The Ultimate Travel Giveaway- VALCO BABY SNAP


The time for traveling is upon us, and I want to make sure you’re ready! Enter our Valco Baby  Snap giveaway and win the Snap of your choice! You can choose a black or silver stroller with whichever color vogue set you’d like! The Snap weighs only 13 pounds and is a great option for traveling! It has an amazing compact fold with a carry strap, and a huge accessible basket! I love our snap- and soon one of you will love yours too!


Click here to see my full review of the Valco Baby Snap!

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**sorry guys- contest only open to those who live in the US**


  1. t.j.   •  

    oooh…. this would be super useful… especially with another baby on the way iy”h…!

  2. Jenn   •  

    Love Valco Baby! We have had such good luck with our Snap4. I keep asking hubby for the Original Snap!

  3. Ricki   •  

    Looks like an awesome stroller! Would love to try it!

  4. Paula   •  

    Love how lightweight it is and the basket too been wanting it since your review

  5. Sandra   •  

    This stroller would be perfect for traveling. I love how it isn’t heavy and a great present for me since I’m due with my second baby today.

  6. Rachel   •  

    I’ve been eyeing this stroller for a while to get as a travel stroller!! It has all the features ive been looking for and looks so nice too!

  7. Anna Krokhmal Defelice   •  

    I would love to win this stroller because i am an first time mom and expecting a baby end of december and we still don’t have a stroller. And the Valco baby snap look amazing and light weight and easy to fold. I am not very strong haha :) so i could use a easy to fold and light weight stroller.
    I really hope to win it 😀

  8. Claud   •  

    Lovee the valco!! Always wanted it!! Definitely needed!!!

  9. Amy   •  

    Being a first time mom this looks great it’s light weight looks easy to fold and has a large basket that can fit a lot of stuff I hope I win ☺️

  10. Hannah Garrett   •  

    With my husband soon to take a job, for a year in Germany, we will be visiting quite frequently! With how lightweight and how large the basket is, this is the perfect option for our travel around the world! Plus we love all of the color options!

  11. Paulette   •  

    This would be perfect for my first trip with baby next month!

  12. Amanda   •  

    This would be perfect for my baby! I love that it’s so lightweight and the adjustable recline! Just came back from a trip where I had only brought a snap and go and I was wishing I had this the whole time

  13. Lynne   •  

    deciding between this and the city mini , this would solve all my indecisiveness, ha ha ha! thank you for the giveaway happy holidays!

  14. Vanessa martinucci   •  

    This would be a great stroller for my little guy!

  15. penny galietta   •  

    This stroller looks awesome!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. saara   •  

    love love love the snap! its so lightweight adn folds up almost flat!

  17. Lauren   •  

    Eek!! I never will ANYTHING, but I’d sure LOVE to win this!! Looks amazing in every way!!

  18. Quynh   •  

    We have a new baby on the way and this stroller would be perfect!!!

  19. Nicki   •  

    We travel a lot, so this stroller would be great!

  20. Jessica   •  

    I love the size of this, and the weight! How lovely it would be not to be lugging a heavy stroller around

  21. Laura E   •  

    Would love to have the Valco Snap to have in the car when I need to run errands. I love the color sets and the compact fold!

  22. Christine M   •  

    Love that it is lightweight and has fun colors!

  23. Lena Naef   •  

    I love how lightweight and easy to fold this stroller is! I’d love to win one! Thanks

  24. Tiffany Ellis   •  

    I could use the snap for all of my trips….. It looks like a nice travel stroller!!

  25. Sarah P.   •  

    We have our 2nd baby on the way (due in a few weeks) and we only have 1 stroller to use with both kiddos – not to mention we share it with our daycare provider, and it mostly stays at her house for daily use! Most of the time we never have it with us when we need it. Desperately need a second stroller to keep at our house….we would be soooo blessed to win!!!

  26. Lauren Wagner   •  

    For my first Grandbaby!!!!

  27. Alexandra Pitcher   •  

    I have a very tiny car and a baby due in March; this would be amazing.

  28. Kate   •  

    This would be perfect for my grandson, what a wonderful giveaway:)!

  29. Amy Carlson   •  

    Excited for a chance to win this! We go pretty much stroller-less now that I am always chasing my three year old. Thinking about a stroller for our newborn for some upcoming vacations! This may just be it!!

