GB Evoq Travel System Review

A couple of months ago I reviewed the GB ZUZU umbrella stroller, and loved the new edition to the stroller world.When I was looking at their website, I came across their Evoq Travel System. The second that I saw that it had a stand on board already built in, I needed to test this thing out.


Howwwww awesome is that! It happens to be one of the only stand on boards that you don’t kick while walking, (another one is the Orbit Baby Sidekick Board= awesome!)


The Evoq seat is very roomy, my 40 lbs 4 year old and my 2 year old both sit comfortably on the cushiony seat without any complaints. The harness is also child proof, so they won’t be hopping outta there anytime soon.


One of the most important things to me in a full size stroller is an adjustable footrest. My daughter just loves to keep her legs up, and you don’t have to deal with dangling feet. (You can see here how much room she has in the seat.)


The canopy is extra long, and even unzips to reveal a mesh window! Perfect for those stifling summer days. I also use the zipper section as a space to hide my things. I basically just shove my keys and wallet in there and zip it up and it stays hidden. Love finding myself little hidden compartments on strollers.


Woohoo- the Evoq has a telescopic adjustable handlebar. So if your husband is 6”5 and you’re 5″2 it’s fair game, and both of you have equal stroller pushing duty.


With two kids aboard, I never once felt like I was exerting any energy- which is a huge plus in my book. I could swerve left or right, or go over curbs without having to do any work. No joke. I’m very happy with how this stroller was built. Great Job GB!


The basket is great too. Down there I have a huge shopping bag filled with stuff, drinks, my oversized clutch and I could squeeze another shopping bag on top of it all too. The seat sits higher up on the frame, so you can fit a lot down there.


The stroller seat CAN face you or face forward, whichever you or your baby prefers. It also fully reclines with a one handed lever (love that!) And guess what….


It folds WITH the seat attached in the forward facing position.


All you have to do is lift up the two levers on the side of the handlebars and the stroller folds easily. The Evoq weighs in at around 21 pounds with the seat attached. That’s pretty normal for a full sized stroller especially when you factor in the fact that it has a stand on board attached.

The Evoq comes with their Asana35 infant carseat. I wasn’t able to test it out yet, but it has great reviews and is around 10 pounds. (It’s very modern and sleek looking which I love compared to all the other ones on the market).

But you know what the best part of the GB Evoq Travel System?! You can get it ALL now for only $389 on the Toys R’ Us website!!!  The Evoq Travel System is great for parents who aren’t interested in spending hundreds on a fancy shmancy stroller- but want all the perks of one! Adjustable footrest, expandable canopy, adjustable handlebar, stand on board, included infant carseat, reversible stroller seat, folds with the SEAT on and a great ride. There are strollers that cost well over $1,000 who don’t even have all the pro’s on that list. The GB Evoq will make you happy especially since you are not paying more on your stroller than you are on your car :)

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*thank you GB for sending me the Evoq Travel System to review. I was not compensated for this review, and this is my honest opinion of this product.


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    Your kids are too cute! Love that built on skateboard looks great!

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      Thank you :)

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