Phil & Ted’s Verve Review

So I’m going through a tandem double stroller phase. Phil & Ted’s pretty much dominates the tandem stroller world. If you’re in search of a double stroller, I’m sure they popped up quite a few times.
I recently reviewed the Phil & Ted’s Promenade and LOVED it. It’s more of a luxury stroller, and one of my favorite doubles of all time. They have a whole crew of strollers I wanted to get my reviewing hands on, but there was one that stood out amongst the others.


The Phil & Ted’s Verve first caught my eye at the ABC Expo last fall. I was immediately drawn to how large the stroller main seat is. It’s so long, and perfect for my extremely tall 3 year old. The stroller maneuvers amazingly, and can handle any terrain you throw at it- even with both kids relaxing in their seat. The two rear tires are air filled, so don’t forget about a pump. I like to carry a small one in the basket at all times in case I ever need it when we’re out.


You can see how huge the seat is with my 20 month old daughter sitting in it. You can fit a 6 year old in the seat! It’s ginormous!


I love the handbrake. When you’re steering, and have to brake you simply click that red center button. To unlock you push down the top black part. So easy, and I love that if someone’s going for a jog, you can quickly click the red button if you have to.



The basket is huge in single mode as well. I can fit all of our winter coats, my large diaper bag and whatever shopping bags I have from the day back there.



When the second seat is being used, the baby’s feet rest inside the basket, so there won’t be much room. I can stuff my diaper bag in there before I put her in, but it’s not so easy to remove it again so I usually put it on the handlebar.


When in doubles mode, the older kid will definitely have to sit in the main seat. The bottom seat isn’t so large, my son was too tall for it.


The canopy has an opening in the back where you can check in on your baby. You can also pull the whole canopy down, and kind of adjust the whole thing to protect them from the sun, rain, or whatever is bothering them.


The Verve main seat reclines to a near flat position to accommodate a newborn. You have to unzip two side zippers in the front of the seat, and unclasp this black clip at the back of the stroller and it goes all the way down. It becomes a nice long bed! There’s a great window between the seat and canopy allowing air to circulate, and the ability to keep an eye on your baby. Phil & Ted’s also makes a bassinet you can snap on, turning it into a pram. That’s what I love about this brand, they make strollers for all types of families but also throw in all the bells and whistles as an option if you want/need them.

You can actually use the doubles kit to make the front seat parent facing, here’s a photo from the Phil & Ted’s website:


The second seat doesn’t recline fully, it only has 2 recline positions. To recline the seat there’s a one handed lever in the back of the seat.

I loved this picture from the Phil & Ted’s website, because the Verve really does pop up onto the sidewalk SOO easily. You don’t have to sloppily lift your stroller up with two kids in tow and hurt your back. Trust me, tandem strollers can be very hard to maneuver!


The stroller folds soooo easily, and has a standing fold. The stroller actually folds with both seats attached!


But if it’s too heavy for you to lift that way, just take off the seat- it’s so quick and easy- and throw it on top.


The Phil & Ted’s Verve is a great option for parent’s who have the need for an all-terrain stroller, but still need a stroller that folds easily, has a large basket, can be used in crammed stores and add a seat for a second child. The Verve is really awesome, and I’ve been using it every day for quite a while now. I can’t seem to part with it, it’s just so easy and convenient.

Visit the Phil & Ted’s website to learn more, or to purchase your very own! And for the month of December you can receive 20 PERCENT OFF with code “ROLLHERSTROLLER”  on any stroller of your choice (that isn’t already on sale).

Specs fromt the official Phil & Ted’s website:

Age Range 0-5 years
Maximum load main seat:
44 lbs
double kit on front:
44 lbs
double kit on rear:
33 lbs
(includes double kit in rear/parent facing mode).
Dimensions Width: 25.6”
Folded (with or without double kit attached): L33.9 x W25.6 x H12.2”
Product weight 28.6 lbs
Cleaning wipe clean, washable seat pad, slide off fabric set
Color cherry red, cobalt blue, black


  1. jojosmom   •  

    saw this on your instagram looks really great. My sons 2nand expecting a baby any day now and still haven’t decided on a stroller. I want one incan actually use every day doing errands and not just leave it folded in my living room. Also my son will be in camp/school soon, so don’t always need both seats. This looks perfect don’t you think? With bassinet

  2. Jamie   •  

    My cousin has this stroller I used it once when I stayed by her and loved it! Great review thanks! I’m looking into the mountain buggy duet anything on that? (Same comoany right?)

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