  30. Kathleen e   •  

    The double stroller i own is a monster and half the time I don’t use both seats. I need this bc it’s lightweight and folds up easy and compact!

  31. Tina T   •  

    I have 4 girls to lug around everywhere and a super heavy and difficult stroller to accompany us! This would be a dream.

  32. Hilary   •  

    I would love this lightweight. With 2 kids and one on the way, its hard getting a heavy stroller out of the car at the park. Would love that for those outings!

  33. Laila Salem   •  

    I need this stroller because I have a really bulky Graco stroller. I like in an upstairs apt with no elevator, and it’s really hard to carry the stroller up and down every time I need to use it. Plus my daughter cries if I leave her inside alone while I’m trying to carry the stroller down and up the stairs.

  34. Jennifer Luu   •  

    This would be an awesome addition! We are expecting a little one in January.

  35. Abigail Heimsoth   •  

    I love Valco! I would love a lightweight version!

  36. Kristi p   •  

    We travel a lot and have been looking for a great lightweight stroller. So many you sacrifice features for weight so this balcony looks awesome!

  37. amy pugmire   •  

    I have a big bulky stroller now that barely fits in the car. I would love this light compact stroller that would be a breeze to fold and put away!

  38. Ania M.   •  

    We need the Snap because our current stroller is horribly bulky and impossible to bring to the city (NYC).

  39. Jamie M.   •  

    It would be a great way to take our littlest guy along while keeping up with our older ones.

  40. sherry blamer   •  

    I have a stroller that’s old and kinda falling apart and definitely need a new one.

  41. mary   •  

    This would be so great for preschool drop off…kiddo #3 arrives in january and something that easy light and manuverable would be great for jumping in and out of the car!

  42. Katarina   •  

    Looks great! Super compact too :-) I would love to win one of those babies…

  43. Jennifer   •  

    We are taking our first trip with a toddler and infant this winter. This stroller would be perfect and make things so much easier!

  44. Brandy Jarrett   •  

    This would be so awesome to win!!

  45. Kimberly Mayer   •  

    I’ve been looking at this for our little man due in February!

  46. jenny   •  

    The lightweight snap would be great because it would make taking the subway with our little boy so much easier!! Our current stroller is way too heavy.

  47. Melody Francis   •  

    I would love to push one of my twin girls in this and wear my other baby in my carrier!

  48. Claire   •  

    I use my stroller every day and it’s getting very tired. I love this stroller, especially the huge basket!

  49. tom sides   •  

    i just had a baby so this would be great

  50. Catie   •  

    We travel to see family every 3-4 months which is becoming more and more difficult as my dd gets bigger and heavier to carry – a light weight stroller such as this would be perfect !!

  51. emma hunt   •  

    My 4th is due in feb and I need something lightweight for getting in and out of the car when I do the school run, this looks perfect! :-)

  52. Kristin   •  

    I love my zee two, so I’m sure this would be great for my new little one who will be here in a few months.

  53. Kellie   •  

    I need something lightweight, stylish, dependable and simple to use for me and my baby!

  54. Lynn   •  

    Love the Valco Snap!

  55. Amy   •  

    Baby number 1 is on the way!

  56. Shannan   •  

    I could use this snap stroller because I have triplets and I sometimes need to take one to the Dr. alone or an apt and I don’t have a stroller to do that. It gets interesting trying to find the right stroller for the right outing! Love Valco baby products and would love to own one!

  57. Lori Chancellor   •  

    I have 7 grandchildren under 6 and probably will have more. I love Valco. I certainly could use an easy to fold stroller when taking these little ones with me.

  58. Ani W   •  

    I sold my bulky travel system stroller because it was so heavy and hard to use. With a new baby and a toddler I need something that is much easier and lighter. I will have only one hand free most of the time so light is important.. and it needs to fit in my trunk with all the other baby stuff!

  59. Antoinette Henning   •  

    This would be perfect in March when the baby is born. We live on the second floor, and with my husband deploying and me being alone with my first anything light weight and easily movable from our vehicle would be perfect.

  60. debra stein   •  

    I have twins on the way and anything lightweight will help lighten the load. :)

  61. Brandy   •  

    Would love to try this stroller!!

  62. Lisa Hawkes   •  

    I would love this beacause I think if you saw my stroller you would laugh.

  63. Janine   •  

    I’m traveling to NC, just me and our 2 year old. A light weight stroller would be ideal!!!

