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When you’re pregnant with your first baby, you get overwhelmed by the baby gear industry. The prices of some of these strollers and car seats might have you staring bug eyed at the screen. Lots of things are extremely expensive- and if you can’t afford to buy a 1000 dollar stroller, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby. No one needs to spend their whole salary on a highchair. You really don’t. There are different types of strollers, the luxury type strollers go well into the thousands. Then there’s a category of strollers that do it all, with a bit of a lower price tag. These are for people who really want it all but aren’t willing to pay thousands. The Bugaboo Bee isn’t cheap, it’s around $600- but you’re honestly paying for what you get. It’s one of the only strollers that has an extremely compact fold, reversible seat, AMAZING maneuverability, telescoping handle bar and nice sized basket. It also comes in a bunch of amazing Bugaboo colors which is ALWAYS a plus! It’s basically a way to have a luxury stroller while paying only half its cost. (I’m not saying $600 isn’t a lot-but it isn’t as much as the higher priced luxury strollers!)

IMG_0490The Bugaboo Bee is Bugaboo’s compact stroller, and it really is. But unlike other compact strollers, the Bee doesn’t skip out on any of the good stuff. Like what you ask?


The Bee has the ability to reverse the seat, so that your baby can face you! It also has a FULL recline, completely safe (and comfy) for baby to nap in! (Purchase the Baby Cocoon separately to make it safe and even more comfortable for newborns).


But it also has a VERY upright seat. It can double as a place to feed them easily! I would say you could pull it right up to the table as a highchair- but the seats a bit short. Be careful and always have it in the locked position when your feeding them. My son pushed my daughter right into the edge of the table the other day. I was there to stop it- but it was scary!


I’m a HUGE fan of the extendable handlebar. I’m honestly not even tall, I just like extending my handlebar and high as possible, it’s much more comfortable for me that way. If you’re on the taller side, you really do need a stroller with a high handlebar, or you’ll be tripping over your stroller all day long!


Then of course there’s the Bugaboo harness, which is very simple to do. And your baby/toddler STAYS PUT! The Bee and Donkey are the only strollers my 2 year old son can’t escape from! (Thanks Bugaboo- love you!) The Bee’s seat bottom also extends- which gives it the ability to grow with your baby.


The Bee’s two front wheels are foam filled, and are swivel wheels, for AMAZING maneuverability. That’s probably a given because Bugaboo’s are known for that- but still worth mentioning! But the Bee is NOT an all-terrain stroller, and I noticed is tough on grass. It’s a great city/urban stroller though!


The two levers on the side where the knobs are to extend the handlebar make a great space to hang a small diaper bag. Nothing too heavy, because it’s not made for that though. See the basket down there? It’s pretty great! I like accessing it from the front, it’s a nice large space to stuff in a decent sized diaper bag and other essentials.


Please excuse the unsightly sidewalk (only in NYC)- but look at how compact this stroller folds. When I first did it, I was amazed- I had to stop and take this picture.


I have more than enough space in my Mazda CX-9 for anything I’d ever have to fit back there, which makes every mom happy!

IMG_0414IMG_0413There is a drawback though- my large 2 year old is just too big for the Bee. Technically I can get him in there, but he isn’t comfortable at all. It has a maximum weight capacity of 37.5 pounds anyways- so just understand what that means when purchasing. 


The Bee weighs in at about 18 pounds, which isn’t the lightest for a compact stroller. But you can EASILY remove the seat!


Between the canopy and a 7am footmuff- my little girl was well protected from the crazy weather we’ve been having over here lately. It’s not the longest canopy out there but it gets the job done! Maybe in the summer, when you want to cover their legs from the sun it’s more of a problem- but not yet.


I really enjoy using the Bee. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s convenient. If you’re looking for a stroller that’s easy to travel with (and great with public transportations) but still great for newborns, and manuevers like a dream- the Bugaboo Bee might be just what you’re looking for!


*disclaimer: I was given the Bugaboo Bee for this review- all opinions are completely honest and 100% my own.

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    Is your review for the bee plus or the bee3?

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