Mima Xari Stroller Review

When I first saw a photo of Kourtney Kardashian strolling the Mima Xari, I searched google like a mad woman trying to find out how I could get my hands on it. My first stroller was the Stokke Xplory- I LOVE the high up seat. So when I saw the height of the Xari, and how completely beautiful it was- I was obsessed.


I was sent this amazing plaid style at the ABC Expo last fall. This style won’t be put into production, but all of their amazing leather styles will.

The thing I love most about the Xari, besides how beautiful it is, has to be the outstandingly easy fold/unfold. I guess I’m used to the beautiful strollers being the most annoying folds on the planet. So you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw my HUSBAND (who hates dealing with my stroller hobby) simply take it out of the trunk, flip it open, and go. Not only does it fold/unfold easily but the it can fold with the seat ATTACHED. Perfection. (You can always remove the seat if you need to though).



The seat can face you, or face the world. Whichever you prefer, (or your child prefers).



The canopy is 3 tiered, with no peek-a-boo window. What I like about it is how hard the shell is. My son usually rips the canopy apart for fun, but this canopy is firm and stays where YOU want it. No wind blowing it back, or cement ripping it when you fold it. But when it’s all the way pushed back, there’s still one panel covering your baby.


The handlebar is adjustable and goes all the way up to 43″ from the ground- which is great for taller parents, or mom’s like me who just have a super long stride. It also goes all the way down to 33″ high, which is the perfect height for my 3 year old to push his little sister around.  The handlebar is covered in a beautiful leatherette fabric, which wipes clean easily.


Ahhhh, the brake. This brake give new meaning to the term “pedicure friendly”. Click it once to lock, click it again to unlock. You never have to struggle with the top of your foot. Never. Ahh I just love using it.


The ride gets an A++. This stroller rides like a dream, and smoothly glides over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk. Bounces up and down the curbs without a problem. The rear wheels are able to handle all types of typical “mommy terrain” from the mall to the park without a problem.



The storage on the Xari is different than most of the other strollers on the market. It has two baskets with built in covers. It helps hide your stuff from rain and bad weather as well as help keep the stroller looking clean and neat, (I dig it). You can also fold the stroller without removing everything that’s inside which is a HUGE plus for me. It’s not the largest storage option on the market, but it worked for me. I kept diapers and a pack of wipes in the front, and some essentials in the larger back basket. In my opinion, purchasing a Mommy Hook will help you out a lot (as you can see in all the pictures).

mima-carrycot-inside-540pxThe most amazing part of the Xari seat makes me want to have a newborn all over again. The seat unzips, and actually transforms into the bassinet. You don’t understand how amazing this is, especially if you’re about to have your first baby. Within the first 6 months you will have so much random and bulky stuff being stored in every nook and cranny of your house. The fact that you can cross off one bulky thing from the list of many is pure genius. I wish I had this stroller when my baby was still in a bassinet!


The wheels of the Xari are made with “sports shoe technology”. I was confused by what that meant when I first read it, but once you take it for a stroll, it all makes sense. It has a certain bounce to it that absorbs all the cracks and bumps on the sidewalk. The wheels never deflate, which should really be a necessity with strollers these days. I don’t care who you are, but no mom has time to deal with a flat tire on a random Tuesday filled with errands!


Here’s a picture of the Mima Xari folded in a fully loaded trunk. Impressive for a tall luxury stroller, right?


I have lots of room to throw more stuff back there.


The reclining lever is really easy to use. It’s fully one handed. Just lift, and pull it down to recline to one of 3 poistions.


Fully Upright


Relaxing Mode


And fully reclined. Great for newborns.


Overall I really love the Mima Xari and my daughter really enjoys it too. The seat pad is very cushiony and comfortable. I love, love, love having her heigh up and next to me and away from the ground.  The belly bar swivels away for quick in’s and out’s. Not only does it have a gorgeous design but it’s so easy to steer on any surface.


Check out the Mima demonstration video here!

Click here to find out where you can get one of your own!

And check out their beautiful leatherette colors! They’re original, beautiful and AMAZING.


  1. Sharon   •  

    Oh wow I love it! I want to see the leather options in person they look cool! And love that brake! It’s really a good ride? Better than xplory? Not sure which to go for

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      I love the Xplory too, but the Xari has much better wheel suspension. It easily glides over bumps in the sidewalk. I really love the maneuverability of the stroller.

      • Johana   •  


        I love your article specially becouse Im between the Stokke Xploty and the Mima Xari. Just 2 questions: 1. It seems Mima can be use only until age 4 because of the size of the basket. Its this correct? 2. Can it fit 2 baskets in the Xari?


  2. Lisa   •  

    Was waiting for this review looks pretty. Like the plaid too too bad it won’t be released but the leather is gorgeous anyways. This isn’t the one that takes two seats is it? Are u review that one too?

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Hi Lisa! The Xari is a single stroller. Mima also makes a stroller with a doubles option called the Kobi!

  3. Lisa   •  

    ^thanks for the review btw!!

  4. Ashley   •  

    Would you recommend this or the bugaboo for newborn ?

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      It all depends on your style, and preference. Which Bugaboo stroller are you referring to?

  5. Y P   •  

    Hi. Great article in family first
    Thanks for this fabulous review on the Mima . I saw it in the store and I fell in love. My question is for my new baby would you order a Mima or bugaboo cameleon. How would you compare the bugaboo cameleon to Mima xari.
    If I go Mima I’m also so undecided bet grey or white Mima but that’s a matter of personal taste. Have you heard that the Mima is holding up and is a sturdy and comfortable option

  6. Kathrine   •  

    I have Xari but I have to say that I am very very disappointed with its suspension! I am thinking there is something wrong with my stroller because non of the reviews mention this problem and none of my friends who is this stroller can report this either.
    The stroller does not absorb bumps on the road, instead my baby’s head jumps up and down and he keeps waking up, I really can’t enjoy my three months old walk and he can’t stay asleep while we are moving. Ugh, it is so frustrating! Mind that we do have pretty nice sidewalks where I live. I emailed Mima but yet heard back from them. It was my dream stroller, and I was excited to use it. Otherwise it is perfect in its functionality

    • Anitra   •  

      Jeg synes det er dejligt at vi læsere fÃ¥r lidt &#s;o62fryn8eg1der’ ved dit samarbejde med webshoppen :) Du siger at osis – dust it ogsÃ¥ kan bruges som tør shampo. Jeg stÃ¥r og mangler en god tørshampo. Hvordan er den som tørshampo?

  7. Safaa   •  

    Love your review! I’m having my first baby, due in March and on the hunt for a stroller.. The 2 that I’m torn between are the stokke Xplory and Mima. Which one do you recommend? I like that the seat in the Mima turns into a cot but from pictures I see that Xplory’s seat is higher up? And have you travelled by plane using any of them? I travel a lot so will baby, how easy is it to travel with Xplory or Mima?

  8. Avital   •  

    Thank you for the review, I really want to buy the moms xari too but have to make sure first- Isn’t it a problem that in the ‘fully reclined mood’ the legs cannot be straighten stays up?

  9. home   •  


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