Uppababy Vista 2015 Review

Awaiting the new 2015 Uppababy Vista to finally come to my door was one of the hardest things I had to do in my ROLLHERSTROLLER career. I was so excited to get the new Vista, and not because the old one needed a lot of improvements- but because it hardly needed any. The new Vista perfected a stroller that was number one on my list as it was.


Let’s start by discussing the key factors that makes the Vista the stroller that has it all, (and then some).



1. XXXL storage basket- no really. The older models were known for their huge underneath storage baskets, and the new 2015  model has an even BIGGER ONE! We took it with us to Disney on vacation, and I was easily able to fit two large diaper bags filled with food, 4 sweatshirts, and the child riding in the Rumbleseat can STILL fit their legs in there. If you need more room, you can face the Rumbleseat outwards.


2. The Rumbleseat on the older models was more like an add-on option for older kids who need to hop on and rest for a while. It could only face inwards, didn’t recline and had a small visor to shade them. I wish the second seat on the Vista had a new name, because it completely REVOLUTIONIZED the Vista. It’s now a true double stroller. The new Rumbleseat can face forward or inward, it can recline for nap time, full sized seat, belly bar and has a FULL Uppababy canopy. After trying out a bunch of positions, I opted to keep my younger child (1 1/2 years old) in the bottom seat and my 4 year old son in the main seat. When we tried putting my son on the bottom he would stick out his long legs, making us stop short every few steps. The bottom seat is meant for kids up to 35 pounds, so the younger one should always get the bottom seat. I also made them sit in opposite directions, so my son wouldn’t kick the back of her seat. I loooved using the Vista as a double on vacation. I loved having the huge basket, and two full sized seats without needing everyone to move out of my way so I could squeeze through crowds.


Here’s a picture of my son in the front seat, see how his feet always end up skimming the floor? He just hit the maximum weight for the Rumbleseat (35lbs) and so the older kids should sit on top. 

3. The maneuverability on Uppababy strollers is known to be amazing. The company went above and beyond when it came to the new Vista wheels. The stroller maneuverability was perfect as it was and needed no changes. But when I was pushing a stroller with two kids and a basket filled of EVERYTHING up hills in Disney World I realized that the people over at Uppababy really know what they’re doing.  I never once stopped for a break, or handed the stroller over to my husband in defeat. And of course like the generations before her, the 2015 Vista has no puncture foam filled wheels- which means NO FLATS! Phew.


I loooove the positions of the Vista footrest. Perfect for her little legs.

4. I’m not sure if the world realizes the things I do, but with the old Vista and other strollers, the front wheel locks would always click and unclick constantly locking the front swivel wheels. Meaning I would unfold my stroller and the front wheels would automatically be locked always making me fall over my stroller. Now with these new push buttons, no one can accidentally kick and lock the wheels while you’re strolling. And I looooove the footrest. My daughter loves to keep her feet raised, and then when you add on the second seat it folds all the way down to make room for the second seat.


Roomy seat for my 1 year old!


Still so comfortable for my almost 4 year old!

5. Both seats are very roomy. My son fit comfortably in either seat, and my daughter has a lonnnng time to enjoy them. The seat is suitable from 3 months old up until 50 pounds. And the Bassinet can be used from birth. My children are out of the Bassinet, but it is so roomy and comfy- one of the best on the market. It was tested and proved for overnight sleeping since it has AMAZING ventilation. And the canopy with the Bassinet is perfection since your baby will never get sun in her/his little eyes.

IMG_1335IMG_1315 IMG_1334

6. Which brings me to the ONLY perfect stroller canopy in the stroller world. (I always get very dramatic about the Vista. I just really can’t help it, not even joking). You can have it fully pushed back when you need, slightly covered, a little more covered and FULLY covered and still sneak a peek with the peek-a-boo window (magnetic closure= no waking up a sleeping baby!) The extendable SPF 50 drop shade(that silver canopy that comes out) is great. When reclined you can basically hide your baby from head to toe!


Under there we have: Diaper Bag, Travel Bag and 3 winter coats!

When I took my Vista in doubles mode to Florida, it made our trip easier, which really should be the point of any baby purchase. We travelled by airplane, and so we got the Uppababy Travel Bag. The bag safely  fit the stroller and main seat, but not the Rumbleseat. So we actually gate checked the stroller and took the Rumbleseat on the plane with us and stored it above our seats, (yes, it fit!) While in the airport the Travel Bag fit in the basket, along with my diaper bag, and all of our coats. (I like to call it the Miracle Basket).


The new belly bar doesn’t have a foam cover, which means it doesn’t get that dirty look to it anymore. Super easy to clean. And I love how it swivels in every direction for easy in’s and out’s.


With my last Vista review, I got a few comments from you guys saying that the Vista was great but the fold was too hard. I didn’t fully agree because I think once someone took the time to learn how to do it, they realized how easy it was. But Uppababy loves you anyway and so redesigned the fold to fit your requests. The fold is now a one step fold. Just pull up on those too light gray levers on both sides of the stroller and push the stroller down. Same fold as the Uppababy Cruz- super easy!! Now everyone say “THANK YOU UPPABABY!” (p.s- must remove the Rumbleseat in order to fold).


Okay so, I think you guys get the main point of this review. I am in love. But guys, I don’t say this about everything but I’m going to say it now. If the price is in your ballpark, and you think it will fit your family needs- get the Vista. You really, really will NOT regret it. As a reviewer, I review tons and tons of strollers and have dozens in my house. But my go-to stroller when I’m not in the middle of a review is the Uppababy Vista. It does it all. And Uppababy has the most AMAZING customer service. Before I ever started ROLLherSTROLLER I had an Uppababy GLUXE, and I had a problem with the wheels, and they sent out replacements the NEXT day. They’re just so easy that way, and will never send you away with a problem. They stand by their product and will always help you!