  64. Tracy S   •  

    I need this so my quick trips will be easier! I’m small so big heavy duty strollers are hard for me to lug around.

  65. kristin miller   •  

    Baby number 4 on the way…
    could definitely use something lightweight and it looks taller then most strollers being a tall mom most strollers have me hunched over to push….

  66. EmilyS   •  

    I would love one of these!

  67. Tiffnany   •  

    Would love to have this, love how small it is when folded

  68. Andrea   •  

    These colors are so great. I want one!

  69. SA   •  

    Looks like a great lightweight option!

  70. Lisbet   •  

    This is so lightweight, can’t believe it has so many features!

  71. Jennifer Smith   •  

    Omg this is super cute! I would love to win this for my new baby due this coming spring!

  72. Rachel   •  

    This looks like a great stroller!

  73. melissa lue   •  

    Love the light weight and full features on the valco snap! Would love to win this!

  74. Shosh   •  

    Could really use one of these!!

  75. arlene e   •  

    We are a busy family of 6 and are always on the go. We’d love this stroller to take us on all of the adventures we go on with a toddler in tow.

  76. hallie   •  

    I live how light this stroller is.

  77. Felicia   •  

    I would love to win one!

  78. Sarah   •  

    Super practical while being cool and stylish !!! My type of stroller ;0)

  79. Laura Miller   •  

    I have a new baby, a toddler, 5 yr old and 10 yr old…anything that could help make our lives a snap would be a huge blessing!

  80. Olga   •  

    Super want! I live in NYC and need more cute strollers!!!

  81. Nicki P.   •  

    We are always on the go so this stroller would get plenty of use!!

  82. Kathleen Gereg   •  

    Love the size an weight-this stroller is sure a ‘snap’ to handle!

  83. Linda   •  

    such a cool stroller, i’d love to win one!

  84. Danielle Major   •  

    i love the silver with the green, and the bid wheels for easy navigation!

  85. Heidi Whitehurst   •  

    This would be awesome to have, especially with a new baby on the way!

  86. Michaela   •  

    I love the mechanism. Anything to make it easier for new moms and dads! My techie husband would be impressed too.
    Thank you for another great giveaway!!!

  87. edie campbell   •  

    My daughter would love this!

  88. Sarah   •  

    I would love this stroller….I have three children with special needs and having a lightweight stroller like this would be awesome!

  89. Jacqueline   •  

    This would be great and super handy for traveling with Baby. We travel a lot and this would make it so much easier

  90. Rana Beach   •  

    I’ve been looking for a new lightweight stroller for my 9 1/2 mo old, and this would be perfect! I love the purple.

  91. Kimberly Wendel   •  

    My husband will have the baby for a lot of the day and this stroller will make it easy for him to tote her around while he works!

  92. Jenni   •  

    This would make my life so much easier when my daughter is born! I have the smallest trunk ever and I really don’t want to have to use a cheap umbrella stroller!

  93. Melissa M   •  

    I could use this for zoo trips!

  94. Stephanie L   •  

    I would love one of these for our new incoming squish! The fact that its so light and portable really has me excited!!!

  95. Sasha Arent   •  

    My first baby boy will love to be strolled around in style while brand new mommy and daddy can save money for our first family home :)

  96. amanda   •  

    This stroller looks easy and light. I am expecting my first so the whole picking a stroller thing is huge.

  97. Stacey Roberson   •  

    We own a very heavy jogging stroller and it would be great to have a smaller, lightweight stroller for trips to the mall and such.

  98. Maria   •  

    We really need a lightweight stroller for our everyday trips. Right now we have a jogging stroller that was from having our first son.

  99. Cecilia   •  

    I would live to have this stroller for
    Our vacation to Orlando! It will make our life soo much easier

  100. Tasha   •  

    3 small boys makes a good stroller an essential!!

  101. Brandi   •  

    I don’t have a stroller and would love to have one as neat as this one

  102. mamotts   •  

    because am tired of fighting the big bulky pinching one we have

  103. nikki   •  

    I would love to have a stroller that doesn’t kill my back to lift, especially now that baby #5 is on the way.

  104. Kayla   •  

    This would be amazing, since our stroller that we have now is a double!

  105. Erica Martinez   •  

    Love how compact and lightweight this stroller is!!

