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Peg Perego Booklet Review

This review has taken me a while to post, and that’s simply because I’ve been busy USING it. The Peg Perego Booklet is a great new stroller, and I’m super excited about it. Ok let’s start with why it got my attention. The canopy (UPF 50+) is long and gives your child a great amount
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GB Evoq Travel System Review

A couple of months ago I reviewed the GB ZUZU umbrella stroller, and loved the new edition to the stroller world.When I was looking at their website, I came across their Evoq Travel System. The second that I saw that it had a stand on board already built in, I needed to test this thing
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2015 Valco Baby Snap Duo Review!

I’m laughing to myself right now because I’m embarrassingly excited to write this review. I’ve been waiting to long to review the Valco Snap Duo. The second I saw it, I was just so happy for YOU GUYS. I get e-mailed daily from parents all over the world stressing over double strollers. I honestly believe that
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Uppababy Vista 2015 Review

Awaiting the new 2015 Uppababy Vista to finally come to my door was one of the hardest things I had to do in my ROLLHERSTROLLER career. I was so excited to get the new Vista, and not because the old one needed a lot of improvements- but because it hardly needed any. The new Vista perfected
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Phil & Ted’s Verve Review

So I’m going through a tandem double stroller phase. Phil & Ted’s pretty much dominates the tandem stroller world. If you’re in search of a double stroller, I’m sure they popped up quite a few times. I recently reviewed the Phil & Ted’s Promenade and LOVED it. It’s more of a luxury stroller, and one
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2014 Favorite Accessories Review [[GIVEAWAY!]]

Well you guys, it’s officially freezing outside. The most annoying time of the year when your baby is wearing a huge jacket, and the second you get into a store, she’s sweltering so you have to remove it- ONLY TO FORCE HER TO PUT IT BACK ON TEN MINUTES LATER. Do you blame her for
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Lightweight strollers are tricky. You have a few categories like the umbrella stroller, lighter weight full size stroller, or one of those that fit in overhead storage bins. What you need really depends on who you are. But everyone can use a stroller that’s lightweight, folds SUPER compactly and still have tons of the bells
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Phil and Ted’s Promenade Review

I’ve been using the Phil and Ted’s Promenade with my 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old for the past few weeks- and I have SO many good things to say about it. I used to be a little anti the whole tandem stroller thing. I had my side by side, and I was
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New Orbit Baby O2 Jogging Frame

The Orbit Baby O2 is an awesome new jogging frame, and you can use any and all of the Orbit Baby seats on the frame. The hub raises when you use it in “city mode” raising your baby higher up to you. In jogging mode the hub sits lower on the frame, better for jogging.
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Uppababy Vista 2015 coming soon!

The Uppababy Vista 2015 has answered all of our prayers. The new Uppababy Rumbleseat is an actual FULL size seat. Full canopy, reclines and is super roomy. The frame can hold two stroller seats, two bassinets, two car seats and everything in between! This is a biggest game changer in the baby gear industry. Gone
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Valco Baby- Snap Duo and Snap Ultra

  Valco Baby never disappoints me. They are one of my favorite companies to visit, because they truly care about what mother’s want and need in baby gear. When you’re in the market for a double stroller, it can be so difficult to choose a stroller that’s right for you. That’s because there’s not ONE
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New from Mima

In my opinion, no one makes a more gorgeous stroller than Mima. The Xari is my stroller crush for various reasons. In 2015, it will be yours too. Check out these new fabrics and frames!   I love anything in green. And Mima took it to a whole new level. This beautiful hunter green leather
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New from Mama’s and Papa’s!

  Mama’s and Papa’s introduced a whole new line up of amazing strollers. First we have the Armadillo City (around $269). It has a full recline, easy to access storage basket and an easy to use one hand fold. The Armadillo City is meant to replace the popular “umbrella stroller”. Weighing only 15 pounds, it weighs the
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New from Nuna- The Nuna Mixx!

    Nuna is one of my favorite companies. They just love to come out with sleek new products that I adore. For example, the New Nuna Mixx. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and review it for you guys! The Mixx has a HUGE storage basket, adjustable footrest, HUGE canopy with
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Orbit Baby O2 Jogging Stroller

Check it out, Check it out! Summer 2015 will be awesome. Orbit Baby announced the all new stroller frame called the O2. With huge jogging wheels this baby goes anywhere. It has two modes, jogging mode and city mode. In jogging mode the seats sit lower on the frame, safe for jogging (rear and forward
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Orbit Baby G3 Review