To learn more about the Uppababy Vista, visit their website! 

Here’s a few more pictures from our trip with the Vista!


*Thank you Uppababy for sending me the Vista, Rumbleseat and Travel Bag for this honest review!*


  1. Vista Fan   •  

    I contacted Uppababy and they told me that the old RumbleSeat works only with older models. The new 2015 Vista has the new RumbleSeat that works only with 2015 Vista. It does NOT work with older models. The same thing about the stroller board. There is a new 2015 board for the new 2015 vista. You old board will not work :( Susan

  2. Chelsea   •  

    I am really struggling on if I should get the new UppaBaby Vista 2015 or the Bugaboo Buffalo. Since you have used them both which would you get?

    I am drawn to the UppaBaby because of the option to add a rumble seat when we decide to have our second (this is our first) but I have been told the quality of Bugaboo is much better and lasts longer. My husband and I also found the UppaBaby a bit awkward to lift into a car when it was folded compared to the BugaBoo…please let me know what you think since you have used both!

    • Jen   •  

      I’m anxious to hear your response to this question, too!

      Chelsea, what did you end up deciding? I’m in the same boat!

  3. Eli   •  

    As a engineer choosing a stroller was my job and I chose the 2015 vista. Love it, quality is amazing and have had two people buy one after my demos! Why have you chose not to use the upper adapter? I find it gives so much more space and access to the basket. Only down sides are space it takes up in trunk when folded and when unlocking the wheels sometimes it needs to be shaken a little to release. I have no doubt it is the best stroller available today for one or two unless your after a true compact stroller.

  4. Linda   •  

    Hi I love my 2015 vista as well! But for travel. How did you travel with the rumble seat?

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      I actually checked the frame and stroller seat in the travel bag, and brought the rumbleseat on the plane with me and got it into overhead storage, lol! It worked twice!!

      • Happy   •  

        Algihrt alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

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  5. Reem   •  

    Great reveiw & pics! just wondering what was the arrangement of the seat when you little one wanted to nap and the older child was in their seat awake? Is there a way to recline the younger child who needs to nap while the older child is in their seat?

    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Yes of course, the rumbleseat on the 2015 model reclines!

      • Tova   •  

        With the forward/backwards combo how can you have them recline? The seats are touching each other? Did you have to rearrange the seating when a child was tired? Also did you feel that your little one in the rumble seat facing forward was so low and exposed to the outside so far ahead of you where you can’t really see what’s in front? I got the stroller but was surprised at how difficult it was to arrange the seats in a convenient way for napping and reclining and felt like the rumble seat forward facing made the stroller very long and far away for my baby. It’s also very heavy and not easy to get in and out of the car! I’m debating whether to keep it or not. It just doesn’t seem so practical as a double but I’ve heard it’s amazing as a single. Even with the improved rumble seat. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  6. Adria   •  

    Hi! I purchased a Vista in 2010 for our first child and adding two more kids it still feels nearly brand new. The only thing I didn’t like was the rumble seat, it always felt so heavy and somewhat hard to maneuver so ended up getting a double stroller. With #4 on the way I was so excited to see the changes they’ve made for the 2015 model! I’m curious how it pushes with two? tha k you!

  7. Evelyn   •  

    Thanks for this SUPER IN-DEPTH review and all the nice photos :) !

    I can also say that the UPPAbaby Vista is probably one of my favorite strollers out there in 2015! And that’s saying a lot since I’m pretty much a stroller geek ! I absolutely love the fact that the canopy size is great, and the fact that the seat can be inward or outward facing !


    • rollherstroller   •     Author

      Thank you, and I agree!

  8. Lucie   •  

    Any Cruz reviews???? I like the price point and don’t need a second seat option

  9. Dave   •  

    Chelsea and Jen had this question in 2015 but it didn’t get answered — would love a recommendation/comparison between the UppaBaby Vista and the Bugaboo Buffalo. Love the looks of the all-terrain ability of the Buffalo, and we don’t need the second seat feature. Are the quality of the details and bassinets etc. close enough that the buffalo is the obvious choice (putting the price difference aside)? I am 6’3″ and my wife is 5’3″…


  10. Poe   •  

    We have bought the 2015 Uppababy Vista and yesterday purchased the Vista Travel Bag which says fits all models. We have followed the instructions but are finding it impossible to fit in the bag in the way described. Please could you advise if you did anything different to the instructions to get it to fit.

    Many thanks,

  11. Zooey   •  

    Hi Melanie, thanks for great and in-depth review!
    I also have Vista and all of my three kids love it. Usually I push it with bassinets (with my newborn twins) or one toddler seat (with my 3 year old girl). I’m glad I decided to buy this stroller, it’s an investment for many years :)

  12. Alexis Castillo   •  

    Hello!! Just happened to come across your review of the 2015 Vista… quick question. We’re considering upgrading our 2014 to the 2015/2016. I’m wondering, how tall and heavy is your then-almost-4-Year old??

    • Maryellen   •  


  13. Jane   •  

    Hi, I love your review it’s great! I was looking at the stroller today and thought the seat didn’t look like it had enough height in it. I to am curious how tall your son was. Thanks :)

  14. Hannah   •  

    How well did it fold on the monorails, buses, and boats? Was it a pain to fold and lug around? One more thing, were you worried about it getting stolen?
    I really want to bring mine to Disney because my husband, baby, and me absolutely LOVE it, but my mother-in-law thinks that it will get stolen. I don’t feel like buying another $800+ stroller!!

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