Anonymous   •  

    I was looking into the bob but was too nervous it would be too big the salesman in buy buy baby made me go with the bumbleride indie and I hate it. Just love the color options but wish I went wit the bob =/

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The Bumbleride isn’t made for heavy jogging like the BOB. And I know- the colors can be very persuasive! Love them.

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Would love to win one!!

  4. Susan   •  

    Thanks for a great review. I looks so compact on your photos. I really like BOB for jogging but it’s heavy and is bulky. Other than that, it’s really one of the best joggers on the market. Susan

  5. Cassandra Eastman   •  

    Really great in-depth review, so helpful! Thank you so much!

  6. Bernice   •  

    Very detailed review! BOB jogging strollers are best of best. The only drawback is it’s bulky and heavy. It’s a must have for runners.

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