  106. Iva N   •  

    Looks very nice

  107. clarissa   •  

    i have 7 children i am toting around..anything lightweight is welcome in my life

  108. Esther   •  

    Would love a snap! So lightweight! What a snap to fold!

  109. Amber   •  

    This would be great for small vehicles!

  110. Emily   •  

    I would love this! I’ve been coveting a Snap since they came out!

  111. Brandy   •  

    I would love to have one of these!

  112. Jessica Fletcher   •  

    I could use this stroller so badly! My stroller stinks and my husband and i love this one!!! We just can’t afford it right now! Would love it!

  113. Ed   •  

    I want this stroller so badly

  114. Melissa   •  

    Being able to carry the stroller with just one hand would be great with four kids in tow!

  115. casey aubut   •  

    I gave away all my baby gear 5 years ago- and now that we are expecting again- I have nothing left! I love these strollers!

  116. Tiffany H.   •  

    I’d love to win because sometimes toting my full size double stroller around is a real pain… especially if I’m only using it for one of my kiddos! My umbrella stroller has seen better days so I’d love a new lightweight!!!

  117. Sandy Chinag   •  

    My current stroller is really heavy and a lot weight stroller would be a life saver!

  118. Chely frantzen   •  

    I would love this stroller because I use public transportation and the lighter the stroller the better

  119. gert fowkes   •  

    a great perfect stroller

  120. Sandy 'Allure' Chiang   •  

    Repost, I typed my last name incorrectly before.

    My current stroller is really heavy and a lot weight stroller would be a life saver!

  121. Sandy   •  

    Lightweight stroller is definitely a must for mommy who likes to explore the world with her baby!!! Especially they’re living in a busy city. :)

  122. Ana Lezcano   •  

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway opportunity! We love Valco!

  123. Sarah Cytryn   •  

    My baby needs something pink! pick me pick me!
    — rollherstrollers biggest fan

  124. Daniele Brown   •  

    I would love to win a Snap! What an awesome lightweight stroller,

  125. Whitney Clark-Curtis   •  

    This would make trips to anywhere much easier.

  126. beth   •  

    i would love the stroller!!!!!

  127. Kaci   •  

    Love the bright colors of the Valco line!

  128. Monica   •  

    Those wheels look like they would roll well on my bumpy city sidewalks!

  129. rose mekelburg-lamour   •  

    I love this

  130. Marianne   •  

    This looks like a great all-around stoller! Perfect for short walks around the neighbourhood and super easy to throw in the trunk for longer trips. And it looks great too! Would love to have one with my second child on the way 10 years after my first!

  131. Briah Dixon   •  

    This stroller looks fabulous! Expecting my 3rd baby and the storage area underneath would be perfect for hauling all of their stuff. I also love how compact it looks when folded up. Definitely need all the extra space we can get!

  132. Joanna Owens   •  

    These are beautiful and. obviously well made! I would love to stroll my sweerpea around in it, while I’m advertising this awesome stroller to my community. we frequent the Kansas City. Zoo as members and I’m sure people would constantly stop to ask where we got this super cool stroller, then we would happily tell them about your company. Thanks for this opportunity!

  133. sandy   •  

    Wish I could win this..

  134. meghann   •  

    love how light it is

  135. Angie   •  

    I need a light weight stroller for quick trips with my daughter

  136. Jena   •  

    I love how easy it is to handle!

  137. shellie givens   •  

    I could use this for my newest baby when we go for walks to the park with his older siblings.

  138. Jill boysen   •  

    Love that is so lightweight!

  139. Kimberly   •  

    I would like to win because we’re expecting our second child. The stroller we had the first time around has a very small basket and sun shade. The Valco looks like a huge improvement.

  140. Ashley N   •  

    I would love a lightweight Snap to maneuver the urban streets of Chicago! Buses, trains, crowded streets, oh my!

  141. Jenn Matte   •  

    Wow. 13 lbs! That is perfect for NYC train & bus hopping. Fingers crossed :)

  142. kirsten norman   •  

    This is very appealing….the whole lightweight thing is awesome!! I have been told that this style stroller is a “must” so I will cross my fingers!! :)

  143. Jeni   •  

    My friend has a snap 4 (green) and I am so jealous. Lightweight, easy to fold, compact and her daughter is always so comfortable sitting in it.

  144. ioana c.   •  

    i’m due in a few weeks and i don’t have a stroller yet!!!

