Inglesina- New for 2014!



Let me introduce you to the Inglesina Quad stroller-



How badly do you want to get your hands on one of these? They are even more beautiful in person.

I love all of these colors! No baby pink or frilly blues- cool and modern! I LOVE the heather grey fabric.

The seat fully reclines, and you can even use an infant insert (show below) to make it more comfy for a newborn. That’s a great recline.


It also has a pretty good sized basket, which is the first thing I look at when checking out a stroller. Big baskets are a necessity.



I love what they kid with the cupholder. It’s attached. I can’t tell you how many random stroller cupholders I have scattered around my house. They all fall off, and I don’t know which goes to what, so I basically never use one. This is genius.

They also make a footmuff, to keep your little one warm and cozy.


Check out how easily it folds in the video below!


And don’t forget about their Zuma high chair!


  1. lisa   •  

    I love their classic pram I wouldn’t think they could pull of a moderm stroller like this but they did I love it
    will u be doing a post on the rest of the abc show

  2. Esty   •  

    I’m due in February and I am having a really hard time picking a stroller. Most of my friends tell me that getting one such as the new Bugaboo Buffalo( which was what I was leaning towards) is a waste because it is very heavy and not so easy to fold and what I will end up using the most will be a car seat and snap and go. Because of this, I was debating on whether to just get the Bugaboo Bee because it is much more lightweight and easy to fold so I would get more use out of it. If you could offer your feedback I would greatly appreciate it!!

    But i love love love this Inglesina you posted, too bad it wont come out till after I am due :(

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