Guzzie & Gus


Guzzie & Gus is a Canadian company I’ve been watching for a while. They’re going to be showing up lots more in the US and I’m really excited.

This is their double umbrella stroller, “Hornby”.


It has 2 independent canopies, with peek-a-boo windows and a third extendable panel. Love the canopies.


And it reclines pretty flat, making it suitable from birth! They also have adjustable footrests which is great! Makes a nice cozy spot for baby to rest.



The Hornby weighs in at 28 pounds, and has a standing fold- a very compact fold too. It comes in black and red.


They also have an amazing “Connec+” System, I adore this!


It has the ability to transform into a double with two full size seats!


The seats pop off and connect to a high chair base (sold separately)


And a bouncer seat base (sold separately). LOVE THIS IDEA! Less clutter around the house. You have one seat, and use it as your highchair, stroller and bouncer. Amazing.

IMG_0243IMG_0249 IMG_0252



    What greaaaaaaat info…..Im looking forward to seeing more of there merchandise….TY

    • Eve   •  

      all you need to know.That and when politicians calimopn about balancing the budget on the backs of the poor by taking away their frRbeies.(eeminds of cutting household expenses to the bone and having kids calimopn that they are being treated unfairly when the gifts they get are much less expensive without realizing the sacrifices the adults are making. In my case, my ex-wife was actually worse than the kids.)

  2. Lynne   •  

    more info on that umbrella double plz

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