Valco Baby- Snap Duo and Snap Ultra

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Valco Baby never disappoints me. They are one of my favorite companies to visit, because they truly care about what mother’s want and need in baby gear. When you’re in the market for a double stroller, it can be so difficult to choose a stroller that’s right for you. That’s because there’s not ONE stroller that’s right for EVERY family. But I can honestly say that the Snap Duo changes that. This double stroller has everything I wish I knew I needed when I had my second baby. Adjustable footrest, two large individual canopies with peekaboo windows, FULL recline, HUUUUUUUUUUGE BASKET, and it has such an amazing fold. By the way- it weighs only 24 pounds.Yep. That’s lighter than many single strollers. It is just one of those strollers that will actually help make life a bit easier with two kids. And they came out with this beautiful grey melange color that is one my favorite colors. Hopefully the Duo will be out around January/February! I’ll keep you guys posted.

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Also coming out in February is the Valco Snap Ultra. Official retail price will be around $450. The Ultra will weigh in at around 18 pounds. The Ultra basically has the Snap frame with a full size, reversible seat. The seat has a full recline, and also sits fully upright on the chassis. The stroller CAN fold with the seat attached, and has a carry strap to help carry it around once it’s folded. The basket is GREAT (which is always the case with Valco). The bassinet is sold separately. The colors are all beautiful, and very lux material. Comes in Gray Marl, Denim, Wine and a Black Denim.

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  1. Marie   •  

    Very excited for the release of their tailor made stroller next month! I saw that you were already able to test it out. Could you please tell me how tall your almost 4 year old is? I have an almost 4 year old and he’s too tall for the uppa’s new rumble seat (I saw that your son still fits in it) and of the strollers I tried out, he only really fit the city mini gt with a little bit of room for growth. I’m really liking this stroller but none of the stores around me carry the snapduo2 for me to test out in person.

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