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In my opinion, no one makes a more gorgeous stroller than Mima. The Xari is my stroller crush for various reasons. In 2015, it will be yours too. Check out these new fabrics and frames!

wfAvNS48ggNKimET.jpg  zqSynJb46SsYUbGC.jpg

I love anything in green. And Mima took it to a whole new level. This beautiful hunter green leather seat, sitting on a ROSE GOLD chassis is just amazing. I told them it reminded me of a gorgeous vintage Jaguar, and that’s exactly what inspired it! It’s truly gorgeous!

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The seat cushions are so mushy and comfortable, and the stroller still wheels like a dream. The Xari is the Jaguar and Ferrari of the stroller world, so yes the price is WAY up there. But if you’re in the market for an insanely beautiful stroller, the Xari will not disappoint.

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  1. Betty   •  

    Rose gold!? Yowza!!!

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