The Orbit Baby G2 was my first stroller over 3 years ago when my son was born. I adored it. I loved the travel system Orbit created. The way you could twist the car seat in and out of the car made life so much easier. There’s a reason every celebrity owns an Orbit Baby
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The ABC Expo is right around the corner, where I will get to see next years new models of all my favorite strollers, and new ones as well! So I wanted to compile a list of all my favorite picks of the year! If you have any questions, or want more information, click on the
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Mutsy iGo Review

Last year at the ABC Expo, I stumbled upon dozens of strollers that got my attention. The Mutsy Igo (Urban Nomad Edition) was definitely one of them. I’m so happy I got to test this stroller out for myself. The Igo is a stylish compact stroller with a smooth ride. This stroller will last you
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Inglesina Quad Stroller Review

As a baby gear reviewer I always look for what makes a stroller easy, convenient, safe and comfortable. But sometimes I come across a stroller I can’t help but drool over because of how BEAUTIFUL it is. The Inglesina Quad comes in a few gorgeous colors like Navy, Black, Burgundy, Dark Plum and Hunter Green.
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Uppababy Vista Review

Ok so you want the truth right? I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and after I say this sentence you can finish reading. GO AND BUY THE UPPABABY VISTA NOW AND DON’T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. I don’t even need to write a review. I can promise that whoever buys it,
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Joovy Caboose Varylight Review!

I’m very excited to introduce you guys to the Joovy Caboose VaryLight stroller. A lot of my readers are city dwellers, who don’t have the space for a large side by side double stroller, or enough space to store a modular tandem stroller. You guys are going to want to keep on reading. Okay let
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Mima Xari Stroller Review

When I first saw a photo of Kourtney Kardashian strolling the Mima Xari, I searched google like a mad woman trying to find out how I could get my hands on it. My first stroller was the Stokke Xplory- I LOVE the high up seat. So when I saw the height of the Xari, and
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A Few of My Favorite Small Business Shops {& GIVEAWAY!}

I have so much respect for anyone who starts their own business. Even more so for mothers who aren’t willing to sacrifice being there for their children 247, and still build their own business. Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs there is (rewarding- of course! But tough!) Moms who choose to start
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Brilliant Baby Gear!

  1. Glow in the dark pacifiers: by MAM I just can’t believe it took this long for someone to design this! It’s 3am, your eyes are practically glued together, and your baby won’t stop crying. There’s only one magical item that can lull her back to bed- her paci. One problem. You can’t see
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Bugaboo Bee Review!

When you’re pregnant with your first baby, you get overwhelmed by the baby gear industry. The prices of some of these strollers and car seats might have you staring bug eyed at the screen. Lots of things are extremely expensive- and if you can’t afford to buy a 1000 dollar stroller, it doesn’t mean you
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Mama’s and Papa’s Armadillo Review

I’m just going to get straight to the point. I love the Mama’s and Papa’s Armadillo. It’s as easy as that. I don’t even know where to start. The Armadillo weighs in at around 17 lbs, which is pretty good. But there are plenty of lightweight options on the market right now- the reason I
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Freshly Picked Moccasins Review {& Giveaway!}

There is nothing that annoys me more than when you buy a cute pair of baby shoes, only to have them stay on their feet for less than 30 seconds. Most of her shoes became her favorite toys! Then I found Freshly Picked Moccasins and I fell in love. Not only are these shoes insanely adorable, they have
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Kiinde Twist Review & Giveaway!

In October, I went to the ABC Expo for the first time. I was so excited to get the opportunity to meet all the amazing companies I’ve been working with, and see all the new gear coming out this year. But one thing kept me up at night- I was going to be leaving my
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“These are a few of my favorite things”- Baby Girl Edition

Okay, so I’m pretty sure I own everything that Zara makes for baby girls. The dangerous thing about Zara is that they have an app. So the second something new arrives, I’m aware. And it has to be mine. Here’s a glimpse of my favorite  Zara picks!      And then there’s Freshly Picked moccs.
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The Ultimate Travel Giveaway- VALCO BABY SNAP

The time for traveling is upon us, and I want to make sure you’re ready! Enter our Valco Baby  Snap giveaway and win the Snap of your choice! You can choose a black or silver stroller with whichever color vogue set you’d like! The Snap weighs only 13 pounds and is a great option for
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The Shade, by Imagine Baby

In the early months of having a newborn baby, doing quick errands becomes a luxury. It’s likely your baby will only fall asleep the second you reach your destination and are about to get out of the car. Which is where a travel system/snap and go comes in handy. It gives you the option to
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4Mom’s Origami Review

4Mom’s is one of the most amazing companies in the baby gear world. They reinvented the bouncer by creating the Mamaroo- a baby bouncer/swing that mimics the movement of a mother to soothe a crying baby (and 4 other movements as well). They are also the ONLY company in the world that makes a stroller
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Guzzie & Gus

Guzzie & Gus is a Canadian company I’ve been watching for a while. They’re going to be showing up lots more in the US and I’m really excited. This is their double umbrella stroller, “Hornby”. It has 2 independent canopies, with peek-a-boo windows and a third extendable panel. Love the canopies. And it reclines pretty
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ABC Kids- Clek!