  145. Masooma   •  

    I would love to have this in my life! With two boys, I really need something that is lightweight, portably, easy to fold and unfold and just about everything else this stroller offers!

  146. jenn beroki   •  

    Read your review on the Valvo Zee Two and probably going to get in the next few weeks for the new addition to the family because of it!! I kinda love the Valco Baby line! No one really knows about it! I’m sure this stroller would be amazing to have in addition!

  147. heather   •  

    I love how it folds down easily great for a small trunk

  148. Michelle   •  

    Would love this!!! I am expecting plus I have a 2 year old, anything lightweight would be great!!:)

  149. Erika   •  

    We haven’t found a lightweight stroller yet that we like but, this one looks like it has everything we are looking for!! This is one of the few things that I don’t have listed on my registry…would love to win it for our baby boy due in March!! :)

  150. Libby   •  

    Lightweight durable strollers are hard to come by…would love to try this one out!!

  151. jessica   •  

    i would love to try this stroller out

  152. Stephanie J   •  

    Would love this for my third sweet girl do she can ride in style!

  153. Deanna B   •  

    I have looking forward to seeing one of these in person! Just turned 49 and just adopted a two year old. I need a lighter stroller!

  154. Stacy Lee   •  

    Thank You for this giveaway!

  155. Brooke   •  

    I really enjoy all the info that you have about the stroller!

  156. wendy   •  

    This would come in handy for trav.eling

  157. Callie B.   •  

    I am expecting my first and would just LOVE to have this! This would help us so much! I have a big bulky stroller now that barely fits in the car. I would love this light compact stroller that would be so easy to fold and put away! Crossing my fingers! xo

  158. Angela Simmons   •  

    Awesome giveaway good luck everyone :)

  159. Stacey R   •  

    Because my lightweight stroller died a few weeks ago :(

  160. anastasia b   •  

    It would be so awesome with an active toddler and lots of getting stroller in/out of the car! The weight would make it so much easier!

  161. Jailene Forstie   •  

    I need this because it would fit nicely in my small car!

  162. amanda   •  

    I am having a new baby and this is the perfect stroller for a perfect child.

  163. Jennifer Kreisler   •  

    With a Zee for me in my car It sure would be nice to have a Snap in my hubby’s car so he could take the kids out on a whim. (That sure would help me out!) He is all about ease….. so he be more apt to do it if he had the ease/lightweight of the *Snap*!

  164. EJ   •  

    This would be so handy! We have (and LOVE) a Valco Spark Duo that does an amazing job of getting our month-old twins around. Adding a Snap to our “stroller wardrobe” would make it even easier for the times we only take one twin out, or want to wear one and wheel one!

  165. Maggie   •  

    This would be great to use with my new little one. We love our trimode twin, so this would be good when just the little one goes out!

  166. Miranda Welle   •  

    As a mom to four kid in carseats and usually on my own when we’re out and about (husband works 12-18 hour days 7 days a week), I need lightweight and compact for my sanity!

  167. Carol Lynn   •  

    My niece is having her first baby – due on Christmas! Would be fabulous to give this to her as a gift.

  168. Caroline   •  

    For traveling to see the inlaws

  169. A. P.   •  

    It looks like a really useful stroller…sturdy, but not bulky!

  170. Amanda McLemore   •  

    I would love to win this for my little guy!! We have the joovy groove and the fabric is chafing him and he is able to get out of it easily :(. I didn’t think I would need to buy another one but it looks like I might have to! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  171. Nici r   •  

    I would love to win this because it would fit in my small car’s trunk!

  172. Mie   •  

    The lighter stroller the better!

  173. john c   •  

    make a great xmas gift

  174. jaime scott   •  

    New mom who moved tp a new city amd needs a new stroller.

  175. Mariana   •  

    This would be amazing for our baby boy due this xmas. We travel frequently so this lightweight would be a great addittion. We currently have a Uppa baby vista stroller which we purchased when you posted that it was discounted about a month ago. Thx!!!!

  176. Kristen G   •  

    I have two kids, I always need something lightweight! :)

  177. Brittany McDermott   •  

    I love all the colors and love how compact it is!

  178. Dana   •  

    A lightweight stroller is a necessity in NYC! Would love to win this!!

  179. Jennifer   •  

    Going to NY soon, definitely need a stroller for traveling!

