Bugaboo Buffalo Review

I cannot begin to explain to you how excited I was when the Bugaboo Buffalo arrived at my door. When I first heard about the Buffalo, my heart skipped a beat at the mention of an extendable canopy. Here I am a few weeks later, having used the Buffalo daily with my children, and I’m still crazy about the thing. 

I absolutely adore my Bugaboo Donkey, but I cannot stand the canopy on it. My daughter despises the sun, and is constantly crying when the sun hits her, which is inevitable with that canopy. I am honestly BEGGING Bugaboo to make these canopies for all their strollers. At first glance the Buffalo canopy looks the same as its cousins, but there’s a zipper, and when unzipped- a whole third panel appears to cover your child. It’s amazing. There’s still no peek-a-boo window- but I don’t even care if I can have this huge canopy.

I love the height of the seat on the Buffalo. The seat sits higher on the chassis, which is so important to me. I hate bending down to feel close to my child. I love the higher up seats of the Stokke Xplory and Uppababy Vista, and now the Bugaboo Buffalo joins the line up. 
Underneath the high seat, is a GINORMOUS basket. This stroller basket can hold up to 35 pounds of weight, and still push with the slightest touch of a pinky. I don’t know how Bugaboo does it- but they don’t disappoint when it comes to maneuverability. I could easily fit my large Skip Hop diaper bag under there, and a huge bag filled with lunch for three. Verrrrrry impressive!
The Bugaboo Buffalo is a very robust stroller. It weighs in at about 27lbs- which is extremely heavy when it comes to a single stroller. It’s a monster.  It can hold a child of up to 50lbs (the cameleon can only hold 37lbs) and is the only stroller that was actually approved to be able to hold weight on the handlebars- it will NOT tip over. It can hold up to 13lbs. Bugaboo added built in stroller hooks onto the frame. You could easy hang your diaper bag on them, or even shopping bags. Great idea and really comes in handy.
The Buffalo has a one piece self-standing fold which is great for storing the stroller (It can also fold with the bassinet attached to the frame). When putting it into my trunk, I prefer to remove the seat, because 27 pounds of stroller weight is simply too heavy for me. I’d rather take the 2 seconds out of my day to remove the seat. 
The frame folds so nicely and easily. It’s not a one handed fold, but you can’t expect a do-it-all stroller like this to have a one handed fold. 
The Buffalo fits into the trunk of my Toyota Camry easily, and in my Mazda CX-9 with room for another stroller as well. (Don’t mind the mess.)
Another thing I love about the Buffalo is the swivel bumper bar. Makes it so easy to put my baby in and take her out without having to remove the belly bar. I lost the belly bars to my Donkey ages ago from removing it throwing it wherever I was at the time. 
Now the key point of the Buffalo is its ALL-TERRAIN suitability. It has 10″ swivel wheels and 12″ rear wheels with FOAM filled tires- NO FLATS! These large tires can handle anything you throw at them. Like its cousins, the Buffalo has a “Two wheel mode” to tackle sand and snow.
The Bugaboo Bufallo was designed specifically for all-terrain performance- but it worked so well as an everyday stroller for my family. It was super easy to fold and take in and out of the car, use in the mall, supermarket, and for our daily activities. It was especially nice to basically use zero effort to push this thing up the grass hill at our local park.
  • One handed recline lever on the back of the seat
  • Multi positional recline facing either way
  • Reversible seat 
  • Extendable handed bar
  • EASIEST harness to adjust on the market!! Love it.
  • Flip flop friendly foot brake 
  • Suitable from birth, with the included bassinet
  • Car seat compatibility- Maxi Cosi/ Cybex/ Nuna, Britax & Chicco

  • On the heavier side- weighing in at 27lbs (although it is meant to be a robust all-terrain stroller)
  • No peek-a-boo window
  • Expensive- $1,129 (bassinet included, and tailored fabric set)
I really do love the Bugaboo Buffalo. I used it for a few weeks daily, in and out of the car with no problems at all. When I removed the seat before folding, I didn’t find it too heavy for me to lift in and out of my trunk. Many people are asking me if I prefer the Buffalo over the Cameleon. It honestly depends on who you are and where you live. For me personally, I do prefer the Buffalo. I love how high the seat sits on the frame, and how much I can store on the stroller. My son is two years old and already weighs 35 pounds, and only has two more pounds left until he grows out of the Cameleon. I ADORE the 50 pound weight limit on the Buffalo. Many people will rule it out because of the weight, and yes it is a robust stroller, but it doesn’t bother me at all, since it is so easy to remove the seat and throw it into my trunk! 
To learn more about the Bugaboo Buffalo, visit their website here
And visit Bugaboo on Facebook to keep up on all the latest updates 
If you have any questions about the Bugaboo Buffalo, feel free to comment below!
Here’s a few more pictures of the Bugaboo Buffalo!

