Valco Baby Zee Two Review!

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I would dream about the adventures we’d all go on together. I wouldn’t be one of those mom’s who were afraid to leave their homes. I was going to take them everywhere, and it would be easy, because I had patience. I can’t even continue that sentence with a straight face… HAVING TWO KIDS IS HARD!!
When you finally have the energy (and guts) to face the outside world with two under two, the LAST thing you should have to deal with is an annoying monstrous stroller in the back of your trunk. We need things that can make our lives easier, not make us sweat in the summer heat, while one kid is begging for ices, and the newborn just dropped her pacifier! When I was shopping for a single stroller for my first baby, I didn’t care if it was a 70 step fold, and 200 huge pieces to stuff into my trunk, it was cool! When your shopping for a double stroller, keep one thing in mind. EASY, EASY EASY. That’s all that matters at this point.
That’s why I was so excited to try the Valco Baby Zee Two. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it, but I could never find one to test out in any baby store around me. It’s really a shame, because the Zee Two is an excellent double stroller!
The Valco Baby Zee Two weighs under 27lbs. It has a seat height of 20″ and seat width of 11″. It really is a roomy seat. My son is 35lbs, and is very tall for his age. He has PLENTY of room to grow into this seat! It also has an adjustable canopy, you can raise it higher to give your child extra head room.
Both seats can hold up to 45lbs which is GREAT. This is a double stroller that will last you years. 
As you can see, the Zee Two has an infant recline. It reclines pretty flat, making it possible to use this stroller with your newborn. There’s a mesh peek-a-boo window in the back so you can keep an eye on your little baby as you push. I wish the window was a bit bigger, because I need to make sure my son isn’t grabbing at his little sister, and the mesh window just isn’t big enough for me. You can also roll up the material on the back of the seat to get a look as well, but I would still like a larger peek-a-boo window.
This is totally my personal preference, but I am going to wait a little bit longer before putting my baby in the seat. She’s two months now, and I just didn’t like that I couldn’t keep any eye on her. It’s most definitely newborn friendly, but my son is too “hands on” and I just didn’t feel comfortable with him being that close to her. The seat is great, but maybe a bit large for her tiny body. Probably by 4-5 months when she’s sitting up comfortably, and a little bit bigger, I would use this as my every day stroller.
What I love about this seat, is that it has a “newborn head stopper”. The black flap on the top of the seat makes sure your baby doesn’t slip up to the top of the seat while it’s reclined. When your child is older you can just tuck it away, like I did with my son’s seat.
Both seats have an extendable hood, which allows you to unzip, and pull out the canopy even further. With my daughter I like to keep it all the way down, and my son likes it fully up. With a double stroller, I think it’s a necessity to have individual canopies. Each child is going to have their own preference, and it’ll save you from quite a few fights and tantrums along the way.
The seats also have an adjustable footrest, making it comfortable for children of all sizes. 
The BEST part of the Valco Baby Zee Two is it’s AMAZING storage basket! It is so unbelievably accessible, and so unbelievably LARGE! I can fit two of my biggest diapers bags in there. You can fit everyones coats in there. You can fit a dog in there! (I’ve seen it!)
The brake is in the center of the stroller, and is easy and very flip-flop friendly. 
The Zee Two also has bumper bars that fold with the seat. So you don’t have to remove them every single time you fold the stroller. Saves you room and saves you some time.
The recline is one touch, and really easy. It goes from upright to full recline and anywhere in between. The seat also goes pretty upright, and my son has no problem sitting in the stroller. If he sits in the stroller, then I consider it to be an upright seat!
The seats have a pretty easy safety harness. Once I played around with it for a while I figured it out. It doesn’t slip off easily like other strollers I’ve tried. My son’s a pro when it comes to getting out of these things. The Valco Baby strollers have an amazing harness buckle. Its a 3 step process, making it hard for kids to get out of. Don’t worry, it’s easy for us. You have to push down and then push the center button before releasing. My favorite buckle on any stroller!
The Zee Two has tubeless tires, which means NO FLATS. It honestly has an amazing ride. I noticed if my son hops out and it’s only my newborn in the stroller, it feels harder to push with only one child in it. But with two in the seat it glides. (You can put your bags in the second seat to even it out as well.)
The wheels come off with a push of a button, making it easy to remove for a compact fold. 
It glides on smooth surfaces, and the front wheels lock for bumpier terrain. It is NOT an all-terrain stroller, but you’ll never find yourself breaking a sweat trying to push it over grass at the park. 

The stroller has a pretty compact fold for a double stroller. What you have to keep in mind though is that it’s a DOUBLE STROLLER. Meaning, it won’t be as compact as your single stroller. I can fit it in the trunk of my Toyota Camry and still have room to spare. 
To fold the Zee Two you just pull up the two levers on both sides of the stroller, and push the frame down. It folds in the shape of a “Z” and collapses down. Once folded, you can manually lock the stroller on either side. It will also stand while folded, and you can roll it behind you or carry it easily.

I did get through standard doorways easily, but got stuck in some racks while shopping. With any side by side stroller, there will be times you get stuck. 
There aren’t really any con’s when it comes to the Zee Two. It’s easy to use, has amazing storage, and fits in a trunk. I didn’t have to struggle with it while my kids waited “patiently”. It gets the job done! It’s EASY and has lots of perks as well! With two kids, you’re going to have lots of stuff piling up by the end of your day. This basket is the best there is, it really is! 
It’s a great stroller for twins, for toddlers or for two under two. You can’t go wrong with the Zee Two! 

