A Few of My Favorite Small Business Shops {& GIVEAWAY!}

I have so much respect for anyone who starts their own business. Even more so for mothers who aren’t willing to sacrifice being there for their children 247, and still build their own business. Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs there is (rewarding- of course! But tough!) Moms who choose to start their own business deserve recognition for all their hard work. Here’s a few shops that I just love.

By now you all probably heard about Freshly Picked. They make gorgeous baby moccasins that actually STAY on your child’s foot! Maybe you’ve followed her from the beginning, or maybe you just saw her Shark Tank episode (she totally nailed it!). Susan Petersen is a small business guru. Just from following her on Instagram (@freshlypicked) you can learn so much about starting your own business. Her moccasins truly pull together every outfit. I recently started my own business- making modern bows and headbands, and I found the inspiration  to go out and ACTUALLY DO IT from Susan and her amazing story. Shop Freshly Picked here.

Here’s a few shots with their amazing moccasins and bows from my shop, KooKooHeads Bows.

IMG_2617IMG_2614IMG_2593 IMG_2596IMG_1021

Another great shop is Little Bow and Arrow shop on Etsy. They make adorable leggings, skirts, dresses and AWESOME pillows and blankets. I say awesome, because of my love for Neverland. Check out their shop here!


I dont mean to toot my own horn- but I’m really proud of my shop, KooKooHeads. I taught myself how to sew, and try hard every day to make bows that I LOVE, to share with you! Everyone who purchases, or even likes a photo of mine on Instagram, makes me smile.

IMG_2585 IMG_2583 IMG_2355 IMG_2332 IMG_2283IMG_2346

Since I was born my father always called me “Kook”. When my 2 year old son was born, my husband and I refered to him as our little Kook too- which my husband claims HE made up, even though I’ve been Kook since I was a baby! Then of course my daughter inherited the name as well. The second I asked my husband what I should name my shop, he said “KOOKOOHEADS”. I love it, whenever I write it, I think of my dad, and babies. Take a look at my etsy shop, KooKooHeads and let me know what you think! If you have any ideas, I would love your input!

Oz and Hadar is an Etsy shop that makes adorable custom bibs, pacifier clips and my favorite- an all in one changing pad clutch. I seriously used this for seven months straight every single day. It has a 2 pockets, one for wipes and one for diapers- it is so convenient! And the owner is so nice, and she can help custom with whichever print you love! Check it out here!


And thanks to all these amazing mama’s, we put together a giveaway for you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sharon   •  

    Thank you so much for this post! love everything you posted, and your bows are magnificent!! i love them all!

  2. Claire   •  

    your headbands are beautiful I love the gold one with white and gold
    Band, so amazing! Good luck with everything love your blog too!

  3. Yudit   •  

    Omg this is the best giveaway yet! Love it!!

  4. SL   •  

    Everything is so adorable! I love it all !!!!!

    • Jaylin   •  

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  5. Breindelle Feder   •  

    Headbands are adorable! Great giveaway!

  6. isabel   •  

    Love everything about this giveaway :-)

  7. Gloria   •  

    Can you dress my kids everyday???? Love!

  8. Meagan Riehl   •  

    Super cute bows! I’d love a few for my DD.

  9. angela   •  

    Best giveaway ever! Love!!!

  10. Shella Kabani   •  

    Your headbands r so so so cute! Just had a baby girl can’t wait to buy some

  11. Mariaelena   •  

    I really like them! They’re all beautiful!

  12. Michele   •  

    I wish I had a little girl so she could wear your bows! Amazing that you are able to start your own business and still be around for your kids.

  13. melissa   •  

    love love your bows!! thank you!

  14. Jacqueline   •  

    You always have the best giveawayssss!!! We need this one!! Pick us

  15. Paula   •  

    great giveaway your bows are so modern and stunning, i want for my girls!

  16. Ed   •  

    Great package giveaway to make any mom smile.

  17. Amanda   •  

    Your bows are the cutest! I can’t wait to get a few for my daughter, absolutely adorable!!!

    • Geralyn   •  

      Hallo XenaWe hebben van een van je artsen gehoord dat je zo’n waanzinnige blog hebt.Ziet er heel mooi uit indr.daadeJe bent een echte vechter hebben we gelezen.Na deze rot periode kun je dadelijk de hele wereld aan.Heel veel liefs en sterkte van ons.Sandra en Barry.

  18. lesleeane chavez   •  

    Just found your shop, love the bows! Can’t wait to put in an order for my baby girl who arrives in April! Such cute prints.

  19. Denise   •  

    So cute!

  20. Shaina   •  

    Love your bows for my two little girls!

  21. Rochel S   •  

    So sweet! Would love for my daughter!