  180. Melissa Easton   •  

    Love, love, love this stroller! With a new one on the way it would be so helpful to have such a nice light weight stroller to make travel and errands soooo much easier. Thanks for the chance! :)

  181. Katie L   •  

    I would love to win this lighweight stroller! New bundle of joy coming in Feb. My sons stroller was a beast and I scratched up the car getting it in and out. This would be perfect! Thank you!

  182. Kelly Choma   •  

    I would love a lightweight stroller for the trunk of my car for everyday use!

  183. Peggy   •  

    That looks like an amazing stroller!! We lugged around a huge/heavy second hand stroller to Disney last week. Wish we would’ve had the Valco Snap instead!

  184. Sarah Hayes   •  

    I could use one of these when we travel. It would be so much nicer than the big, hard to handle stroller that we have now

  185. Lenore   •  

    would love to win it!! I’m a commuter and always in and out of the car with my daughter. love the colors

  186. Rachel   •  

    Looks wonderfully compact and easy to travel with and not flimsy!! Sweet!

  187. Gita Prasad   •  

    Lightweight and love the look

  188. Kiersti   •  


  189. Ashley O.   •  

    I could use the lightweight, exactly for that reason- it;s lightweight. I am expecting and would love something that is lightweight :)

  190. Bernadette N   •  

    I could use this so bad! Right now we only have a travel system and the stroller is so big and heavy!

  191. Cassandra Eastman   •  

    I could use the Snap in my life because I could hold my daughter while getting this in and out of the car with ease. It’d be great for shopping, the park and of course when we travel!

  192. Patricia   •  

    Love how lightweight and compact it is. Plus it is super cute!!!

  193. Gianna   •  

    Right now i’m using 2 double strollers and just had another baby! I would love it for him :)
    I’m always looking for something less bulky to go with the others in the car.

  194. Amy   •  

    I would love to win this. As a military family we are always traveling to see friends and family and this lightweight stroller would be perfect for traveling. We are expecting our first at Christmas this year and this would be amazing to have.

  195. Jen   •  

    Our life NEEDS a lightweight Snap… Out stroller is awfully cumbersome and needs to be replaced. Excited to stroll around town with my kiddos in this. ❤

  196. karina escalante   •  

    I had my stroller stolen then I got the bumbleride ndie and its really heavy , need a light one so I can take in the train when traveling

  197. Shterna   •  

    I could use a light weight single stroller for my 3.5 year old for traveling.

  198. Rachel K   •  

    I would love this stroller! Sooooo perfect!

  199. Evelyn   •  

    Hope i win!!!

  200. Carly Brown   •  

    With another baby on the way I could really use a lightweight stroller – I LOVE this one!

  201. Chavie   •  

    I’m in and out of the car a lot, so a lightweight stroller would be great!

  202. Jennifer Barton   •  

    Would love love LOVE this!!!!!

  203. Je'Rae Wright   •  

    This will be great to have since we are starting all over. Love the way it folds up.

  204. Megan   •  

    What a great stroller!

  205. Brittany   •  

    Love the design. I jog alot and don’t have much space this would be perfect for me.

  206. Christina   •  

    I’ve been stalking this post for a while, I want one please!!

  207. sharon shifteh   •  

    I am expecting twins and it would a great help to have a light weight stroller!!

  208. Britni Bradford   •  

    We desperately need a good stroller before baby #2 arrives in May. We made due with a really cruddy one with baby #1, but would love to upgrade to something lovely.

  209. Nina   •  

    I’ve wanted this for a long time now.

  210. Rebecca Madden-Adams   •  

    II love how it folds up nicely, I live in a small place. I also love how you can store a lot of things in the under carraige, as I walk everywhere-do not have a vehicle. I asm a first time (expecting) parent.

  211. Gina Hiskes   •  

    I literally always have my hands full with 4 kids! They always need me to carry something, hold a toy, hold a hand, etc…definitely need a lightweight stroller for the baby :)

  212. Ashley C.   •  

    This would be so wonderful!

  213. Alycia   •  

    I love how lightweight it is – perfect for traveling!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  214. Amy Bainbridge   •  

    I love all the bright and vibrant colours! With 3 kids and 2 being boys, not many prams offer stylish designs for little men! Its compact and versatile no matter the age!

