Uppababy Vista 2015 coming soon!


The Uppababy Vista 2015 has answered all of our prayers. The new Uppababy Rumbleseat is an actual FULL size seat. Full canopy, reclines and is super roomy. The frame can hold two stroller seats, two bassinets, two car seats and everything in between! This is a biggest game changer in the baby gear industry. Gone are the barely useable bucket seats. This is amazing. This stroller was already near perfection, this just makes it unfair. I didn’t think it was possible but they made the basket even bigger- it can hold up to 35 pounds! The fold is now the same fold as the Uppababy Cruz (so easy!) , and you don’t even have to push back the canopy anymore (for you lazy ones out there!) The Mesa car seat can also attach directly onto the frame without any adapters. Coming November 2015!

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