*Disclaimer: I was given the Bugaboo Buffalo to review, all words and opinions are my own, and I have not been payed for my review.
These photos belong to rollherstroller.com- please do not repost without permission.
P.S- I tried the Bugaboo Buffalo Canopy on my Bugaboo Donkey, and it fits!! If Bugaboo doesn’t come out with canopies specifically designed for the Donkey, I might just purchase Buffalo canopies for my Donkey!


  1. Sallie Rubin   •  

    Great review thank you! Patiently awaiting for bugaboo to make those canopies for my bee!

  2. Pirko   •  

    Awesome review! It actually made me buy the buffalo :)

    I was also really excited about your “P.S.”, just the other way around 😉 since ther aren’t any special canopies available for the buffalo yet, I am toying with the idea of getting a donkey one. I really like the new AW Happy Bugs one. With Winter coming up I imagine I will be fine without the canopy extension for a while. Just to make sure my evil master plan will work – does the fabric fit on both canopy wirings? Or did you fit the fabric with the buffalo wires and clip on the donkey?

    Greetings from Germany :)

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      I just took the canopy that’s attached to the buffalo (wires and all) and clipped it onto my donkey frame and it was perfect! I haven’t tried the cameleon yet. I think it will fit, but until I test it out for sure I don’t want to say. I’m going to try and do it this week and let you know! Do you have an Instagram? That’s where I usually post updates like that! @rollherstroller

      • annaK   •  

        Hi, I was wondering if you had the chance to try swapping the buffalo sun canopy onto the cameleon. Thank you!

        • rollherstroller   •     Author

          Bugaboo now comes out with the extendable canopies for the Cam!

      • Jo   •  

        Just wondering if the Buffalo hoods fit on the Cameleon frame?

  3. Perela   •  

    Any idea if the hood of this stroller would fit on the cameleon?

  4. Julia   •  

    Thank you so much for a very comprehensive review. I am currently pregnant with our first and finding the world of baby gear a bit overwhelming, your input will make my decision easier :)

  5. Katelyn   •  

    Bugaboo just announced extendable canopies for all models coming in April 2014!!

    • Jen   •  

      Where did you find this info? I did a quick search and couldn’t confirm. I’m debating between the Cameleon and Buffalo and the canopy would make it easier to choose the Cam (which I’ve always wanted and is more compact–my style). Thanks!

  6. Jen   •  

    Thanks for this awesome review! I’m debating between Cam and Buffalo. I love the higher seat, canopy, and storage of the Buffalo but have always wanted a Cam and love the colors and low-profile look more. I tested them in store but it’s hard to say. I just really worry that the buffalo is too much stroller/too bulky for me. I live in the suburbs and dont go “off road” much if ever. But your review makes me want the buffalo! Have you used the Cam? What kind of family would you recommend the Cam for over the Buffalo? Thanks again for the review–this was so detailed! My one and only concern is the bulk/heft of it (not even the weight since you say it’s not bad, just the overall profile)

  7. Alexa   •  

    I love my Cameleon 3 over the buffalo. The fact is that the Cameleon itself is a “monster”. The buffalo I found it to be a “bigger monster” I live in NYC and having “monster strollers” is sort of a big deal. The Cameleon is a bit lighter than the buffalo so that really works for me. I read bugaboo is launching the breezy sun canopies in different colors as well! I just can’t wait.

    • Carrie   •  

      I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appahrcoes!

  8. Shally   •  

    Will the comleon canopy fit onto the buffalo?

  9. Jenny   •  

    The seat accommodates children up to 50lbs? Every website says 37.5 …. I hope it’s 50 my child is not even 2 and is a few lbs shy of hitting their max.

  10. Emily   •  

    Hi – just checking, the Buffalo has no option to add a second seat does it? So limited to one child only?

  11. Dee   •  

    Any stroller similar to the bugaboo buffalo but cheaper? Reversible seat, all terrain wheels, large basket etc…

    • Mattie   •  

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  13. Leah   •  

    Would you be willing to sell your pink canopy and bassinet cover? Been looking for it everywhere.


  14. Liza   •  

    Whoever edits and puseibhls these articles really knows what they’re doing.

  15. http://www./   •  

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