  How beautiful is the new leather options for Clek? I’m a proud owner of a Foonf- and wish I had a cupholder like the new ones will!     Tokidoki for Clek!


New for Bugaboo

The new Bugaboo Wool collection is so amazing in person. The seat liner is so cozy and comfortable, and reversible too! Love the blankets! And of course there’s the Pendleton Collection! And the amazing Happy Bugs collection by Andy Warhol:


New for Peg Perego

The new raspberry color for the Peg Perego Siesta highchair is beautiful! I got the orange color for my daughter a few months ago- wish I could’ve gotten this! They also came out with this ALL BLACK edition of the Tatamia- LOVE the all black frame. So sleek and gorgeous.       Peg Perego’s
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Inglesina- New for 2014!

  Let me introduce you to the Inglesina Quad stroller- How badly do you want to get your hands on one of these? They are even more beautiful in person. I love all of these colors! No baby pink or frilly blues- cool and modern! I LOVE the heather grey fabric. The seat fully reclines,
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Mima comes to the US! First Look!

I have been waiting for Mima to arrive in the US for way too long. Thankfully I was alone when I heard the news, and no one saw my embarrassing reaction- (I may or may not have jumped up and down with an extreme amount of excitement). Anyways- THEY’RE HERE, AND THEY’RE AWESOME! Mima makes a
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Bugaboo Buffalo Review

I cannot begin to explain to you how excited I was when the Bugaboo Buffalo arrived at my door. When I first heard about the Buffalo, my heart skipped a beat at the mention of an extendable canopy. Here I am a few weeks later, having used the Buffalo daily with my children, and I’m
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Babyhome Emotion Review

There are so many great strollers out there, different types for different families. But when it comes to a lightweight stroller- things get very tricky. On one hand you want one that is super lightweight and can go with you anywhere. One the other hand you also want it to be comfortable for your baby.
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Valco Baby Zee Two Review!

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I would dream about the adventures we’d all go on together. I wouldn’t be one of those mom’s who were afraid to leave their homes. I was going to take them everywhere, and it would be easy, because I had patience. I can’t even continue that sentence with
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BOB Revolution SE Review!

The next time you go to your nearest boardwalk, do me a favor. Keep an eye out for how many BOB’s you see. The numbers don’t lie. There’s a reason every mom or dad choose the BOB- it’s simply the BEST. No, I’m not kidding. If you’re a mom who goes for frequent walks, or
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Bugaboo Donkey (All Black Edition) Review!

I used to roll my eyes at the sight of a Bugaboo Donkey, I’m not going to lie. My first thoughts were- too big, seats too small, and too expensive. But I stand corrected, (except for the expensive part).     My son will be 2 next month, and is in the 97th percentile for
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WINNER: FRIMCHIE F.   I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway for you guys! I love the Baby Roues LeTour, and I’m sure you will too! In order to enter, you have to leave a blog post comment below, and tell us why you love the Baby Roues LeTour. You can also get
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Cybex Aton on the Baby Rouès LeTour

How cool is that? No need for a “snap and go”- the LeTour is SO lightweight, and has actual storage!!   ga(‘create’, ‘UA-41116355-1’, ‘’);  ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


New Reviews Coming Very Soon!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts- I had my baby girl last week! But we’re back now and working on 2 AWESOME reviews!! If you have any questions, e-mail me or leave a comment! Thanks!!!Rollherstroller


Amazing Quinny/Maxi-Cosi Promotion!

This is an amazing deal! The Maxi-Cosi Mico is a GREAT car seat, and goes so well with both the Quinny Moodd or the Buzz! Click the photo to go to their website!


FAQ Answered!

I began Rollherstroller by answering e-mails from parents about baby gear, and decided to create a blog with pictures and reviews for a more helpful view on certain items.  There are always questions I get asked numerous times a day, and so I’m going to list the most frequently asked questions and answer them as
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Valco Baby Vogue Hoods for the Snap and Snap4

LOVE all these colors! It really brightens up your stroller, and gives it a completely new look! They cost around $45, and makes you feel like you have a brand new stroller. Check out all the colors at!


Pinterest Obsessed!

Pinterest has AMAZING ideas. From projects and costume ideas to advice on raising your toddler! If you aren’t hooked yet- you will be now!Click on the link above! Love this idea for a baby girls nursery! Check out my nursery ideas folder for more! And of course my favorite baby gear!