Uppababy Vista Review

Ok so you want the truth right? I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and after I say this sentence you can finish reading. GO AND BUY THE UPPABABY VISTA NOW AND DON’T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. I don’t even need to write a review. I can promise that whoever buys it, will never regret it.

But, since I’m in the mood to rave over the Vista, I guess I’ll review it anyways.


The thing about the Uppababy Vista is that it has everything you truly need and want in a full sized stroller. I love how high up the seat sits on the chassis. I can pull it right up to the table at a restaurant and use it as a highchair. Me and my daughter can face each other and hang out.


The wheels on the Vista are great. These amazing rubber wheels won’t leave you with a flat in the middle of your walk. You never have to worry about a flat tire ever again. No mom should ever have to deal with pumping air into a tire on a hot day, while their baby is crying. Not fun. The maneuverability on the Vista is honestly one of the best (possibly #1) pushes I’ve ever pushed. It goes anywhere, over anything and you never have to see your baby bouncing up and down when you go over bumpy roads. I injured my hand this month, and the Vista is the only stroller I was able to use one handed. My husband had to go solo with both kids for over 2 weeks, and the Vista was his ride of choice.


There are a few people out there who claim that the Vista is a pain to fold,  and I need to clear that up. It is soooooo simple, it’s kind of ridiculous. Like anything in life, you must lean about it before using it. Every stroller has a different folding mechanism and you can’t assume they’re all the same. The Vista folds with the seat ON- so any fold is worth that. All you have to do is push the button on the left side of the handlebar, then push the handlebar down quickly. The stroller will fold down easily, and compactly. Just throw it in the trunk and you’re ready to go. There’s no shame in reading the manual before using it you guys! If my husband didn’t complain while using it, that means it’s easy!

The stroller weights in at  25 pounds. Not the lightest on the market, but every pound is worth every pro the Vista offers. I really only ever carry the Vista for the 3 seconds it takes me to lift it up and put it into my trunk.


The Vista is shown folded here with the Rumbleseat on top

The Stroller Seat is reversible and can face the parent strolling or can face the world. When the seat is fully upright, my children LOVE it! They sit straight up and can see everything. The footrest is also adjustable, which my daughter loves. She likes to sit indian style, and chill (cutest!).


The handlebar is adjustable (telescopic) and is great for tall parents, or parents will a long stride (like me).

P.S- do you see that basket? Don’t worry I’ll get there.


I am obsessed with the Vista canopy, it takes FULL COVERAGE to a new level. It has an extendable SPF 50+ sunshade. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and eyes, so this canopy is amazing for us. There’s no excuse anymore, every stroller must have an amazing canopy like this one. With a baby, especially a newborn, it’s a NECESSITY!


There’s also a magnetic (non annoying) mesh peek-a-boo window. You can check in on your little one, and also allow air to circulate throughout the stroller.


I have a 3 year old son, and a 15 month old daughter. Thankfully my son will still sit in a stroller every now and then when I need him to. He’s in school/camp all day  so it’s just me and my daughter. I use the Vista all day with her doing all my errands. I keep the Vista and their Rumbleseat in my car. When we pick my son up, and decide to go do something that requires him to be SEATED (aka everywhere) I snap on the Rumbleseat. The Rumbleseat does not get as much credit as it deserves. I would NOT get this for newborn twins since the seat does not recline. But it is so great for my kid’s age difference. It’s great for a fully walking toddler as a place to get him seated when you need him to. When facing eachother my daughter can put his feet on his lap- I might think that it’s insanely cute and you might not. So if not just flip her to face you and they won’t be able to bother eachother. I love the Rumbleseat because it gives me the ability to take my two rowdy kids out alone without pressure. I don’t need to deal with forgetting the double stroller at home, or navigating through narrow aisles I can’t fit in. It’s PERFECT for my family.



Okay now- the moment you knew was coming. THIS BASKET IS JUST AMAZING. Whenever I use my Vista I just smile when I see it. I never have to worry about everything I’m going to end up acquiring through the day wherever I end up. I never have to run back to the car and toss some bags into the trunk in the middle of a mall excursion. I’m good to go! Even while using the Rumbleseat and my son’s feet are in the basket as well- I still have MORE than enough room.


Here are some key features from the official Uppababy website:


  • Easy one-step fold—with or without the seat attached
  • Includes both bassinet and seat—completely  interchangeable and requires no fabric swapping
  • One button telescopic handle-height adjustment
  • Smooth rolling ‘no-flat’ foam and rubber wheels
  • Elevated seat/bassinet height brings you closer to  your child
  • Floating arch “no kick” rear axle
  • Convenient Rain Shield and zip-in mesh Bug Shield included
  • Easy one-step fold—with or without the seat attached


If I had to start all over with my children and buy all my gear all over again, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would choose the Uppababy Vista. It’s the most convenient stroller on the market. It’s in my trunk as we speak. Uppababy is an amazing company with amazing customer service. They truly stand by their products and will always help you if you have any problems at all!


Check out the Vista on Uppababy.com!

**Uppababy sent me the Vista for me to review. I was not payed for this review and every word in this review is honestly what I think of this product.**


  1. Sallie DiMarco   •  

    I have the vista! So happy to see u love it as much as I do. Makes me feel good tht I chose it! It’s 2 years old now and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it. So right about the fold. Once I learned how to do it properly it was easie to fold than my umbrella stroller

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Agreed!! Happy to hear you love it too!

  2. Renee   •  

    would it work with an infant/newborn and a 2 year old at the same time? (rumble seat)
    do both seats not recline when they are on together?

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