Kiinde Twist Review & Giveaway!

In October, I went to the ABC Expo for the first time. I was so excited to get the opportunity to meet all the amazing companies I’ve been working with, and see all the new gear coming out this year. But one thing kept me up at night- I was going to be leaving my 6 month old daughter with my mother. It was the first time I would be leaving her for more than 20 minutes. I had this overwhelming guilt, especially since I was successful at nursing her thus far, and didn’t want anything to ruin it! I know too many mothers that went away while breastfeeding only to give up while away because pumping was a disaster, or coming home and not making enough milk.
Then something amazing happened! I was in my local Buy Buy Baby, and I saw this amazing new breastfeeding storage system being showcased. The second I saw it- I knew it would revolutionize the whole pumping/storing breastmilk situation!

Let me break it down for you, and show you how amazing it is. In the Starter Kit, you’ll get a few Pump Adaptors. I have the Medela Pump in Style and Medela Harmony pumps. The adaptor fits PERFECTLY onto the pump. Then you attach the Kiinde Twist Pouches, and pump DIRECTLY INTO THE BAG WITH NOOOOOO MESS! I love Medela, but their bags are useless. You end up spilling your precious milk when attempting to use those, and I ended up in tears a few times- (hormones!) I promise you, it’s amazing. The cap twists back on, and you never have to worry about your milk spilling out. I used this when I went to the Expo, and travelled home with about 80 ounches of milk in these bags. It handled amazingly, and I got to keep it all! Do you know how incredible that is?!

You can pump, store, organzie, warm and feed all using the same pouch! No more messy transfers from pouch to bottles. The Kiinde Twist feeding system does it all!


It also comes with a great little freezer organizer, where you can lay your pouches flat and have them all in one place. I personally bought a deep freeze freezer for all my milk, (yes-I’m crazy) but I leave the organizer by my mother with some pouches in case of emergencies!


Thanks to Kiinde, my daughter is 8 months old now, and never had formula in her life. I’m going away once again in January, and I have 250 ounces saved in Kiinde Twist Pouches ready for her!


And then when you’re ready to defrost your milk, Kiinde makes an amazing bottle/pouch warmer. Just get your milk/formula, throw it into the Kozii Bottle Warmer- and set the time! The water in the reservoir is warmed up, and gets the milk to the right temperature. When the timers done, all the water magically goes down, so that the milk isn’t at risk of overheating. The warmer is safe for glass, metal plastics, bags or bottles. They thought of everything with the Kozii- “SAFE & FAST”.


Then using the Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle, and Active Latch Natural feeding nipples your able to feed baby without ever removing the milk form the pouches! Just slide the pouch into the bottle and your good to go!


So how about we get you started with the Kiinde Starter Kit? One lucky winner will win the Starter kit- comes with 20 Twist Pouches, 1 freezer organizer, 8 Direct-Pump Adaptors, 2 Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottles, 2 Slow Flow Active Latch Nipples and 2 Nipple Brushes. I promise you- you will LOVVVE THIS!

And I thought we’d throw in one more surprise- the winner will also win a “Mega Seat” baby seat! I love this thing. It’s super comfortable for baby, has a high seat back so that baby isn’t falling backwards. My daughter loves her Mega Seat, and I want your baby to love it too!

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 3.46.10 PM

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Check Kiinde out on Facebook– And watch this amazing video of the Kiinde Twist System in action!


  1. Rachel   •  

    This would be AMAZING!!I go back to school in January and I’m so nervous to leave my 3 month old all day…I’ve been pumping but my freezer is a mess of milk bags and I’ve spilled more milk than imaginable….I would love to have this system! great giveaway!

  2. kim kopecky   •  

    This would be perfect for me as I am end but like to leave my hubby / family with bm when I’m going to be away

  3. Kess   •  

    This is truly revolutionary! It was about time someone made something to help moms make breastfeeding easier! And I am so appreciative that they made it so adaptable! Truly a product that cares what’s best for babies and moms!

  4. paulette   •  

    this would be amazing to win! if not ill be going to buy it myself!

  5. Marielle   •  

    I need this badly! i hate having to warm up the bottles with a tea kettle or a pot, and spilling my milk everywhere makes me cry too!

  6. Breindelle Feder   •  

    Such a great giveaway. They system sounds like a dream

  7. Ed   •  

    Great gift for the wife

  8. Gloria d   •  

    Wow! 250 oz?? You are an inspiration.. Nursed first for 3 mos and 2nd for 6… Hoping to break a year w no.3- I want this!

  9. Lailey   •  

    This is the most incredible innovative system. I’m weaning off my 1 year old but definitely something I would love to use in the future.

  10. Sally Barnard   •  

    Omg!!! I NEED this in my life! My little boy is 2 now but I only managed to feed him until he was 10.5 months old-I would have loved to have carried on but I was pressured into formula feeding to improve his sleep (it didn’t work!) now I’m due my next baby in just over 2 weeks and this would be an amazing piece of kit to have!!! What a fabulous giveaway! X

  11. Fay   •  

    This is amazing!! I totally need this, my son is 3 months old and this would make things so much simpler with pumping and feeding!

  12. Mary   •  

    I had to stop nursing prematurely with my last baby, and something like this would’ve prevented that problem!

  13. Sharon   •  

    Oh wow! thanks for letting me know this even exists! this isssss amazingggggggg GREAT GIVEAWAY AHHH I HOPE I WIN!

  14. jenn mcclearn   •  

    This looks like an awesome pumping system. We are on the go a lot and this would be great , the seat looks pretty nice too :)

  15. alycia mundall   •  

    I just had my 4th child and to be honest I have never feed the other 3 with a bottle and I nursed them for over a year…but life is crazy busy now and I am going to have to pump for the first time so anything to make this new step would be awesome!

  16. Melissa   •  

    I saw this recently it looks amazing I’m due in February and would love to win! I have to go back to work shortly afterwards and it would be great to have such a great stash

  17. jenny berok   •  

    I’m due in 2 weeks with my 2nd BH and I never even heard of this system with my first!! I had such a milk supply issue last time and I’m kinda scared :-/ but I think this would definitely help me out!! Hopefully I win!

  18. Melissa   •  

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! Looks so great

    • Lolly   •  

      If not for your writing this topic could be very coelovutnd and oblique.

  19. Anoshka   •  

    Ahhh this is sick!!! Need this in my life. Pumping,freezing,transferring to much time and pressure specially when you have other kids to take care of;this would make my life easier.rollherstroller what a great giveaway

  20. Debbie   •  

    I have been researching the Kiinde twist system for a few months now. There is not a store in my town for me to actually look at the product but I am still so excited to use the product.
    I will be a first time mom of Twin girls in April and I think this system will be a must have in our house.

  21. SL   •  

    This looks amazing! I really can use this to make things so much easier while pumping and storing at work and later transferring and having to rewarm etc – it’s a whole process!!!

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