Phil and Ted’s Promenade Review


Shown here in single mode. My baby is keeping warm with a 7am Enfant Pookie Poncho.

I’ve been using the Phil and Ted’s Promenade with my 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old for the past few weeks- and I have SO many good things to say about it. I used to be a little anti the whole tandem stroller thing. I had my side by side, and I was happy….for a few weeks. I found myself struggling to fit through the narrow aisles in J CREW, and always needing people to open doors for me, (and there just aren’t as many nice people in the world anymore!) Kidding. Kinda.



Annnnyways- I had my eyes on the Promenade for a while now. When it first came out it looked very promising, and the stroller had a sleek, sophisticated look to it. But the price was way up there at over $800, and so I just didn’t really pay much attention to it at the time. Then Phil and Ted’s made a decision to do what they could to make the Promenade more affordable- and I couldn’t be happier!!


I’ll start with the seating options. The Promenade has over 55 riding options! No, really! Check out this link to see them all in a easy to visualize diagram . It’s perfect, especially for a toddler and newborn in my opinion. The ONLY configuration it cannot do is have two toddler seats facing the parent- but even if it did, the bottom child would probably kick you a few hundred times per second. But still, just thought I’d mention it.




So in double mode, with two toddler seats and over 60 pounds of children in the seats- the stroller still maneuvers beautifully! My older son usually sits on the bottom, but he fell asleep in the car and I was able to transfer him to the stroller without waking him up. He slept in that seat for an hour actually- which was very impressive.


My daughter in the bottom seat (1 1/2 years old)


My son in the bottom seat (3 years old)

When you’re strolling, it’s not like the child in the bottom seat is just sitting in a basket and and gets no attention or no view. The stroller is built beautifully, and she has lots of space. She can see everything around her, and I can see her too. She’s actually closer to me than whoever is in the regular seat, and I was able to keep an eye on her as she tasted her first lollipop (I didn’t take my eye off her for half a second).



The stroller is also a joy to use in single mode. LOOK AT THAT BASKET!! The bag I fit down there is rather HUGE. Along with a cooler bag filled with snacks, and two puffy jackets. My Jujubee Diaper Bag hangs perfectly on the handlebar (probably not recommended- but it does lol).


When we sat down to eat, the Promenade pulls right up to the table, and we used it as a highchair for my baby. The seat doesn’t sit low to the ground like other strollers on the market. It higher, and closer to the parent. Huge plus.

ccFeRDpuikrxDBnq.jpg Qsz9aUz3Z4uL3YAO.jpg

And when my son is ready to walk, we just use the second seat as extra storage. It doesn’t add any extra bulk to the stroller. It actually gives you a place to store the clothes you want to try on at the GAP instead of the hassle of not knowing where to put things.


The main seat folds with the chassis (forward facing) easily. Here it is in my trunk with both seats piled on. I still have plenty of room. With only one seat it’s even more compact.

DZXTHl0AwDGujiIs.jpg KoceArtNKTcmcr9S.jpg

One of the things I love most about the Promenade is the huge extendable canopy with amazing ventilation. Look at that mesh window! We took the kids for a walk to a near by lake with tons of annoying mosquitos- and it works great to keep them away from my baby.


The stroller seat reclines easily with a one handed lever on the back of the seat. No need to deal with annoying strings back here.


And the brake is extremely flip flop friendly. Push the top part to go, and the bottom red part to stop. No problems there.


The Phil and Ted’s Promenade is meant for newborns up until 4 years of age (40 pounds in the stroller seat). The stroller seat and chassis weigh in at around 28 pounds (it doesn’t seem that heavy when I lift it into my trunk). The wheels are puncture proof, which is a huge relief- can’t be worrying about that while strolling two kids!


I love the Promenade. I love that they reduced the price to $599, I love how easy it is to use as a single AND as a double. It has amazing maneuverability and very spacious seats for your children. It’s a great stroller for a growing family- one that you can be sure to have for a very long time!

To purchase the Phil and Ted’s Promenade, or to learn more about it- visit their website! 

**Phil and Ted’s sent me the Promenade for me to review. I was not payed for this review, and this is my honest opinion of the stroller. Please ask before using my photos,and always link back to my site.**

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  1. Betty   •  

    Hehe I’ve been waiting for this review!! You’re son is adorable asleep in that seat. I’ve been eyeing it since I was expecting my second and now I’m expecting my third and the price drop is what’s making me take it very seriously. Thank u so much for this review love how detailed you are. I think I’m gonna wait for the vista to be on floors too and test them side by side

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