“These are a few of my favorite things”- Baby Girl Edition

Okay, so I’m pretty sure I own everything that Zara makes for baby girls. The dangerous thing about Zara is that they have an app. So the second something new arrives, I’m aware. And it has to be mine. Here’s a glimpse of my favorite  Zara picks!

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And then there’s Freshly Picked moccs. Adorable baby moccasins that are comfortable and actually STAY on their feet! They come in gorgeous colors, including platinum- my fave!




Another favorite designer of mine is Little Hip Squeaks. I love their headbands and leggings.

Elodie_1_medium LHSBRAIDLEGGING1_medium


BlaBla Knit Dolls always make a great gift. They’re soft and mushy, but also look GREAT in the nursery.

matrix-fleur-knit-thumb matrix-splash-knit-thumb matrix-suzette-knit-thumb


  1. McCall   •  

    You have to go see faasdesign moccasins on Instagram. I love freshly picked for boys but the chick has the cutest moccasins for Gil’s not to mention mocc boots!

  2. paulette   •  

    I looooove Freshly Picked moccs! CUTEST

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