Valco Baby also has AMAZING customer service, which is really important when it comes to purchasing a stroller. If you have any questions they’re there to help you. You can call them up, e-mail them or contact them via Facebook. Whichever works for you. If something breaks, or you’re just having a problem figuring something out, they’ll walk you through it!

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  1. Anonymous   •  

    I want the Zee two so badly but waiting for new colors & adjustable handlebar so I can use the Joey seat!
    Although sapphire looks much better in your pics then online, it’s more grey right? I thought it looked silverish beigeish on website
    Ps great review thank you

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      The lack of an adjustable handlebar doesn’t get in the way of the Joey seat. It connects in the front. I can see the hitchhiker possibly being an issue. But that is why the newer model will adjust.

  2. Anonymous   •  

    I was looking into the Zee 2 a while back but couldn’t find a good review with kids in seats! Now it’s too late for me but great review wish I saw it earlier. It’s hard to find reviews like this on the valco products and they all look really cool

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Will it fit in the airport x-ray?

  4. Baby Trend Stroller   •  

    Yes, I think what you should have bought a double stroller with front and back seats. These strollers aren’t quite like good for shopping malls because they can’t get in enough in some doors. Great review anyway. 😉

    • Susy   •  

      Not funny at all actually! Just tri!gc!!a! I will never forget the misery in Peru and Bolivia. Other people love it, but my heart felt so sad all the time. People seem to have no control over their own lives and happiness. Ush!

    • kredit für reise   •  

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  5. claire james   •  

    cant find this stroller anywhere to test out, do u think i should jst go for it? i have twin 19 month old boys and need a full feature but lightweight stroller..i hate the city mini, im returning it this week but just waiting to figure out what to buy next..this stroller seems pretty goodcan i email you

    • Rollherstroller   •  

      I love the Zee, especially for children of your age. Sounds like a good match to me. Try calling Valco Baby and have them direct you to a retailer who might have it on the floor.

  6. sarahkay88   •  

    got the zee two because of this review you should know! thank u so much for ur help.

  7. Thomas Berkely kidsco.   •  

    Looking into selling this in my store. It looks very nice.

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      you absolutely should!

      • Lynda   •  

        Now I feel stdipu. That’s cleared it up for me

      • Can a collaboration be worked out where sharing can be done in advance of publication. I do this all the time- it doesn’t fix the larger problem- but … I don’t see a way to fix the larger problem…

  8. Shannon tawil   •  

    Wow that was a great review. Thank you for the help and guidance :)

  9. Jen   •  

    Loved the intro, I was dying laughing! I’m due with my second in Dec and I am totally picturing myself and my two kids hiking and doing all sorts of adventurous stuff everyday- ummm hello reality. I’m debating between the valco zee two and the double bob stroller. Man, it’s such a hard decision, the bob is heavy once it’s folded (but so freakin awesome when it’s not). I hear you when you say with two kids you want to make life as easy as possible and not having to pull out a massive stroller from the trunk of your car on a hot summer’s day. There aren’t any stores around here that sell Valcos (I live in LA), so you’d def recommend this over the bob? We do walk on a lightly sandy path most days. Think the valco can handle it? (Like yours my two year old son also prefers a seat that’s really upright) Thanks for any feed back you can give me!

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      hey!! I love love love my single BOB. It is my favorite stroller on sand- so if you live on a beach and won’t be throwing it into the trunk daily it’s a great walking stroller. But getting it in and out of the trunk 1 million times is a hassle to say the least. if it’s a lightly sandy path, like really concrete with some sand here and there, the zee two can totally handle that. (ps- the BOB seats aren’t so upright, gets me nervous now). The Zee Two is a great all around stroller. Not too heavy, and you pretty much get all the bells and whistles. Valco also makes air tires now for the Zee Two, great for a bit more all terrain!! They’re both great options, but I really like the Zee Two if you’re like me and need to throw this thing in the trunk daily!! Let me know if I can help with anything else!! Good luck!! Having two is really amazing!

      • Jen   •  

        I cannot thank you enough for that reply!!! It is so hard to find reviews about the zee two and I’ve been nervous to buy one without taking a look. You’ve answered all my questions and then some. I didn’t realize they also have air tires. What a perk! I feel relieved and confident to pull the trigger on the zee two. You rock! Love the site :)

      • Jen   •  

        Oh gosh, ok, I have one more question (sorry and thanks!!). Do you have an opinion on the color you tested? I’m thinking either that grey or the black. Kind of a frivolous question I know… You are saving me with all this feedback! And yes, I’d totally have to pull this stroller out of the trunk everyday. Glad you were able to shed light on THAT situation :)

        • rollherstroller   •  

          This color is great, I would think it would get dirty but the material is super easy to clean. I like the all black too so you can mix and match whatever blankets and foot muffs you want!

  10. Bek   •  

    Hi! I’ve just come across this review and wanted to ask if you thought the Zee Two would be suitable for 2 year old twins? Our girls will be two early in March and have pretty much outgrown their Valco Ion for Two (which we LOVED) and I’m looking for something for them now. I looked at the Valco Evo 2 for 2 but the specs say each seat can only hold 15kgs, if that is the case our girls aren’t too far from that. Your little man looks quite a lot bigger than our girls so it looks promising but I just wondered, would this be a pram we could use until they outgrew it totally?

  11. Baby Zee Stroller   •  

    I am so surprised I didn’t hear about Valco Zee stroller before. It’s not that popular, but it looks like a great stroller. This model looks like it will be very easy for me to get in and out of the trunk. Thank you for such a detailed review. Now I am less nervous about getting it. ~Susan

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Hi Sophie! I know- it can be difficult to find a floor model. It’s such a great stroller. Have you tried contacting Valco? They can help find the store nearest you that might have it in stock! Good luck!

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