Orbit Baby G3 Review

The Orbit Baby G2 was my first stroller over 3 years ago when my son was born. I adored it. I loved the travel system Orbit created. The way you could twist the car seat in and out of the car made life so much easier. There’s a reason every celebrity owns an Orbit Baby Travel System. It has a modern, cool and different design, revolutionary 360 degree turning technology,  the ability to use easily while traveling, and you can customize the look of it.

Orbit Baby took everything the G2 was, and made it better with the Orbit Baby G3.


Let me start with the look of the stroller, which I love by the way. I chose the black frame, black cargo basket, black seat and the Peach canopy. I love the sleek look of an all black frame. The handlebars are two separate pieces, that adjust higher or lower. In the center is a little parent console with TWO cup holders and a space in between for your phone.


The handlebars are great for steering, and the parent console is awesome.

The Canopy is INSANE. It literally covers from head to toe. Amazing for a sleeping newborn! The canopy is 100 PERCENT UVA and UVB protected. It’s firm, where as other canopies on other strollers tend to get flimsier the more that they cover.


I’m sooo happy that they allow you to customize your stroller now, and choose between a Cargo Pod and Cargo Basket. The pod was pretty cool when I had it on my G2, but nothing compares to a huge storage basket. It’s completely accessible from all sides. It’s so much bigger than it seems, I can fit my huge diaper bag down there, shopping bags and more.


The new 5 point harness is genius. My kids CANNOT escape (mmuuahahaha). You have to click on a red button while unhooking the harness, making it hard for kids to figure out. Love it!


The belly bar can swivel, for easy access to your baby, and lets toddlers get in easier as well. It also comes in handy when the stroller is folded and you want to place the seat upon the frame. The snack tray is awesome too. Hooks right onto the belly bar, letting your child have a place for their stuff too.


Now the fold on the Orbit Baby G2 was pretty easy, I never had a complaint. But they made it even EASIER with the G3. You must remove the seat, and then the frame folds in a swift one handed movement. Just twist the silver bar in the middle, and POOF! All done. The seat sits upon the frame giving it a very compact way to store it in the trunk.


Don’t mind the mess, who knows what’s back there.

The ride on the G3 is one of the best. The wheels are what Orbit Baby Calls “QuadShock front stroller suspension”. The stroller has rubber wheels, which is great for us since that means NO NEED FOR PUMPING AIR INTO THEM…EVER! The Orbit G3 is a dream to push, just go try it and you’ll understand. (Especially compared to those annoying snap and go’s everyone has. The Orbit Baby Travel System gives a new meaning to “snap and go”).


I have a 3 year old son, and my baby girl is 16 months old. I looked into the Helix, but what I knew would work amazing for us is the Sidekick. Unlike the other skateboard attachments on the market  that attach right in the middle of where YOUR FEET are supposed to be, the Sidekick attaches onto the side. Meaning you can even use two at one time! There’s ZERO bumping into your toddler, and it actually makes it all convenient rather than just some toy. It comes with a handle that you attach to the side of the stroller, so your toddler can hold on safely while standing. You can also fold the stroller with the Sidekick attached!! I hardly ever take it off. It’s an amazing product.


The stroller seat is extremely roomy. There aren’t many seats I can fit my 3 year old into, but the G3 is one of the few that I can. The seat can hold a child up to 50 pounds. My 16 month old daughter has plenty of room to grow and relax in. The foot rest is adjustable as well, and telescopes up and down.


Now the main feature of the Orbit Baby G3 is the 360 degree base. It’s a circular part of the stroller chassis that the seat hooks onto. Not only does the stroller seat attach, but so does the Infant Car Seat AND Toddler Car Seat. Once any seat is attached onto the base, you press two levers on the side of the seat, and you can twist the seat to the side, to the front and all the way back around to face you. You can help your baby recline and relax in one fluid motion; forward-facing or parent-facing, upright or fully reclined. Instead of removing your child from the seat, removing the seat, and then snapping it on again- the G3 allows you to easily twist your child in the direction you desire. The sun annoying her? No problem, turn her around! Sitting on a bench, and want to feed her? Just turn the seat to the side.  The possibilities are endless, and it’s fun!


Facing sideways while watching the puppies!

When you have the Car Seat, it comes with a base that attaches into the car, with the same idea. You can put the car seat onto the base, and rotate it into position instead of awkwardly bumping your head all over the back seat trying to click them in.


The Orbit Baby G3 is the most popular choice amongst celebrities, and it probably the smartest purchase any of them could make. It has everything in one compact, sleek and awesome package. Sure, you have to remove the seat when folding, which is sometimes a negative. But if that’s the price you have to pay for a rotating seat, so be it.  Check out the Orbit Baby G3 website where you can customize your own G3. The price is up there as far as strollers go, but if you’re in the market for a do-it-all Travel System/Luxury Stroller then I insist you test out the Orbit Baby G3.



  1. Edward Tuazon   •  

    I think the company is now no longer selling Orbit Baby Stroller G2 but continuing with G3 (I found this information in company’s website). Me and my wife recently bought a Booyah Baby Bike Trailer and Stroller (blue) for my little son. This is really an smooth and safety stroller that I came across anywhere.

  2. Betty   •  

    Love your color combo! I actually
    Got it in all black but wishing I went with peach! Love your reviews :-)

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      haha- thank you! nothing cooler than all black though!

  3. Sara   •  

    Which one would recommend? The uppababy with piggy back or vista or this orbit baby G3 with side kick board? Do you think the infant carseat on the orbit is too bulky and heavy? TIA

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      If your top priority is the ride along board, I love Orbit’s the most, since it’s on the side and doesn’t get in your way. The Orbit Carseat is heavy-ish but it also goes right onto the frame, has an amazing canopy and twists in and out which is super easy.
      The Vista has the option to add another seat, folds with the toddler seat on the frame and has a huge basket.
      They’re both two of my favorite systems it just depends on what you need :)

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