Lightweight strollers are tricky. You have a few categories like the umbrella stroller, lighter weight full size stroller, or one of those that fit in overhead storage bins. What you need really depends on who you are. But everyone can use a stroller that’s lightweight, folds SUPER compactly and still have tons of the bells and whistles we all want.

That’s why I would like to introduce you guys to the Zuzu Umbrella Stroller by GB. What makes the Zuzu different from the rest of its umbrella stroller cousins is it’s unbelievably compact fold. Instead of just folding “umbrella style” long and narrow, it folds down on the frame, making the fold even smaller. 

At first I couldn’t figure out the fold, I guess because I’m so used to the other umbrella strollers out there, but the second I realized I just had to kick up a little lever at the back of the stroller and lift two levers under the handlebars while pushing down, it’s honestly SO SIMPLE.


And presto! (I know, I need to start posting videos- I will! Check Instagram for videos!)


Here it is folded in my trunk along side a full size stroller (and a double seat attachment.) And I can probably fit another Zuzu back there too! Unreal!


I love the mesh peek-a-boo window. You hardly ever find a ventilation window on umbrella strollers, but I love this feature!


And look how LARGE that canopy is!


My daughter has a ton of room to grow in the seat, even with a mushy 7am Enfant Pookie Poncho keeping her warm.


Now, take a look at that basket. Under there is my LARGE JuJuBe diaper bag. The storage basket it very accessible especially when you lift up the ADJUSTABLE (yes!) footrest in the front.


The Zuzu is a great stroller to use when out and about. Perfect for shopping since you have a large basket (especially if you use a smaller bag then me!)


Here you can see the adjustable footrest in use. My daughter loves to sprawl out her legs and relax, so one of my favorite features in any stroller is the adjustable footrest. I love when lightweight strollers have them, because sometimes full size strollers forget to include it. Major plus! The stroller also reclines easily, but I’m forbidden to recline her, she loves to sit upright. No really, she’ll freak out. Sorry.


It handles pretty well for an umbrella stroller on uneven pavement and gravel. Here I am at a farm pushing it through dirt and I was so surprised to see how well it maneuvered. I found that since the handlebars push down when folding it in order to make it smaller, sometimes they can feel a bit shakey, but when using two hands it handles perfectly.


I am so impressed with the Zuzu. Sometimes when you hear of a new company, you’re nervous to purchase it because you don’t know anyone who’s owned it before. GB is a great company, and they truly stand by their products, and will always be there if you have questions or anything! The Zuzu is an amazing umbrella stroller, and would fit amazing in a third row of a truck or mini van too. I even fit it in the backseat in between two carseats once when my car was filled to capacity!

You can buy the GB ZUZU and see for yourself how great it is! Visit and check it out by clicking this link!


  1. Alyssa w.   •  

    I like this a lot! Never heard of it before. The fold looks pretty awesome so does the canopy. I’m in search of a lightweight stroller was looking at the maclaren and the uppababy but this looks awesome too! Decisions decisions

  2. celia   •  

    i still think weighing in @18 lbs is still pretty heavy for a lightweight stroller

    • Cassandra   •  

      A really good answer, full of raaytnoliti!

    • I didn’t mean to criticize you Jeffry, and I’m not sure if you thought I did, but I thought I’d clear that up. I realize you presented many many names and that the client had the ultimate decision. I just think the time has come to move past the Monday-morning quarteracking and see where the UICCU goes from here. That to me is the most interesting process going forward.

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