  22. saara   •  

    Super cute bows! I love the knot headbands for babies without much hair (like my little one) Did you know that a KooKoo is what Israelis call a pony tail in hebrew?

  23. Christine M   •  

    They are pretty. I don’t have a girl though :)

  24. Cassandra Eastman   •  

    I love your bows, I like that you have a good variety of thin and thick headbands. And the tie knot jersery headbands are ADORABLE! I’ve been searching all over for some so I may have to make an order.

  25. atara   •  

    so cute!

  26. Charlotte   •  

    Couldn’t wait for the giveaway to end so I just ordered moccs and a few bows! I love them so much! Can’t wait thank you! Still hope I win lol!

  27. shifra   •  

    These are the sweetest little bows ever! Keep posting more pics!

  28. Thuy   •  

    Love these!! Would be the perfect outfit for my little one!! Xoxo!

    • Thuy   •  

      I love the name behind it! I love the meaning and they are just so gorgeous!

  29. libby k   •  

    Love that they are simple, and not overbearingly loud! They are adorable.

  30. Ashley S.   •  

    I’m in love with FP moccs! I’m having my first baby, a girl, within the next few weeks and I’m dying to get my hands on some. However, being out of work 6 weeks or so earlier than expected has really put a damper on the budget… PS love your headbands and bows, I found you on Instagram, so happy! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some soon for my little girl.

  31. amelia   •  

    Love your bows! So cute and trendy!

  32. tina   •  

    Your bows are adorable! Your little model is too!

  33. Jenn   •  

    Love learning about new independent businesses! They always have the best stuff! This is a fabulous giveaway!!

  34. cortney t   •  

    Love your bows! They are so cute! Gotta love polka dots!!

  35. Katarina Davis   •  

    I love your bows! They are the absolute perfect bow size and I’m so so picky!

    • Dotty   •  

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  36. Yvonne   •  

    LOVE all your work! Headbands and bows of course (each one is gorgeous and unique), but also how you run the blog and help so many moms everywhere. Thank you, and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  37. Claire   •  

    Love this giveaway and all these brands! Thank you for introducing me to some new ones!

  38. Sarah   •  

    Your bows are adorable! I would love to have some for my baby girl!

  39. Claire   •  

    Also I love your bows! Might have to pick some up for the baby girl I’m expecting in April!

  40. jasmine cue   •  

    Love love love this giveaway! :)

  41. Georgia   •  

    Awesome giveaway with awesome goodies, thanks so much for the chance to win!! ❤️

    • Champ   •  

      Wow I must confess you make some very tranchent points.

  42. jenn   •  

    LOVE your bows! Adorable shop. I am headband and bow CRAZY, and now you’ve given me a new place to shop! Great giveaway too! ~Jenn http://www.twobytwomom.com

  43. Winter Duarte   •  

    Your bows are ADORABLE! Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  44. lilly   •  

    hiiii mel! love this contest its so fun!! everything is so sharp 😉

  45. kristin mcclain   •  

    I love the simplicity of your headbands. Just a single bow is enough with no overkill <3

  46. Marcela   •  

    Love all of this!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  47. DANI   •  

    I love that your bows are traditional and timeless. There’s a time and a place for big frilly bows, but as a photographer, I always love when my little clients are in a big plain ol white bow. So cute!

  48. Casey   •  

    Wow just found you on instagram and love your headbands! Super cute and what a fun giveaway!

  49. Shelbi O'Connor   •  

    I am so excited you posted about women creating their own businesses! I have a 9 week old baby girl and I am in the process of starting my own online store hopefully by the end of this year! Definitely going to order some of your adorable bows for Harlow!

  50. Sara Solomonson   •  

    I am in the process of starting my own business, so that I can do what I love and not “work” a day more! Your bows are precious and I hope to get my hands on some!

  51. bree   •  

    Fingers crossed

  52. Simone   •  

    Amazing! Love your blog so much!

  53. natalie   •  

    full admiration for starting a business while raising kids! (and full excitement for this contest! ^_^)

  54. Joeylee   •  

    Your bows are adorable. I love the gold one & also the gold & navy one. Good luck with your business.

  55. dani   •  

    Loving this giveaway!! <3

  56. Kimberly Stinnett   •  

    All of the ladies that put so much time and effort into making these beautiful creations deserve an applause, especially while raising a famil too. <3

  57. Jaclyn   •  

    These headbands are gorgeous and cute!

  58. Jessica Sipe   •  

    Awesome giveaway!!! Beautiful products … all made with love!

  59. Felicia   •  

    Such adorable shops that go perfectly with your bows! I really hope we win for our “little bug” to be. She is due in April. It’s always so nice to hear other people’s stories on nicknames for their children. If we aren’t that lucky, an order from your shop will definitely be on our list of things for the new baby!

