Babyhome Emotion Review

There are so many great strollers out there, different types for different families. But when it comes to a lightweight stroller- things get very tricky. On one hand you want one that is super lightweight and can go with you anywhere. One the other hand you also want it to be comfortable for your baby. A nice sized basket would be nice too..oh and obviously a canopy to hide your precious baby from the scorching sun. And you must have an amazing push, right?! Well people- YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING! Well, that’s what I would’ve told you before I met the lightweight stroller that can do it all.
The Babyhome Emotion. Yep. It has everything you want and need in a lightweight stroller- and more!


The Babyhome Emotion weighs only 15 pounds on my scale. That’s nothing in the stroller world. NOTHING. It has the unbelievable weight of an umbrella stroller, but this is no flimsy umbrella stroller. 
For starters, it folds differently. Instead of folding straight like an umbrella stroller, it folds forward into a flat position. 
It takes up no space in my Mazda CX9, as well as in my Toyota Camry. 
(Seen here in my trunk along with the robust Bugaboo Buffalo. Still have room to spare.)
Now let’s get into the fun stuff:
This lovely stroller sports an adjustable footrest and a sturdy one too! It reclines up to 150º making it a wonderful option for my little baby to take naps while I roll her around the house, chasing my 2 year old son, (yes I do this daily).


These wheels are insannnnely smooth. They are made of the same long-lasting material as skateboards, which is why maneuverability is top notch. There are shock absorbers on each of the four wheels, which adds to the smoothness of the stroller. Don’t think this is an all-terrain stroller because it most definitely is NOT, but it has an amazing push for indoor smooth terrain, as well as sidewalks. I also did fine on grass/mulch at the park.




(I can easily and one handedly bump the stroller up steps and curbs with no problem)

Another amazing feature is that the fabric on the Emotion is removable and washable. I haven’t had to wash it yet, because the fabric is also so easy to wipe clean on the spot. So far, it’s the easiest to clean of pretty much any stroller I’ve tried.
On the back of the stroller, you’ll find a panel, which you can roll up, giving your child the ability to enjoy a nice breeze on a warm summers day.
The recline on the stroller is SO easy to do. You pull on the lever and- presto! It reclines. To make the seat sit upright you just pull on that long piece sticking out. Easy and one handed.
For any of you who have been looking into lightweight strollers for some time now, you know what I mean when I say, IT IS THE BEST BASKET IN THE LIGHTWEIGHT STROLLER MARKET. I fit my huge and fully loaded Skip Hop diaper bag in there (and a football) easily. And it’s so easy to access. This reason alone is good enough reason to look into the Emotion. You don’t realize how much you need a good basket until your at the mall, and realize you need to run to your car to unload your bags because there’s no room to carry anything on your stroller. Not fun. Not easy. Not practical.

Babyhome even included a canopy window, with a MAGNETIC closure (helps not to wake a sleeping baby). You won’t find that feature on any umbrella stroller. It’s a great feature to have when you want to check in on your little baby to see how she’s doing while out and about.


The 5 point safety harness is really easy to figure out. I have no problem switching between my 2 year old and my 5 month old baby riding in the seat.  



The canopy is great too. Especially for a lightweight stroller. You can even purchase a canopy extender separately! You can also remove the canopy totally for a super tall child, or for when using the stroller on a warm night, to give your baby a nice breeze.
(Click the side levers down, and the canopy stays firmly in place)
The foot brake is very easy to use, just step on it and the stroller locks into place.
The Babyhome Emotion comes in a various amount of colors: Black (with a black frame), brown, green,navy, purple, red and beige. 
They also make a TON of accessories you can purchase separately:
Cup holder (a necessity) 
Bumper bar
Car sear adapters (Maxi Cosi and Graco) 
Footmuff with 4 detachable layers to provide comfort all year long
A travel bag that can wheel behind you, or be carried as a backpack
A diaper bag with a fold out changing mat
Canopy Extender
(Cup holder shown here)
With the use of a car seat the Babyhome Emotion can be used from birth up until 55 pounds, (a very long time). 
My two year old son is 34 pounds, and still fits well in the seat. He is a bit tall, but still has room to grow. Sometimes I’ll take off the canopy so he doesn’t feel so cramped.


I’m 5″5 and the height of the Emotion is perfect for me, but I can see it being a bit short for some people. I really love high seated strollers, (like the Stokke Xplory, Uppababy Vista, etc.) but I still adored pushing around the Emotion. It’s really an amazing lightweight, full featured stroller. It has all the bells and whistles, minus a reversing seat. But they included a peek-a-boo window, which is fine by me!
(Grandpa approves of the smoothness of the Emotion! And it didn’t seem to short for him)
In these pictures, I have my baby snuggled in the 7AM Enfant Papoose footmuff. It’s a great footmuff for those chilly type days. It has fleece on the inside, and kept her nice and cozy while helping me with this review! You don’t even have to take her out of it if you want to swap strollers or move her to the car seat! Just undo the velcro behind her back, and put her into the car seat, and re-buckle. So easy to do, and so comfy! I want one for myself!!




So what are you waiting for? If you need a lightweight stroller, and don’t want to miss out on any of these awesome features, you can order the Babyhome Emotion HERE.
I highly recommend this stroller, I really do.

*disclaimer: I was given the Babyhome Emotion for the purpose of this review. I did not receive any compensation.


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  3. Natalie   •  

    I have been using this stroller a little over a year and love it! I use it daily and have no complaints. We are expecting again in November and I was very disappointed to see that there is not a double version of this stroller. Have you found anything that is as light and easy to fold and steer that holds two? We have a valco trumped that is great for long days, but just too bulky to get in and out of my car on a daily basis. Thanks!

    • Natalie   •  

      Valco *trimode

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    Gorgeous color wondering if I should get this or umbrella

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    Useful post. I was interested in purchasing this great stroller. Very comfortable, safe and great canopy

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