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4Mom’s is one of the most amazing companies in the baby gear world. They reinvented the bouncer by creating the Mamaroo- a baby bouncer/swing that mimics the movement of a mother to soothe a crying baby (and 4 other movements as well). They are also the ONLY company in the world that makes a stroller that folds itself. Yeah- you heard me. This thing folds with a push of a button.

Let me start off by saying that the 4Mom’s Origami might not be for everyone. It is most definitely not the lightest single stroller on the market. But there is one thing that’s completely undeniable- it’s SO cool.

When the Origami first came out, I promise you that I asked my husband to buy it for me for MY birthday. Because that’s what it is! It’s an awesome gadget. If you’re the type of person who loves technology and all that- you’re going to want one of these. Your husband is going to want to watch the video of it folding and unfolding 1000x in a row.

And to show just how awesome it is, here’s a very necessary video montage of the power folding 4Mom’s Origami. Because anything this cool needs to be filmed while playing “Eye of the Tiger” in the background.

The Origami has a super roomy seat. The second I put it together my rather large two year old hopped into the seat, and I was surprised by how tall the seat was. There are also two cup holders on the side of the seat, for bottles and sippy cups. Love that.


(My 6 month old baby girl fit so snuggly with her winter jacket all bundled up. )


The harness is fairly easy to do as well. I ALWAYS have issues with harnesses. I hate them all. But the Origami is pretty good. You just unbuckle the straps behind the seat and take it looser or tighter. I have yet to get stuck with it. And I’m always changing them to accommodate a 2 year old and 6 month old.


The recline isn’t great. They did just come out with a bassinet though. My 6 month old daughter enjoyed sitting in the seat and getting to check out her surroundings, but no flat reclines over here.


I do wish there was an adjustable footrest, just because I’m not a fan of dangling feet. My daughter never complained while sitting in the seat though, and did take quite a few naps. Just worth noting.


One thing that always bothered me when looking into the Origami was the lack of storage. But after using it for some time now, I’ve discovered tons of hidden pockets. The basket is decent sized. I was able to fit a shopping bag filled with tons of baby clothes inside. I was also able to fit a soccer ball inside when we took it to the park. There are pockets on the side which can hold bottles, and a large pocket behind the seat which is good for keys, wallet, etc.


On the handle bars you’ll find two cup holders, OH- and a LCD screen. What? Your stroller doesn’t have one? The LCD screen tells you the temperature, whether the stroller is locked or safe to use, makes sure there’s no child in the seat, and how many miles you’ve walked. It has a picture of a cute little baby riding in a stroller as you walk. It’s pretty cute! I love when I’m indoors and all of a sudden the screen lights up (as do the running lights upfront). I feel like I’m using a contraption from Back to the Future. Love it.


The handlebars are great for hanging my purse and shopping bags. The stroller weighs in at about 28 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping. I’m sure it’s not something they recommend, but I’ve tried tons of bags and it was fine. One of my favorite parts of the stroller is that I can hang my bag on it.


The Origami happens to have one of the BEST canopies I’ve ever used. It is so big and had an extra panel that flips out too. I also love the HUGE mesh window. It actually allows me to see my baby, unlike the other so called “peek-a-boo” windows on other strollers. I love that the mesh allows air to flow through the seat on a hot summers day. They did great with this canopy.


I always thought the Origami was super cool, but not so convenient. But I have to say, after a couple of weeks of using it, it’s pretty great. Besides the ease of folding and unfolding this stroller (which is obviously amazing) it handles pretty well at the mall, at the park and on our every day walks. It has a great spot for me to put my bag on the handlebars, and room below for extras. I also got the kit that allows me to charge my iPhone. Haha, did I forget to mention that part?


Now if you’re looking into this stroller, and you’re the type of person who’s very shy and hates talking to human beings- then get something else. You will get stopped. A lot. When you’re walking down the street and your stroller lights up, you’re bound to get a few questions. It’s a package deal.



The brake is very easy to use. Just step on it to brake, and step on it again to unlock it = very flip flop friendly.


The Origami folds super compactly. Here it is in the trunk of my Mazda CX-9 with another stroller in the car as well. It’s literally half the size.



I really, really love using my Origami. It’s heavy, but it rolls behind you like a suitcase- so you’re never really inconvenienced by its weight until your putting it into the trunk. But if you are a gadget lover- you won’t want to pass on having a true robot stroller!

I was given the Origami for the purpose of this review. I was not payed for my review, and all opinions here are honest and my own. As are the photos-
No reposting without permission!



    Love this stroller,Awesome info…Thank You……P.S……..Love the Video……Eye of The Tiger…..

  2. jessie   •  

    ahhh what an amazing video! hilarious! have my eye on this stroller, need to show this to my hubby. only 4 months pregnant but its #1 on my list. bookmarking this post lol thank u1!

  3. jessie   •  

    ps is your little girl wearing a fur coaT? where is it from?? adorable

  4. Caline   •  

    your reviews are so good im literally reading them for fun :)

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  6. Betty   •  

    I tried pushing it in a store it seems

  7. Memduh   •  

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