  60. Diana   •  

    Your bows are adorable. Such a great giveaway!

  61. Danielle   •  

    Your bows look amazing. I bookmarked your shop for my little girl. :)

  62. Tine Rabe   •  

    Love love love you are so FAB

  63. Jillian Buck   •  

    I like your headband with the gold bow and the elastic strap those styles are my favorite! And im digging all the metallic fabrics lately.

    • Stella   •  

      I've totally gone against this &qotu;role&quut; more times than I care to count. I'm pissed! I don't want to talk to you, I'd rather go to sleep and forget about it! haha, and although I'll probably wake up pissed, within an hour or two I can guarantee we'll be back to our lovey dovey selves…

  64. Kate N.   •  

    I think your bows are adorable. I’m inspired and motivated by all these SAHMs starting a business.

  65. Janet Choi   •  

    Love the polka dot ones – so cute!

  66. Sarah Reed   •  

    Your bows are beautiful! I especially love the gold!

  67. AngelA Payne   •  

    Awesome giveaway!!! <3 it all!!!

    • Becky   •  

      disse:I have not checked in here for a while loeotyepr because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

    • It definitely looks better lowered. When I'm decorating something & I'm unsure about it, I grab my camera for a "second opinion." For some reason, I see things much clearer looking at the picture than I do looking at the actual thing! lol

  68. Aura   •  

    you’re bows actually look well made and I particularly like the winter one and the knot headband but on etsy you need something to stand out. There are hundreds of bow headbands on etsy.com, how do yours stand out.

    • Aura   •  

      did you know that in Hebrew a kookoo is what they call a ponytail?

  69. Missy   •  

    I love this giveaway!!

  70. shawna   •  

    I <3 your bows SO much! Want some for my little ladies!! Great giveaway!

  71. AngelA Payne   •  

    Super cute bows!!! <3

  72. Connie   •  

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bows…so cute! This is an amazing giveaway!

  73. sarah   •  

    LOVEE EVERYTHING in the giveaway, and I truly love what you said about mom’s running their own business, it’s my dream! ! ( just waiting to figure out what it is I’m paSsionate about and able to make sucsuccessful) I’m actually very inspired by YOU! great job!

  74. Stephanie   •  

    I absolutely love your bows!

  75. Heather K   •  

    Absolutely love your bows. I don’t like the huge overpowering bows, these are just the perfect size!

  76. Jessica Johnson   •  

    What an awesome giveaway! Small business’s with such adorable goods is a bonus!

  77. Caitlin Fain   •  

    Love your shop! And the name is adorable. My favourite bows are the striped knit headband with bow and the wool buffalo plaid bow. It’s just the right size.

  78. Breanne   •  

    Love so many of these shops! Fantastic giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  79. April Levine   •  

    So cute, would love to dress up my little guy

  80. Robyn   •  

    Love your bows and love this giveaway!!!

  81. Tracey   •  

    Oh my goodness adorable bows! This giveaway has everything adorable. I would love to win. It would make my past week so much better. I was in a pretty bad accident. And feel so down about it

  82. Tracey   •  

    Love love love!

  83. Kristen   •  

    Oh I love all these shops! Such fun shops for my baby fashionista!

  84. Kate N.   •  

    Love the metallic bows the best!

  85. Anna   •  

    everything on this giveaway is adorable!!

  86. Daniella   •  

    I love how modern, clean and fresh your bows are. I love how you offer colors for my daughter to wear other than pink!

  87. tina   •  

    I need to order some headbands from ya when my daughter will go back to let me put them on her. She’s 15 months old so I think it will be soon! Fingers crossed. The little girl you have modeling them is adorable! I agree with Daniella that I love how clean and modern they look. They are different than what I’ve seen others do.

  88. Breann Lathrop   •  

    I love your Bows!! They are so cute!!!

  89. Summer Gallant   •  

    Love the story of how the name KooKooHeads came about! So sweet! And all this stuff is adorable!

  90. cortney t   •  

    Love your stuff! I love the feathered organic one!

  91. Reina J.   •  

    Your bows are darling! Great giveaway, thanks so much for the giveaway!

  92. Silvana Frutuoso   •  

    Adorable. I want it all LOL.

  93. lesleeane chavez   •  

    Love the plain black bow!

  94. Heather Inda   •  

    I seriously love it all!!

  95. Shannon Gould   •  

    I love your bows! I love when you mix colors/patterns. The gold bow with grey and white stripes is my fave!

    • Gerry   •  

      A bit surpeisrd it seems to simple and yet useful.

  96. Melanie   •  

    Such a cool giveaway! Would love to win!

  97. Lenore   •  

    Love this giveaway!

