2014 Favorite Accessories Review [[GIVEAWAY!]]

Well you guys, it’s officially freezing outside. The most annoying time of the year when your baby is wearing a huge jacket, and the second you get into a store, she’s sweltering so you have to remove it- ONLY TO FORCE HER TO PUT IT BACK ON TEN MINUTES LATER. Do you blame her for hysterical crying? I’ll only blame you if you don’t fix this issue after reading this post.

There aren’t many things I review that I will insist are a “must” for parent’s. However, I do believe that every child needs a 7am Enfant Pookie Poncho. Why? Because it’s simply awesome. wVv80CpMvFi1pU1N.jpg

For all of us who are stroller moms, and take our babies out with us every single day, the Pookie Poncho gets the job done. It EASILY attaches to pretty much ANY stroller. It closes around the five point harness shoulder straps with velcro so its extremely adjustable. It covers your baby from head to toe and keeps them nice and warm. When you get indoors you can easily let them free by simply unzipping.


When the sun pops out and it’s not as cold as it was ten seconds ago- no problem. You can adjust the zippers to how you feel your baby will be most comfortable.


And get this.. the Pookie Poncho also works with a baby carrier AND car seat! It truly does it all. If you’re a baby carrying mom you totally need this!And we’re ALL car seat moms- so you know how annoying it is when your baby is all bundled up and you have to remove her jacket so she doesn’t get uncomfortable sweating in the backseat. It will give your child so much comfort, there is absolutely no way you could go wrong with this product. (ps- it also has awesome pockets to store keys and random things you might need to hide, especially when baby carrying!) To learn more, or purchase your very own click here! (And scroll down for an awesome giveaway!)


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous JuJuBe diaper bags. I got to meet the team at the ABC Expo a few months back, and they’re all so sweet. Not only do they have a diaper bag for every type of mom, but they are SO convenient and have a pocket for EVERYTHING.


I chose the JuJuBe BFF Bag because I’m still a high school student at heart, and love backpacks. This awesome bag has attachable shoulder straps and can also be used as a messenger bag. I probably stopped listening after I heard that because that was enough for me. When I got the bag and started playing with it, I was in awe by how many pockets it had. Not in the annoying/confusing way- but in a “OMG I CAN FINALLY BE ORGANIZED” way.


The bag comes with an awesome changing pad that I still use every single day with my 19 month old daughter. It stores perfectly in the back pocket of the bag.


Inside the big pocket, I’m able to store two cups in the cup holder pockets, a few diapers, a wipes case, a change of clothes and my wallet hides away in a secret zippered compartment, (shown below).


There are also two clear slips where I put receipts I know I need to keep track of, and a spare neutral bow of course.


On the outside of the bag you have two more cupholders, another large pocket in front where I store hand sanitizer, diaper creams, and random stuff.


My BFF Bag fits perfectly in every stroller I have, even umbrella ones. It’s the perfect stroller bag, I adoooooore it.


The adjustable strap helps it fit securely on full size stroller handlebars. (Careful when removing baby, if your bag is packed and your stroller is light- it might fall down).


To learn more about JuJuBe and see their amazing line of diaper bags, visit their website by clicking here! And scroll down to win something special!

And last, but not least- have you seen Freshly Picked’s new moccasins this season? Please just visit their site right this second, and be prepared to swooooon. If you know me at all, you know my love for baby moccs, and so I just HAD to add them into my favorite baby accessory line up. How about I give you guys the chance to win a pair too? Sure why not. Scroll down :)


Since I love you guys SOOOO much, 7am Enfant, JuJuBe, Freshlypicked and I have teamed up to bring you this AH-MAZ-ING giveaway. Win a Pookie Poncho, Diaper Bag of YOUR CHOICE and a pair of moccs OF YOUR CHOICE as well!! Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*disclaimer- These companies sent their products for me to review. I was not payed for this review and all opinions are my own.


  1. McCall Alldredge   •  

    Love all of these too! The bag is really fun too.

  2. Alyssa w.   •  

    I neeeeed a Pookie poncho so badly! My son Hates his jacket! Amazing giveaway thank u so much!!

  3. Molly   •  

    That bag!

  4. viky   •  

    the bag! just had a baby and in desperate need for a great bag!

  5. Vanessa   •  

    That diaper bag is calling my name and of course who doesn’t love a pair of FP moccs!!

  6. Atara   •  

    Love it all! Awesome giveaway

  7. francine s.   •  

    the jujube bff!!! i want that bag!

  8. Marisa   •  

    The Pookie Poncho, need it for daily use in NYC winter!

  9. Michele   •  

    Love all three items! Close call but I think I’moat excited for the pookie poncho

  10. Naomi w   •  

    Fp moccs!

  11. Mil   •  

    That Pookie Poncho is pretty cool!

  12. Aura   •  

    all, but probably the pookie poncho although I did find out about the contest from their facebook page as I dream of winning a pair of freshly picked moccs

  13. Deborah Gardner   •  

    That diaper bag! It is so stylish yet so functional!

  14. Hessa   •  

    I can never thank you enough for your thorough reviews!! Its as if the item is right infront of me, and I love your honesty in some of the pros and cons of the product.

  15. isabel   •  

    Omg totally C myself in this story here in Washington is super cold and when I go dropped my kids to school I have to wrap her in 2 blankets this would mean the world to me if I win it would totally resolve the blanket problem and also the stroller I cant complain I used to carry my baby in my arms and walked my kids to school until one day a good Samaritan saw me walking and handed me her kid stroller she said that now that her son is old enough she didn’t needed anymore. .

  16. isabel   •  

    Mi ig is @love_my_kids_kgg

  17. Aliza   •  

    Most excited about winning the moccasins… Adorable!

  18. Sarah   •  

    Love everything and LOVE your blog

  19. Lisa parker   •  

    Love that bag it’s gorgeous! Hope I win! Thanks for all u do

  20. Rachele W.   •  

    The 7am Pookie Poncho. After living in the ‘south’ for over a decade, we moved a bit futher north and holy cow does it get cold here! We love to be out n about, but we’re just not prepared for 30 degree temps…lol

  21. lesleeane c   •  

    I’m most excited about winning the Ju Ju Be diaper bag! I asked for one for Christmas!

  22. Kristin   •  

    They all are great, but I would love the pookie poncho! It’s freezing here, and it looks so cozy.

  23. Sarah P   •  

    The diaper bag!

  24. Paulette   •  

    Lovely giveWay thank you so much. Need a new bag so bad

  25. Molly   •  

    I need everythinggggggg hope I win !! Love your reviews thank you!!

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