Mima comes to the US! First Look!

I have been waiting for Mima to arrive in the US for way too long. Thankfully I was alone when I heard the news, and no one saw my embarrassing reaction- (I may or may not have jumped up and down with an extreme amount of excitement).



Mima makes a beautiful single stroller called the Xari.




I hope these plaid prints get here FAST. They come in amazing leather colors, including a beautiful and elegant white color. Breathtaking. But not only is the stroller beautiful, but it is functional as well! An amazing feature that I love, is that the seat has a bassinet stored INSIDE of it. That’s right. No clutter around the house when baby outgrows the bassinet. (See below, on the Mima Kobi- which has the ability to turn into a double stroller).



The Mima Kobi is AMAZING. Modern and sleek, this stroller is simply a work of art. But don’t let it fool  you, just because its so beautiful, doesn’t mean it can’t perform. The maneuverability is a dream. Granted there were no kids in the seat, but it was like strolling on air. The reviewer in me would love to test this thing out with the kids!

And then Mima decided to make the infamous umbrella stroller amazingly gorgeous with leather. You can also purchase fabric kits to add some denim or leopard into the mix. Again, beautiful.


mima bo camel



And then you have their Moon Highchair, which hopefully will be available in January. It kind of resembles the Bloom Fresco, but with less crevices. It can recline, and move up and down the base. But thats not all..

It becomes a modern children’s chair. Insanely cool.


  1. lisa   •  

    beautiful I need this, are u doing a full review? (maybe even a give away? hint hint)

  2. Paula   •  

    Love that blue plaid

  3. Nat   •  

    Hi!! Love this!! Any updates on the Mima xari? So I just ordered the white and black combo limited edition xari. I’m super excited. I’ve seen some mixed reviews but then I came across yours and trusted yours haha. Apparently the kobi is being remodeled.

    I was between the stokke cruzi and Mima (any of the two) and went with the stokke. I’m just in love. I hope I made the right decision. Also do you think that combo is good for a girl? I’m also getting an extra white canopy

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