  215. Natalie S   •  

    Love this stroller! I could really use the lightweight snap in my life b/c I have a Britax B-Ready which is great, but quite bulky and heavy! :)

  216. Taisha   •  

    I need a lightweight stroller that easy to close and easier to travel with. Would LOVE to win this prize!

  217. Catarina   •  

    I have two boys under five so this would be helpful, especially since it is so lightweight!

  218. Zully Santa Cruz   •  

    I really need a lightweight stroller. This would be perfect for me. As I am short and thin and all other strollers seem to be so heavy and bulk. I love the fact that it comes in so many beautiful colors.

  219. Erica Houston   •  

    I have a very curious 2 year old that sometime needs a break!

  220. Raegan   •  

    This stroller looks fantastic!!! Being a first time mom and finding out I was pregnant when I was 16 weeks I have sooooo many choices to make and have half as much time as everyone else! This would be one less decision and a wonderful one at that!!!

  221. Krystal   •  

    Looks perfect for the upcoming arrival of my little alien boy

  222. Abby   •  

    I would use it because our family is always on the go and this looks easy to take around with us.

  223. courtney b   •  

    it looks very compact and we have a really old stroller

  224. SL   •  

    I have been debating about which stroller to get now that my baby has outgrown her snap and go, and have been considering this one strongly! Would love to win! (I never win anything!!!!!!!!!!!)

  225. meredith   •  

    Our family needs a compact stroller to get our errands done!

  226. Jackie S.   •  

    I am going on a cruise soon and this would be a great travel stroller!

  227. Jennifer   •  

    We need this stroller for our little boy in the way. My daughter’s stroller was such a pain to fit into the trunk, this looks awesome

  228. rayraycartucci   •  

    This would be just perfect for me! My son may be 5 but he is autistic and hard to keep up with so we always carry a stroller to keep him safe. Great giveaway…thanks!

  229. Jessica   •  

    We could use this because we need a lightweight stroller

  230. Allie   •  

    Would love to have this stroller for the kiddos! It would make life so much easier and what’s not to like about that?

  231. Lynne   •  

    A BIG BASKET! thats what i look for in a stroller nowadays

  232. ed   •  

    hope i win, would love this for our upcoming vacation.

  233. lana   •  

    I love valco baby they are so durable

  234. Jessica   •  

    A lightweight stroller would make it much easier for me to get out on my own with the kids. It would be nice not to have to haul around a huge, heavy stroller.

  235. Novy Donato   •  

    Gosh, would love to win this stroller! Good luck all.

  236. isabel   •  

    I would love to have the black valco baby stroller is gonna helpme a lot with meybaby since I only have a small one I really need this in my life.

  237. Mary   •  

    I could use the SNAP because I’m always traveling!

  238. Jalaine   •  

    Looks cool

  239. sarah c   •  

    I am due in march 2014 with my first and we need a lightweight easy to travel with stroller! we will be taking baby on lots of adventures!

  240. SJ   •  

    The stroller looks awesome! Love that it’s so light, and would love it more if I won! :-)

  241. Cody T   •  

    My girlfriend has been eying to is page all day, it would be really nice to win something for her. She’s been really stressed out lately, (my fault) so this would really make her happy. And make for a happy baby. (:

  242. Billy Jo   •  

    With #4 on the way I would certainly love to lighten the load with this stroller. Not to mention that it looks so cozy for baby too!

  243. Sarah T   •  

    What an awesome stroller – shopping for a stroller for the first time can be so overwhelming but this seems great – lightweight, big basket underneath and different colors to choose from.

  244. Kayse   •  

    Love! Would be perfect for my little girl due in April.

  245. Heather Kate   •  

    My husband and I love to travel and can’t wait to take the little guy or gal along, so this would be perfect!

  246. Marie   •  

    We love to travel and this looks perfect. I love that its lightweight and folds down.

  247. Tanya   •  

    Looks like an awesome stoller! So durable and easy to use would love the pleasure to try it!

  248. Simon   •  

    Love to travel looks like a great stroller

  249. Yvette   •  

    Love Valco! Can’t afford it, but would love to win a black snap for my boys!

  250. gail devine   •  

    Would be a great stroller to use when at Disney with my family!

  251. Melissa C.   •  

    we love to travel, so a lightweight stroller is essential!

  252. Amber w   •  

    Pick me!!

