Brilliant Baby Gear!


1. Glow in the dark pacifiers: by MAM


I just can’t believe it took this long for someone to design this! It’s 3am, your eyes are practically glued together, and your baby won’t stop crying. There’s only one magical item that can lull her back to bed- her paci. One problem. You can’t see ANYTHING! I would literally get on all fours, just searching for her pacifier in the darkness. Not anymore! These adorable little pacifiers GLOW IN THE DARK. Not only does it make it super easy to spot them out in a dark room, but your baby can find it herself too! Brilliant.


I’ve also been using MAM’s “Oral Care Rabbit” for my little girl’s gums. It’s a machine washable wash cloth, and you stick your two fingers in there like a glove, which makes is very easy to clean their mouth. She also loves eating it, of course.

And while we’re discussing oral hygiene- I love the MAM toothbrush set. There’s a toothbrush for your child for when they’re learning how to brush on their own, and also a longer toothbrush for Mom or Dad. The longer toothbrush gives you the ability to get into all the hard to get angles of the mouth, which I love. I still use mine with my 2 1/2 year old! Find all of MAM’s amazing oral hygiene products here!

2.Tangled Tantrum Hair Products-

Tangled Tantrum makes an amazing line of Paraben free hair products for children and adults. A few weeks ago my son got an annoying haircut. One of those that left random layers in random place and nothing can make them stay put. This picture makes me laugh- but this is how he’d wake up in the morning. A random swirl in his face that had no where else to go. I would never ever put gel in his gorgeous hair, but when I read about how safe Tangled Tantrum’s products were, and how they didn’t leave their hair looking greasy or wet- I had to try it out.


And the results were AMAZING. First of all, this stuff smells insane. I love it!!! A hint of coconut that just has me sniffing his hair all day long. This is right after I applied it.


A few minutes later (below) there is no shine or wet look what so ever, and it looks naturally swooped to the side all day long. They also make a great detangling  spray, which I heard works WONDERS for curly unmanageable hair! See more of their products here!


3. Nested’s Bean Zen Swaddle-

Ok this deserves to win all kinds of awards. The Zen Swaddle is absolutely revolutionary. I honestly wish I had this when my little girl was still being swaddled. You know how when you’re rocking your little newborn, and he/she finally drifts off to sleep in your arms? You are so excited, maybe you’ll get to shower for the first time in….well a very long time. You carefully lay her down in her crib, trying your hardest not to breathe the wrong way. But OF COURSE, the second you life your hand off of your precious baby, their eyes open wide. That’s where the Zen Swaddle comes into play.

The Zen Swaddle has built in pressure points, like a bean bag- which simulates a mothers touch. It is the only infant swaddle blanket that mimics a mother’s touch. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to sooth babies as it triggers a self soothing response AND eliminates stress. Bottom line- your baby doesn’t realize that you are no longer holding them. It is proven to give babies up to 2 hours more sleep at night! Which means 2 hours of sleep for YOU! Happy baby and happy mommy! Buy here!

4. 4mom’s Origami Stroller-

This is a post about brilliant and revolutionary baby gear, so of course I have to mention the 4mom’s Origami a.k.a the world’s ONLY power folding stroller. A few of my favorite features of the Origami (besides its amazing folding technology) would have to be it’s ability to charge your iPhone, generous canopy, built in cupholders for your child, and running lights! See my full review of the Origami here!

5. Kiinde Breastfeeding System-


Thanks to Kiinde, my daughter is still being breastfed. I had to leave her for a few days when she was 6 months old, and I was so afraid to lose my milk. Thankfully I had Kiinde storage bags and pump adapters with me. I was able to bring home milk, while keeping up my supply as well! These bags are amazing. They have twist off caps which attach (with an adapter) directly onto pretty much every pump out there! Then you can store them flat in your freezer, warm them up in their amazing bottle warmer and even stick them into their bottles. Never do you have to transfer milk in and out of those annoying bags again! Never again do you have to lose precious milk! See my full review here!


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