Mutsy iGo Review

Last year at the ABC Expo, I stumbled upon dozens of strollers that got my attention. The Mutsy Igo (Urban Nomad Edition) was definitely one of them.

I’m so happy I got to test this stroller out for myself. The Igo is a stylish compact stroller with a smooth ride. This stroller will last you way into your child’s toddler years.

First of all, this Urban Nomad edition is simply gorgeous. It reminds me of a sports car, with the gorgeous camel leather handlebar, and stunning grey canvas. They were really able to make the leather look work without the price going way, way up like other companies. The handlebar is adjustable (telescopic), and great for people with a long stride.


I don’t usually start off talking about the fold of a stroller, but I need to get it out now, because you all need to know how great this stroller folds up.

It’s kind of a three part fold, which sounds intimidating but it takes about 4 seconds. You fold the handlebar down, push the seat down (which causes it to fold half way) and then just fold the second part down and you’re done. I’m laughing because of how hard and confusing that just came out, but it’s really just 3 fluid movements.
It unfolds fast, and you’re ready to go.


The basket is pretty good, I can easily fit my large diaper bag down there. But Mutsy makes amazing accessories that I really suggest you take a look at. My favorite one is the shopping basket which hooks on and give you another full sized huge basket to toss things into. Wish everyone made one of these! Brilliant, really genius!


The seat fully reclines (one handedly), and the footrest adjust, giving your baby ultimate stroll. My daughter was able to relax and drink her milk comfortably. When the seat is reclined it’s turned into a mini bed for your baby to sleep in! Love this recline.

The canopy is extendable, and has a mesh  peek-a-boo window which closes with Velcro. The mesh allows air to flow through the seat, giving your baby a little breeze on a warm sunny day.


My 15 month older has lots of room to grow in the seat. When the seat is facing me, my 3 year olds leg seem to big for the stroller. But when it’s forward facing, he has a spot on the chassis to put his feet up. The seat has a high seat back which gives my son a nice amount of room to sit comfortably.


Mutsy makes a whole line up of amazing accessories to use with your Igo, check them all out at their website!

The Igo is a great stroller. Not only is it compact but it has all the pro’s of a full sized stroller. The seat is reversible, meaning it can face forward and face you while pushing the stroller. It has an UNBELIEVABLE recline, forming the seat into a little bed for your baby, especially when you adjust the footrest. You can also purchase the bassinet as well. It’s roomy and comfortable for a newborn baby to stroll and sleep in.  And the leather on the stroller is gorgeous. The Igo is a luxury stroller meets compact stroller with a price that won’t make your eyes bugle out of your head.


*Mutsy sent me the Igo to review, I was not compensated for this review. All opinions written here are my own.*

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