  253. Kala L.   •  

    We are almost out of the stroller phase, that awkward time when you still kind have to have one in case they get tired, but you are never sure. This looks like the perfect stroller for that purpose.

  254. O. Leeds   •  

    Would LOVE to win this!!! Looks like the perfect stroller for trips, I also love all the different colors it comes in! Hope I WIN!!!!

  255. McCall   •  

    What the heck, I’ll give it a try. Ya never know right!? Our family would love this beautiful stroller!!

  256. Beth Putnam   •  

    I’ve been drooling over the snap. My little girl would look so cute under one of the new vogue hoods!

  257. shantell e.   •  

    I loveeee this! I had my last child almost 9 yrs ago, and boy I tell you alot of products are alot more helpful than yrs ago!!

  258. Amy W.   •  

    LOVE everything about this stroller.

  259. Lisa E   •  

    I love that its compact ans sleek

  260. Keri H.   •  

    Love the colors

  261. Breindelle Feder   •  

    Would lov it for when I need to do a lot of errands plus I need to getbit in and out of the car

  262. Stephanie S   •  

    My daughter just turned one and I’ve been looking for a great stroller for her! The valco looks like everything I want in a stroller!

  263. Aura   •  

    It’s a comfortable ride with large coverage hood and folds small enough to still have room in my trunk for work

  264. laura bentley   •  

    with a second baby on the way I need a lightweight stroller with an easy fold!

  265. Yova   •  

    After days of researching, I finally found my dream stroller, I love everything about it, the lightweight, size, canopy, strap, stability and how easy and fast it is to fold and unfold. I’d really love to have it and recommend this to all my friends!

  266. isabel   •  

    I would help a lot because I only have a really small stroller I can’t afford one like this so this would be perfect

  267. kim kopecky   •  

    I would love to win this to make life easier with 4 kids.

  268. chaya   •  

    City living at it’s best

  269. Kelly D   •  

    I only have a huge double Bob right now. Something smaller and portable would be nice for everyday

  270. Elliot   •  

    pick me

  271. atara   •  

    would love to win this!

  272. Mariana   •  

    keeping our fingers crossed for this one!!! This would really be awesome for us. We travel quite a bit becuase my husband plays pro volleyball, so we live in different places for 6-months at a time. Thanks for the opportunity!! Good luck to all!

  273. Kimber   •  

    This stroller looks so cool!

  274. shirley   •  

    been wanting this stroller since your review introduced me to it! please pickkkk me and save me the $$$$$$ love the red hoodie

  275. Emily C.   •  

    Thank you for the opportunity! Would love to have this stroller- we travel ALOT and she’s getting way too heavy to carry around in my Baby Bjorn!

  276. stephany nawlo   •  

    Love it !!! pick me pick me!!! i always enter raffles on insta and never win and this is actually something i really really want!!!

  277. gittie   •  

    My bugaboo is too heavy to take everywhere! I NEED this lightweight stroller!!!

  278. Mil   •  

    I have now an old Valco lattitude as my single, and would love a lighter weight alternative!

  279. shifra   •  

    hey Melanie, i love your site and would love to win this too!

  280. Alycia Mundall   •  

    Just had baby number 4….and dont have a stroller! The one I had gave in weeks before baby was born so it’s time to get a new one.

  281. Danielle W.   •  

    This stroller has been on my wishlist FOREVER! Would love love love to win one!

  282. Cassaundra Thompson   •  

    I’m about to have my first baby in 8 weeks! This would help my husband and me so much! Super excited to finally have our baby and experience parenthood!

  283. Anissa   •  

    With a recent car accident leaving my back compromised, a lightweight stroller would be a dream for my 20lb butterball baby girl.

  284. Paulette   •  

    thank u for the review, i would love the chance to win the snap! love the storage especially for a lightweight stroller

  285. claire   •  

    so happy i saw this on your FB and got to it in time the snap looks great!!

  286. Rosie   •  

    This would be great to win! One less weight off my shoulder 😉

  287. sarah   •  

    I never win anything but wish I could win this! Looks like an amazing stroller!

  288. Caley   •  

    Oh!! I’d love this!

  289. Linda fakse   •  

    Would love this stroller for my baby birthday December 15!

  290. Elayna   •  

    Because I like to go on lots of walks in the park and at farmer’s markets and festivals too…. I don’t want a heavy stroller messing up my groove. lol. :)

  291. Marylyn   •  

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