Inglesina Quad Stroller Review

As a baby gear reviewer I always look for what makes a stroller easy, convenient, safe and comfortable. But sometimes I come across a stroller I can’t help but drool over because of how BEAUTIFUL it is.


The Inglesina Quad comes in a few gorgeous colors like Navy, Black, Burgundy, Dark Plum and Hunter Green. They all have amazing heathered gray accents. I loooove it so, so much! It’s so mushy and comfortable too, I feel like my daughter is extremely comfortable in it.


The canopy is pretty good, and has a peek-a-boo window so you can check in on your baby when they’re forward facing.


The footrest is adjustable, which I love for my daughter. She loves to have her legs sprawled out. It’s great for newborns since the seat fully reclines, and when you adjust the footrest all the way up it’s like laying down in their own little bed.


The seat can hold up to 55 pounds. There aren’t a lot of strollers out there than my 35 pound, tall 3 year old can fit in comfortably, but he has a lot of room! Love it for BOTH my kids.


So you can imagine how comfortable the seat is for my daughter.


The tires on the Quad are ALL-TERRAIN! Yep, that’s right! Take it anywhere. Up, down, dirt, grass, gravel, mulch, malls  or playgrounds. I can’t believe it. This stroller is so gorgeous, I would never imagine that it could handle as much as it does.


I’m able to maneuver the Quad easily with my fractured hand, one handedly and over bumpy roads. It really is an amazingly smooth ride.


The brake on the stroller is right in the center. Easy to put the brake on, but to lift the brake you have to kick it up- making it not so pedicure friendly.


The Quad has an easy to use one hand recline. See that middle picture up there? That’s my 3 year old napping in a stroller. Inglesina- you should pay me for that kind of advertisement! 😉


With a 3 year old, a pull away bumper bar really comes in handy. I don’t have to lift him up to get him in the seat. He hops in and out himself.


Folding the Quad is as simple as can be. You need to remove the seat first. Then you just have to push a lever and lift the handle and it practically folds itself. Just stand to the side of the stroller when folding because I got stuck inside it a few times!


Here’s the Quad folded in my trunk. It’s a very compact fold and the seat sits right on top of the frame like a puzzle piece. You also DO NOT have to remove the cup holder in order to fold the stroller- love that!



The storage basket underneath the stroller is really good too. I’m able to fit my diaper bag under there, a shopping bag and a few stray baby items too.


The handlebar is adjustable, which comes in handy for my mother who’s almost 6 feet tall.


I really love this stroller. I love the look of it, I love the fold, I love the maneuverability and I love how much my daughter AND son enjoy sitting inside of it. The bassinet is gorgeous and roomy, and the Quad also comes with a beautiful footmuff to keep your baby warm and cozy. The Inglesina Quad is like a luxury stroller + all-terrain stroller WITH an easy fold.

To find out more about the Inglesina Quad, visit their website!

**Inglesina sent me the Quad for me to review. I was not payed for this review and every word in this review is honestly what I think of this product.**


  1. Sallie DiMarco   •  

    Aha! I’ve been waiting for a review on this stroller for a very long time I am thrilled to see it here I have a daughter and son same ages as you so I love your blog thank u!
    This stroller is so pretty I love the burgundy color! Thank u so much for the review I might just order it for my sisters shower next month. But I think I might get jealous and get myself one too LOL

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Thank you!
      You are totally going to be jealous watching her love this stroller! I have a feeling you guys will share it 😉

  2. Erica S   •  

    Unfortunately a stroller that you need to take apart and put back together each time you use it is a deal braker for me. This is going to be baby #6 and I just don’t have patience for that — been there done that, not doing it again! Otherwise it looks good.

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      I hear that. Sometimes it’s worth it though. In this case, it doesn’t bother me, since it’s so simple I hardly notice it. The fold is 1 second, so removing the seat is another 2 seconds. Not like the other strollers out there where you have to remove such a large annoying seat and then deal with a 2 step fold! It’s an amazingly easy fold, and stacks up nicely.

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  4. Michelle   •  

    I am a little late to this party but I am expecting grand baby number 5 and just bought this stroller for myself (huge deal on an open box from Amazon!). Big sister is a very big 3 yr old, 42 inches and 43 lbs so a roomy stroller was very important to me. I loved seeing your son in the stroller. I am curious if the stroller is shown in the back of an Infiniti JX35/Q60 in your photo? Did you try the quad with the riding board?

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