  98. Macquel DeWitt   •  

    The bows are all adorable! This giveaway is completely amazing!!! :)

  99. Cecilia   •  

    Love it all!

  100. Heather Inda   •  

    Pick me pick me!! Love the headbands! Love the moccs! Love it all! :)

  101. Vanessa   •  

    Fingers crossed. Our new baby will be here in april and these are all so perfect.

    • Dollie   •  

      Absolutely first rate and copeor-bottempd, gentlemen!

  102. sarah goodman   •  

    i love the variety of colors and patterns in your bows!

  103. tina   •  

    All your headbands are so adorable!!!

  104. kristin mcclain   •  

    I really love the way your bows look and I would love to get some for my little princesses for sure!!

  105. Breann Lathrop   •  

    You bows are super cute!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  106. Heather Inda   •  

    Yup, still pretty sure I need all of this!! 😉

  107. Ashley C   •  

    I love the striped headband with the bow, that looks really cute and is unique!


  108. Kinisha Reed   •  

    I LOVE LOVE everything in this giveaway and everyone’s shop!!!! I have a 6month baby girl and dressing her up is soooooooo much fun :) best of luck to everyone and GREAT job to all the business’s you guys keep up the work!!!!!

  109. Eleanor   •  

    Really fantastic items . I’m a small business owner and so so proud to be part of a select group of strong ladies making a name for ourselves !

  110. ilse camacho   •  

    Love this giveaway, and the bows are adorable!!!!

  111. Dana Tyner   •  

    I absolutely LOVE your bows. My little-haired 6-month-old daughter is always in need of a bow or headband, so I’m always on the hunt. Will definitely be ordering from your shop! :)

  112. Heather Inda   •  


  113. tina   •  

    Love, love, love your bows!!! I need some for my little Fiona! <3

  114. tina   •  

    I noticed my comment didn’t post the other day (or maybe it did?)… Anyway, there’s so many cute bows I can figure out which one is my favorite. I’m going to have to get a couple. My sister is trying for a baby and is hoping to have a girl and one reason is so she can wear cute headbands. I showed her these and she just LOVES them!

  115. kristin mcclain   •  

    I love the way your bows look and how easy they would go with any outfit ! I hope to get some for my daughters one day!!

  116. adina   •  

    pretty bows!

  117. Aura   •  

    I like your new banded headbows, they look comfortable

  118. Cassandra   •  

    What an amazing giveaway ! Everything is so awesome! I would love to win this!

  119. tina   •  

    I love the white band with just a bow! Such a simple/non-busy/clean look. So adorable!

  120. Sarah Moore   •  

    I honestly love that your bows aren’t over the top and still really cute!

  121. Heather Inda   •  

    Getting anxious 😉

  122. Yudit   •  

    I want to winnnn!! I love everything!!!

  123. Breann Lathrop   •  

    Love your cute bows and this giveaway!!! Freshly picked moccs are so cure!! Little Bow and Arrow leggings are so adorable!!

  124. cortney t   •  

    I love love love your bows. Just found out my cousin is having a baby girl so I will definitely be purchasing some! Polka dot for sure@!

  125. Ariella   •  

    thanks for this awesome giveaway! everything is so cute!!

  126. Jasmine Cue   •  

    This is an awesome giveaway! Love everything about it!!

  127. Janet Choi   •  

    Love the polka dot ones!

  128. Celia   •  

    Love all your bows!! They are all so unique and different from what’s out there!!

  129. isabel   •  

    I would love to win a pair of moccs from freshly picked

  130. ilse camacho   •  

    I love freshly picked moccs and your bows are super cute ♥
    Thank you so much for putting together this giveaway!!! 😀

  131. Angela Payne   •  

    Wish I had a girl to wear those sweet bows!

  132. Tania   •  

    I Love your modern approach with your bows! They stand out without having to be obnoxious or oversized, which seems to be popular these days. I also Like your comment about being inspired to just go out and start your business, I’ve been lacking that extra burst of motivation.

  133. paulette   •  

    Sooooo proud of you…….Love you…keep up ur beautiful work……….MOM…….

  134. Sarah   •  

    You gotta do a giveaway for us moms who have boys! :)

  135. paulette   •  

    I left My Daughters house a few hours ago,she was Cutting, Ironing, Glue gun in hand,,,,,,,waiting for our Princess to wake up….watching the clock to pick up our Prince…..Then there was LUNCH an then dinner for Her Hubby when he comes home (Best Husband in Town)………My daughter has surpassed everything I ever imagined she would be…….She has made me The proudest Mom an Grandma in the WORLD…I love you Sweetie……Good Luck for the Boutique Show on Monday ….May all your Dreams an Wishes come true……..Luv you……xoxoxo….Plzzzzz get some rest!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM

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